Military Training

  • Support Multiple Level Security Networks from One Desktop.
  • Instant Access to Critical, Secure Information.
  • Rapid Deployment, Easy to Pack & Redeploy Very Quickly.
  • Easy to Manage Remotely.


To achieve the objectives of the BRAC commission as well as comply with the Common Output Level Standards framework, DoD IT organizations have adopted a new IT delivery model that provides for flexibility in addressing the needs of multiple services and military components while delivering cost efficiencies. The antiquated distributed desktop computing model fails to achieve the efficiencies, service delivery and performance objectives while requiring an inordinate amount of support resources to maintain. Therefore, the new model of desktop computing service delivery is required to adequately support the warfighter while providing the cost savings and computing optimization objectives.  Key to successfully deploying military training is the ability to support Defense Connect Online (DCO) for collaborating users using bi-directional audio and video transmissions.

Top reasons to consider ClearCube:

ClearCube’s CVDI serves two purposes in meeting military training objectives. SmartVDI delivers low cost floating virtual desktops that can be stood up and torn down easily. Plus, the non-persistent aspect of classroom training centers allows 100s of users to be hosted with less hardware required.

For DCO bi-directional performance, ClearCube’s Blade PCs with 1:1 dedicated CPUs/GPUs ensure that the VDI solution meets the more demanding nature of collaboration applications.

The same type of ClearCube Zero Client is used to broker connections to either the SmartVDI host or the Blade PC resources so everyone has equal opportunity to be included within the network services.

Engineering Design Solutions

Training Center Solution Sheet

ClearCube SmartVDI and zero clients for Defense training


"Removing valuable equipment and volatile media from the user's work area has greatly improved our network security posture. Users now have the ability to accomplish required tasks with the same access to network resources as they had with desktop PCs, but the big difference is the security of the data. Systems cannot be booted from removable media such as CD or floppy drives."

Senior Network Engineer for the Security Forces Center

ClearCube benefits

Military training environments must address all possible use cases from the mundane to the most extreme. In the case of virtualization this translates to hardware that can be shared to save money or hardware that must be dedicated to the high performance tasks at hand. ClearCube’s Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) solutions are the only ones that address all the use cases.

ClearCube examples:

“ClearCube Technology’s approach to computing is simple: remove the PC from the user’s desk, condense it into an Intel powered Blade PC and rack-mount it in one secure location. Only the peripherals and a small connection device called a Zero Client remains at the user’s desk.

Benefit #1

“With ClearCube, we don’t have to secure the machines when they are not being used because they are now always secure,” says Garcia. “We do not have to worry about the equipment [and information inside] growing legs. Having the Blades in a central location away from the floor where top secret information is being processed also negates the need for as many top secret- cleared technicians.”

Benefit #2

“It’s easier to operate and manage the IT infrastructure because when the technician needs to service a machine, they don’t have to interfere with the operations of the organization. The floor could be operating at a peak level, and we don’t have to interrupt the operation,” says Garcia.

Benefit #3

“To get a user up and running after a downtime event took hours on average with traditional machines,” says Garcia. “With the Blade solution, about 30% of unplanned user downtime has gone away.”

Benefit #4

“Because of ClearCube, we will not have to hire additional IT staff when we add networks and applications and increase the complexity of the applications,” says Garcia. “We’ll probably be growing the number of different types of missions by two-thirds, but we’ll have the same number of people, more than likely.”

Benefit #5

The higher reliability, hardened security and simpler management of PC Blade technology has significantly reduced CMAFS’desktop support costs. Through an annual investment of a little under $800 per user, CMAFS has experienced annual savings and productivity benefits of $3,100 per user.

ClearCube specialty zero clients and blade pcs for NORAD training

ClearCube zero clients and blade pcs enable Air Force simulations

ClearCube zero clients and blade pcs enable Air Force security force training

ClearCube zero clients and blade pcs enable Air Force education

ClearCube zero clients and blade pcs enable Air Force command exercises

ClearCube zero clients and blade pcs enable Air Force training objectives