Customer Comments

NoradNetwork Chief, NORAD Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station

“We do not have to worry about the equipment [and information inside] growing legs. Having the Blades in a central location away from the floor where top secret information is being processed also negates the need for as many top secret-cleared technicians.”

“To get a user up and running after a downtime event took hours on average with traditional machines. With the Blade solution, about 30% of unplanned user down time has gone away.”

“Because of ClearCube, we will not have to hire additional IT staff when we add networks and applications and increase the complexity of the applications. We’ll probably be growing the number of different types of missions by two-thirds, but we’ll have the same number of people, more than likely.”

“We’ve been really happy with the ClearCube implementation. We’re not using it everywhere yet, but we’ll continue to deploy ClearCube as closets are outfitted with A/C and power.”

“the other blades didn’t even come close to the performance of the ClearCube Blades, which essentially offer the same level of performance you can find on conventional PCs. ClearCube seems, more than the other blade vendors, to keep up with technology as it evolves.”

“In addition to reductions in heat, noise and clutter, the PC Blades help improve security and reliability in the user environments.”

“I see Blade technology as the direction the entire mountain will achieve in the next four to five years.”

Eglin AFBSenior Engineer, SENTEL, OFP CTF, Eglin AFB

“If we had wanted to use desktop PCs for this architecture, we would have had to make a significant investment to increase space, power and cooling at the user desks.”

“ClearCube delivered security, manageability and space savings at the desk. This is an optimized solution for us.”

“With PC Blades, everything is all in one place.”

Hill AFBChief Information Officer,
75th MDSS/SGSI  Hill AFB Air Force Materiel Command

"The qualitative and quantitative observations made during this pilot project demonstrate significant time savings for technical support and a significant increase in ease of use. These reductions in time and effort translate to real monetary savings."

"These savings can positively affect the cost of delivering healthcare in the tested environment. At the very least, increased productivity and efficiency lends itself to a higher quality of IT support and healthcare delivery."

"The ClearCube technology provides an outstanding environment to work in and to support,"

Lackland AFBSenior Network Engineer, Lackland Air Force Base, Texas

"Removing valuable equipment and volatile media from the user's work area has greatly improved our network security posture. Users now have the ability to accomplish required tasks with the same access to network resources as they had with desktop PCs, but the big difference is the security of the data. Systems cannot be booted from removable media such as CD or floppy drives."

"The space savings realized by these systems greatly enhanced the operating environment for the user."

"The largest benefit is the implementation of increased security throughout the network and a more efficient use of available technical resources. Secondarily, one of the more substantial expenses - the cost of administrator time spent replacing systems - is drastically reduced."

"…exceedingly pleased. The impact and benefits were immediately realized, and we have just begun our journey.  The ease of management and system stability will further cement our commitment to this technology."

NoradDirector of Communications at Fairfax County,
Virginia Public Safety and Transportation Operations Center

“We quickly realized that ClearCube’s blade workstations were the solution that would deliver on our requirements. Their high performance Intel-based blade workstation supported all of our systems requirements while giving us significant operational advantages.”

“We no longer had to crawl under someone’s desk and disrupt operations to make a repair. We could service the entire 911 Operations floor from the datacenter and implement a change in seconds. “In addition, ClearCube’s improved reliability over our box PCs supported our goal of 24x7 collaboration across all four agencies housed in the center.”

“We were fortunate to be able to plan for the perfect facility to meet the growing needs of Fairfax County and the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Including ClearCube blade workstations in our 911 Operations Center has played a critical role in our success. Their blade workstations are more reliable, easier to manage, enable us to scale, support our video requirements and work with our applications and systems.”

Eglin AFBIT Services Manager, Sr. Technical Support Officer Dyfed-Powys Police

“Providing enough cooling for the computers was difficult since they were tucked away underneath the users’ desks. The heat was a major contributor towards frequent PC failure. Then our IT staff would have to get underneath the desks to gain access to them, which was awkward and inconvenient.”

“We considered thin clients, but we didn’t think they would really meet our needs. After seeing the blades in action in London, we knew they were what we wanted. Blades are more resilient and just a better solution overall.”

