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  • Reduce Operating Costs While Strengthening Equipment and Data Security.
  • High Resolution, Low-Power, Quad Monitor Zero Client Solutions.
  • Ergonomically Superior for Hectic Environments & Better Desktop Utilization


Healthcare IT managers are under constant pressure to reduce operating costs while increasing service levels and protecting the security of patient data. Maintaining desktop computers in mission-critical, high service level environments is expensive and arduous, costing four or five times the initial acquisition price. New HIPAA regulations dictating the privacy of patient data have increased the cost and complexity of these systems even further. Resource-constrained IT departments are now forced to find a better way to meet their security and service level requirements.

The benefits of the ClearCube PC Blade solution are ideally suited to address these healthcare IT challenges.

Top reasons to consider ClearCube:

ClearCube CDI and VDI solutions reduce desktop operating costs by at least 40%. These savings translate into several thousand dollars per user per year. The ClearCube solution significantly reduces the amount of time IT personnel spend on desktop support of nursing stations, doctor's offices and administrative desktops.

HIPAA regulations make the security of patient medical and financial data paramount. ClearCube's architecture removes the computer and its hard drive from the user's desktop and secures them in a remote data center where IT staff can control access. Through PortAuthority software IT administrators can enable or disable the use of mass-storage devices (i.e. floppy and CD drives) at the desktop, so sensitive patient data cannot be downloaded. The elimination of desktop peripherals also defends against the infiltration of viruses and unlicensed software.

A hospital or clinic work environment is often space-constrained, difficult for IT to access and vulnerable to contaminants. By removing the PC from the work environment, more space is available for both the hospital staff and patients. All that resides at the user's station is a small, highly reliable Zero Client.

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ClearCube zero clients, blade PCs and SMARTVDI for operating rooms


“Selecting technology is a very difficult process that must be balanced with user need and the total cost of ownership. For the Operating Room arena, we wanted to deliver a technology robust enough to handle any application, meet the standards of epidemiology and be remotely supported. ClearCube delivered.”

Ed Fisher
Chief Information Officer, The William W. Backus Hospital

ClearCube benefits

ClearCube Centralized & Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure solutions provide Health Care organizations with the flexibility and performance to meet their demanding requirements and environmental constraints. ClearCube Zero Clients easily and efficiently connect to blade workstations or virtual machines alike and clear the desk of bulky equipment.

ClearCube examples:

Backus Hospital has provided state-ofthe-art healthcare to the residents of eastern Connecticut for more than 111 years. The 213-bed, acute care community hospital is the primary source of health services for nearly a quarter-million people. The hospital was searching for a computing solution that would allow it to run the hospital efficiently and economically. Its’ ideal solution would be: Secure in high traffic areas, non-intrusive at the patient bedside, considerate of sterilization issues, and compatible with both the hospitalʼs Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) as well as its Health Care Information System (HCIS).

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ClearCube zero clients, blade PCs and SMARTVDI for emergency rooms

ClearCube zero clients, blade PCs and SMARTVDI for nurses' stations

ClearCube zero clients, blade PCs and SMARTVDI for Health Care Information Systems

Flight Information Display Customer

ClearCube zero clients, blade PCs and SMARTVDI for radiology labs

ClearCube zero clients, blade PCs and SMARTVDI for operating rooms


Representative customers:

William W. Backus Hospital

Backus Hospital has provided state-of-the-art healthcare to the residents of eastern Connecticut for more than 111 years. The 213-bed, acute care community hospital is the primary source of health services for nearly a quarter-million people.

William. W. Backus Hospital chose the ClearCube solution because it is secure in high traffic areas, non-intrusive at the patient bedside, considerate of sterilization issues, and compatible with both the hospital's PACS system as well as its Health Care Information System (HCIS). ClearCube has been installed in OR and patient rooms.

“ClearCube passed the test with flying colors! Through its optimal blend of powerful computing, minimum footprint, high security, and elimination of noise/heat/air circulation, ClearCube was able to meet all of the requirements for Backus Hospital. ClearCubeʼs compatibility with critical software programs and low total cost of ownership has made it the ideal solution.” Kevin Fredrick, Manager of Technical Support.

--Ed Fisher, CIO The William W. Backus Hospital

Catholic Health System

Catholic Health System, based in New York, has deployed ClearCube in infant labor and delivery rooms. Having the ClearCube system installed allows IT support staff to take advantage of centralized manageability and not enter the labor room if the PC were to fail.

