Financial Trading Floor Solutions

  • Reduce desktop operating costs.
  • Increase Trader productivity
  • Deliver much higher user uptime, virtualize MACs
  • Improve company and client data security


Whether your project is less than 100 seats or more than 500, ClearCube Blade PCs and Desktop Zero Clients can improve your Trading Floor KPI success from every vantage point…just like we have for our installed customer-base. From small highly specialized boutique houses to very large mainstream commodity trading floors, we have solutions for you.

Top reasons to consider ClearCube:

Real-time market data feeds are critical and any downtime can costs millions

Maintaining the IT staff to support multiple PCs per trader desktop can be very expensive

Multiple PCs per trader desktop increase noise and excessive heat in an already dynamic and chaotic environment. In addition it is often much more expensive to cool.

Trading Floor IT Solution Sheet
Trading Floor Solutions Sheet

clearcube zero clients and blade pcs for trading floors


“With ClearCube Blade PC computing we have built an IT infrastructure that is scalable, efficient to manage and saves us money. As a result, we are able to focus more of our time on servicing our clients by providing them with informed, strategic financial advice and less time dealing with the burden of PC management.”

Chief Administrative Officer
Sagent Advisors Inc.

ClearCube benefits

ClearCube CDI solutions remove the workstations from the trader desktops and secures all critical IT infrastructure, corporate and client data assets in a centralized secure datacenter that is easier to secure, power and cool.

ClearCube examples:

In one large banking customer Clearcube replaced 190 desktop PCs with 160 Blade PCs and ClearCube Sentral Management software improving the trader environment and productivity. Also, improving the overall system availability to 99.9 percent availability to the desktop while lowering electrical consumption by 62% and air conditioning consumption by 50% reducing the overall TCO by $300k annually.

ClearCube benefits

Centralizing desktop infrastructure Increases desktop availability, radically improves return to service times to less than 3-5 minutes, and allows fewer IT support personnel to support more desktops.

ClearCube example:

With a centralized infrastructure, IT managers can virtualize Moves/Ads/Changes (MACs) and in the event of a failure can switch traders to new Blade PC within 3 minutes and provide 100% return to service within 5 minutes

ClearCube benefits:

Improve datacenter utilization and desktop performance with a complete end-to-end solution from a solutions provider with more than 15 years’ experience in the financial services desktop virtualization marketspace.

ClearCube example:

ClearCube solution deployed 450 Blade PCs improving datacenter space utilization by 250% while delivering higher performance dual and quad monitor desktops to traders.

clearcube zero clients and blade pcs for tradier desktops

clearcube zero clients and blade pcs for trading floor desktops

clearcube zero clients and blade pcs for financial exchanges

clearcube zero clients and blade pcs for financial services

clearcube zero clients and blade pcs for trading floors

clearcube zero clients and blade pcs for trading desktops