“The fact that we didn’t have to replace the entire infrastructure was very attractive. PCs overheating may seem innocuous, but in mission-critical situations, anything that causes downtime is unacceptable. By putting the blades in a controlled environment like the data center, we can ensure they have proper cooling and don’t overheat.”

““We used to have problems with users installing games onto their computers or putting in CDs. Now we can control what goes in or out of the system. We like the fact that we can lock the Blades away, and only support personnel has access to them. ClearCube blade solution that has cured three ills for us: desktop PC failure, information security and environmental issues.”

MOntgomery countyMIS Director Montgomery, Clerk of Courts,
County Court and Auto Title Divisions, Montgomery County

“What initially interested me about the solution was how little space it occupied without being a thin client. ClearCube looked like a perfect fit.”  “As we began to evaluate the ClearCube technology, we decided that the space-saving benefits, noise benefits, and security benefits would be applicable to the entire organization. We needed the performance of an Intel“ PC, but the security, compactness and manageability of the thin client environment.”

“The Court initially planned to deploy ClearCube PC Blades only at the front counters and use traditional Dell PCs everywhere else. But as we began to deploy ClearCube, we realized that the space-saving benefits, noise benefits, and security benefits would be applicable throughout the organization. Now the ClearCube PC Blades are being deployed in nearly every location.”

“What began as a need to solve a space issue has turned out to offer so many more benefits than we originally anticipated. The increased security, the noise reduction, the improved ability to support the end user, and the ease of moving personnel were added benefits we had barely thought of before the deployment.”

“It is hard to quantify the stress reduction realized from not listening to a noisy box PC fan 40-plus hours a week. We are very pleased with our decision to implement the ClearCube solution.”

Lackland AFBFleet Operations Manager,
Fleet Services Department City of Little Rock

"With our PCs on the shop floor, we frequently dealt with lost power supply and damaged drives due to dust/dirt contamination. We've reduced our technical service calls from approximately one a month to none in all the months we've been using the ClearCube PCs. ClearCube really works as advertised; in fact, we haven't needed technical support at all."

"Since the PC is not accessible to the general public, tampering and misuse-such as bringing disks from home (maybe with a virus)-has dropped significantly, and our important data is protected from pilfering and degradation."

"ClearCube is a great partner that follows through and allows my guys to concentrate on core issues, not PCs!"

NoradNetwork Manager, Crews & Associates, Inc.

“Each month, the failures continued to tax our network infrastructure. It was especially hard on the investment bankers because access to the Bloomberg system is vital to their operations.”
“Any time a computer went down, we’d have to reconfigure it with the user’s profile, reinstall the software, call Bloomberg to give them the new workstation code and wait for Bloomberg to call us back with the unique software code needed to complete the installation . . . it was tedious. And if the computer was acting up but not completely failed, we had to wait for the user to finish using the computer before we repaired it. We couldn’t access the computer while the user was logged on.”

“Uptime is critical to our company, so we wanted to find a more reliable platform that would provide our investment bankers continuous access to the Bloomberg system. We decided to get rid of our box PCs and transfer the Bloomberg software to the ClearCube blades.”

“We’ve only had one failure the entire time we’ve had the ClearCube blades, and we were able to quickly switch that user to a spare blade and resolve access issues almost immediately.”

“The sales floor is on the 10th floor, and the tech center is on the 7th floor. Having everything centralized is very convenient and allows the IT staff to be more efficient. Whenever there’s an issue, we can take care of it right here. We don’t have to go up three floors anymore to see what’s going on.”

“Space is at a premium on the sales floor, so users like the fact that they don’t have something big on their desk anymore—just a couple of flat panels, a Bloomberg keyboard and a mouse. The user ports are small enough to house in a customized cable trough built behind the desks. Now if have to work on the wiring, we can just pop open a small door behind the desk. We don’t have to displace the user anymore”

“Our Bloomberg users are happy with the ClearCube solution. When our users are happy, the IT staff knows it’s a job well done.”

Eglin AFBExecutive Director and Technology Project Manager, Morgan Stanley

“We liked how the ClearCube solution would enable both our traders and support staff to have their desktops remotely managed from anywhere in the world.”