Christus Health System

CHRISTUS Health System based in Houston, Texas, has installed blades in emergency rooms to improve both data security and system manageability.

Civista Medical Center

By replacing box PCs in the nurses' stations, lab and radiology departments, emergency rooms and business offices with the ClearCube solution, this regional health system in Maryland achieved a small-footprint, remotely-manageable IT system that increased computing speed and decreased user downtime and space requirements.

Clark Memorial Hospital

Clark Memorial Hospital of southern Indiana deployed the ClearCube solution to support mobile carts in its main campus and for general computing in its four remote clinics. Remote doctors and nurses also utilize a joint tablet client solution from Motion Computing and ClearCube for mobile computing.

“The ClearCube solution is great for mobile devices because if a user loses their wireless connection, it’s just a matter of reconnecting to the blade. The user can get back into the program, exactly where they left off, in about five to six seconds,” — James Cardwell Network Engineer, Clark Memorial Hospital

Duncan Regional Hospital

After extensive testing in training rooms, Duncan Regional Hospital has decided to deploy ClearCube in operating rooms, nursing stations, radiology and registration; all high-traffic areas.

"The ClearCube team is very responsive and the system does exactly what they said it would. ClearCube is a smash hit at our hospital. The ClearCube solution passed every test with flying colors and is now installed in our Birthing Centers, Operating Rooms, Nursing Stations and Intensive Care Units.”

ClearCubeʼs common hardware platform allowed us to create one image and push it effortlessly across all blades versus our previous traditional desktop experience where we had to create five images and it took three days to set up and configure. This saved my team a significant amount of time and effort,

“ClearCube PC Blades save us time, save us space, save us from downtime. We have added about 60 more systems in the past few months and continue to be impressed with the dramatic improvements we have been able to achieve. When we want to purchase a PC, we think ClearCube first and traditional desktop PCs second. ClearCube will always be our first choice going forward.”

- Roger Neal, Director of IT, Duncan Regional Hospital

Edward Hospital

A hospital complex that services all of northeastern Illinois, Edward Hospital turned to ClearCube to optimize workspace and simplify IT management.

Fort HealthCare

Fort HealthCare, an integrated hospital and health system in southeastern Wisconsin, was able to implement in-room documentation through ergonomic arms powered by ClearCube blades. The health system is also leveraging ClearCube to support its remote clinics.

Hinsdale Hospital

Hinsdale Hospital, part of the Adventist Health System, has deployed ClearCube in their training rooms, administration and finance departments. All of their users enjoy the ergonomically friendly set-up of ClearCube and 99.9% station uptime.

John C. Lincoln Hospital

John C. Lincoln Hospital has deployed ClearCube in clinical nursing stations. The IT support staff have seen an 80% reduction in calls to the help desk and 80% reduction in trips to the desk to fix the machine. Doctors and nurses appreciate the space-saving solution and that no re-training was involved to use the system.

"Both doctors and nurses appreciate the space-saving solution along with the fact that no re-training was involved to use the system. Following the implementation of ClearCube, only 5% of users experienced downtime and the duration was only two to three minutes. By reducing downtime by 97%, ClearCube has saved JCL over $187,000 per year.”

“Before ClearCube, JCL experienced 700 help desk calls per month, and 80% of these required an IT support technician to go into the field and solve the problem remotely. After the ClearCube installation, the number of help desk calls was reduced to 450, and only 15% required an IT support technician to solve the problem onsite. This resulted in a reduction of 985 hours of onsite service calls and a savings of $16,667 per month.”

- Robert Israel CIO, John C. Lincoln Hospital

Medical Center of Central Georgia

Deployed in nursing stations and emergency rooms, ClearCube provides a HIPAA-standard, space-efficient and reliable IT solution for MCCG.

Memorial Healthcare System

Memorial Healthcare System, one of the nation's largest hospital systems, implemented the ClearCube solution in its EDs, ORs and ICUs. The solution also supports the system's Picis OR and GE/IDX Carecase applications and is accessed through customized cabinets, ergonomic arms and mobile carts.

“The remote management is great because it allows the IT personnel to stay behind the scenes.” “The ClearCube solution has proven to be excellent for our environment. There is a high level of satisfaction both among the IT staff and the end users. We expect to continue to use the solution, and we look forward to further deployments.”

— Bob Reese Chief Information Officer, Memorial Healthcare System

Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group

NMPG is very pleased with its decision to implement the ClearCube architecture in its multi-site practice. The increased security over physical computing assets is a big benefit, as is the increased uptime due to fewer interruptions.