About ClearCube

  • Headquartered in Austin, TX
  • USA based manufacturer
  • Worldwide sales
  • Over 16 years in business
  • Virtual Desktop innovator


ClearCube Technology is a USA-based manufacturer that specializes in creating innovative centralized computing and desktop virtualization solutions.

ClearCube’s dominant presence at 1000s of federal and commercial locations is based on our ability to meet mission needs from cost savings, security, and product scope perspectives, which have led to widespread adoption of ClearCube zero clients, thin clients, blade PCs, and VDI compute/storage solutions for centralization and virtualization initiatives.

ClearCube’s close alignment with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure market leaders (VMware, Teradici, Microsoft, Citrix, Intel and many others) yields designs that include ingenious first-to-market fiber-connected zero clients, multiple-level security zero clients, TEMPEST certified zero clients and zero clients with integrated SIPRNet tokens. One of the industry’s most reputable benchmarks of segment leadership, Computer Reseller News Virtualization 100, has included ClearCube in their Top 100 Virtualization Companies.


ClearCube takes pride in preserving as much American-made content in our Zero Client, ClientCube, and Blade PC products as possible. All ClearCube products are TAA compliant many ClearCube products are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA.

To those who value product quality produced by American labor and the positive economic benefits on our work forces by purchasing products with USA manufacturing content, we at ClearCube Technology thank you for your support.

ClearCube’s growth has been aided by significant federal partners and select solutions providers like IBM, World Wide Technology, and many Federal Systems Integrators (Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Raytheon, and General Dynamics) who know our products and how to deploy them to meet customer requirements. We complement their teams with professional service from ClearCube’s Cloud Services that integrates ClearCube products with third party servers, software, and infrastructure to help deliver complete solutions with accountability. In addition, ClearCube maintains numerous certifications and partnerships in order to deliver seamless integration into customers' environments. Aligned with federally-focused Partners with contract vehicles like Carahsoft, CDW-G, Summit Government Group and others, ClearCube makes the sourcing process straightforward for our Federal customers, whether through GSA, First Source, ITES-3, SEWP, or others.

ClearCube’s virtualization subject experts establish positive post-sales relationships that span generations of technology refreshes. Many ClearCube customers with a decade or more of satisfied use rely on ClearCube computing platforms to run their command & control centers, trading floors, training centers, and base operations.

When customers choose ClearCube products, they also choose a manufacturing company that is focused, innovative, multi-dimensional, and aligned with strategic resources that provide a wealth of knowledge and capability that benefits our customers directly. We exist to serve our customers’ needs to operate more securely, effectively and cost-efficiently. That was our focus when we were founded in Austin, Texas in 1997, and that continues to be our mission statement today and tomorrow.


Over a decade of innovation and we're just getting started

  • First OEM to bring PCoIP to market

  • First Fiber Zero Client

  • First Quad Monitor Zero Client

  • First Zero Client with VPN support

  • First Zero Client with Integrated CAC

  • First Zero Client with Integrated SIPRNet token

  • First Zero Client with DB9/DB25

  • First Zero Client support with Mass Storage Lockout

  • First Zero Client with TEMPEST Level 1 Certification

  • First Zero Client with 7 integrated USB ports

New ClearCube Headquarters

ClearCube Technology Headquarters The ClearCube Building 3700 West Parmer Lane, Austin, Texas 78727

ClearCube’s location at 3700 W. Parmer Lane, Austin, TX 78727 is the archetypical embodiment of what Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) is all about. Starting with a fiber optic and Power-over-Ethernet infrastructure throughout, the overall design, which includes a VoIP phone system, reflects the best environment for creating a great, highly responsive experience for our customers.

Everyone connects to our network from a 1Gbps Zero Client on his/her desk. ClearCube knowledge workers in our sales and service departments use SmartVDI virtual desktops, while engineering and marketing power users connect to Blade PCs to run their graphics and CAD applications.

By using CVDI, we have compacted 7 racks of datacenter equipment in our old building to less than two in the new facility, cutting power consumption, UPS and cooling costs while increasing end-user performance, reliability and ease of backups.

Our employees are enabled with a “Follow me” functionality for our mobile devices, and in the new conference rooms we can pull up our desktops on any display in any conference room – without copying PPTs on USBs or on network shares – so our user experience follows us where we go throughout the facility.

Over one quarter of the space is dedicated to customer demonstration and conference rooms. For security purposes, desktop USB device enablement/disablement is done on a policy basis using our PortAuthority software. Management and monitoring is provided via our Sentral software management platform.

If you are in the Austin area, please stop by and see the power of CVDI in real life. We are a testament to what works well for us and for our customers!