“ClearCube’s ‘always on’ desktop solution allows us to virtualize moves/adds/changes (MACs) and use extra hard drive space to store multiple images, all without IT ever leaving their desks. These capabilities represent significant operating cost savings and are the model for future desktop operations globally.”

“This architecture represents a logical next technology step in the evolution of our trading floor and desktop computing environment. ClearCube provides us with the right technology at the right time. The ClearCube solution provides the flexibility, manageability and high availability that we desire at the desktop. This solution will improve our service levels and reduce our desktop operating costs.”

MOntgomery countyManager of Information, Insinger de Beaufort

“We had been deliberately holding off on IT investments in preparation for the office move, one of those being new PCs. The PCs were getting on for five or six years old, and we were on or below minimum spec for some of our third-party applications, including key market data products. We were doing a lot of fire-fighting and wanted to find a more suitable computing system.”

“One thing we didn’t have to do was dramatically change the existing infrastructure or air conditioning, which is what you normally occurs when you put in a standard dealing floor. With the Blades, we save a lot of floor space and a substantial amount of money.

“By selecting an all-ClearCube PC Blade environment, Insinger de Beaufort London has installed an adaptable computing solution more keenly suited to our business.”

“There are a number of advantages to remote management. If the system fails, we can immediately swap the user onto a spare PC Blade. Staff moves and changes also take a lot less time – down from 15 minutes to about five. Any downtime for traders is loss of earnings and leaves us vulnerable to sudden market changes. Being able to minimize downtime is a major benefit.”

“We had suffered from a number of hardware thefts in our old building. Our PC Blades are now centrally located in a secure communications room that is monitored by CCTV and has a swipe card access. The Blades aren’t going to be stolen, as you can’t use the hardware at home.”

“The Blades are in what I would deem to be the best place for them - they aren’t getting kicked, they are in a clean environment, and they are safe.”

“All we are doing is distributing computer signals rather than Ethernet capacity to the ClearCube User Ports. So someone can’t walk up, plug a laptop in, and expect to get on our network.”

“For the end-user, the computing experience is better than a traditional PC.”

“Now that availability and maintenance overheads are removed, my IT resources are able to focus on more proactive IT tasks. Failover and fixes no longer overwhelm us, and a more business-oriented focus means the department can more effectively contribute towards the bank’s bottom-line. We’ve built a stable and versatile infrastructure, and rather than fire-fighting we’ve moved onto project work.”

Lackland AFBNAGP Team Lead-Infrastructure,
British Petroleum North American Gas & Power

"The environment in Calgary included multiple desktop and laptop PCs located on or under each employee's desk. We had an unmanageable collection of several different models using valuable floor space. The work environment was crowded, cluttered, and unsafe."

"There are no PCs under the desk and no noise, heat, or cables to clutter the room. We reduced the electrical load on the floor by more than half. We also reduced the heat load and improved the ergonomics of the users' environment.”

"The dual screens are productive. We see big cost savings associated with the Quad displays."

"A trading room is frequently 'restacked' to get the right people next to each other. Restacking used to require several people working many long hours; now, one person can restack the room in just a few hours, at most. The increased uptime and associated cost savings are a big improvement." ;

Oak AssociatesChief Technology Officer, Oak Associates, LTD

"Our employees like the technology. It does what it was designed for: to clear up the cube. The advantages we get from ClearCube are: (1) the space, (2) the ability to switch users to another blade if the system goes down, (3) systems are better protected…"

"Probably a lot of people don't think about [power requirements]…we were able to centralize power in one room…cut down our power requirements and actually save $72,000 in powering our new area we are growing into."

"When a system has a problem, ClearCube blades are easier to work with…slamming the blade in and out is much easier and faster..."

Sagent Advisors LogoChief Administrative Officer, Sagent Advisors Inc.

“With ClearCube PC Blade computing we have built an IT infrastructure that is scalable, efficient to manage and saves us money. As a result, we are able to focus more of our time on servicing our clients by providing them with informed, strategic financial advice and less time dealing with the burden of PC management.”

“The move couldnʼt have been simpler. We powered down the system at the old location and slipped out the PC Blades. Then two people literally walked the Blades down Park Avenue to the new location and took them to the racks that had already been installed. Then we just popped the Blades into place, set up the User Ports, and voilá. It was that easy. In fact, the PCs were set up before the movers arrived.”

“With so many different items to coordinate in our relocation, we needed to be highly confident that every workstation would be ready to go when we opened for business that Monday morning. The Blade PC solution that [ClearCube] delivered was executed flawlessly enabling Sagent to begin work in our new space as if we had been there for months. The time and money we saved as compared to traditional IT relocation costs has validated the cost benefit decision to implement the blade solution.”

Director of IT, Fort HealthCareNorad

“We wanted to encourage our clinicians to do in-room documentation. “It’s just not productive to document on paper and then go back to the computer and document again. Besides, any time you double document, there’s an increased risk of errors. That’s something we’re definitely trying to avoid.”

“We opened a new clinic with brand new hardware and without a single support call—that’s how reliable this technology is. Users expect the equipment to work – it’s as simple as that. They don’t care why something’s not working – if it’s because of the hardware or the connectivity or the software. From a clinical perspective, they need to know that it’s up and running and they can enter their data. ClearCube is our solution.”

“We like having the hard drives and blades in the closet where they are under lock and key. We also lock down the workstations after ten minutes of inactivity to prevent unauthorized access.”

“Clinicians typically use the arms to show patients their medical information. The patients really like that they can have access to their data at the bedside. The arms and the blades have definitely improved our patient care. The doctors and nurses like the arms, and we need the blades to make the arms possible.”

Memorial HealthcareCIO, Memorial Healthcare System

“Many of the PCs were located in mission-critical areas that require high availability. The medical staff in these areas can’t afford to wait for IT to repair a failed PC, but unfortunately, that’s exactly what was happening. If a computer went down during a procedure, we’d have to dispatch a technician to the area and hope they could fix the problem quickly.”

“Walking into a critical care area is always challenging. Even when our technicians bunny up before entering the rooms, there’s always the danger of spreading contaminants.”

“The equipment has very low failure rates and performs as well as or even better than we were originally expecting. The solution has also enabled much more rapid response in terms of support.”

Director of Information Technology, Business Applications, Memorial Healthcare System

“We use the blades for clinical documentation, bar code medication administration, OR scheduling, and to process and review orders and results for the pharmacy, lab and radiology departments. The blades also support our Picis OR and GE/IDX Carecast applications.”

“The last blade in every chassis is a spare, which gives us a redundancy that box PCs did not. Once a technician is ready to perform repairs, they can do so in the data center without interrupting a procedure or entering a sterile environment.”

“Even the small footprint of the solution is less intrusive. Since the only thing a user needs to connect to the blade is a user port, which is maybe the size of a paperback book, we can create more space in areas that were previously crowded. We were also able to put computing resources in the patient and exam rooms so that medical staff can do charting and access information directly at the point of care. The doctors and nurses love it.”

Oklahoma Heart HospitalChief Information Officer, Oklahoma Heart Hospital

"ClearCube allows us to lock down the Zero Client in the patient room, which eliminates the ability for anyone to tamper with the computer and helps us meet HIPAA regulations."

"The best part of the ClearCube solution is that it is transparent to the doctors and nurses. They are able to easily access their patient records no matter where they are, and we can manage them remotely without interfering with their day-to-day operations."

"The ClearCube solution has allowed us to achieve our goal of being a top-notch medical facility by securely and safely deploying PCs where it would otherwise have been impossible using traditional PCs."

Lackland AFBChief Information Officer, John C. Lincoln Health Network

“The ClearCube Solution has allowed my team to be proactive instead of reactive in a mission critical environment.  With the IT burden of traditional PC maintenance reduced, we are able to focus on critical IT functions like security and management. We can also be more proactive and better meet our hospital and users’ needs. Both doctors and nurses appreciate the space-saving solution along with the fact that no retraining was involved to use the system.”

“ClearCube is a smash hit at our hospital. The ClearCube solution passed every test with flying colors and is now installed in our Birthing Centers, Operating Rooms, Nursing Stations and Intensive Care Units.”

“We had problems with other people in the household using the PCs, or the users would load conflicting software onto the computers.  Sometimes the transcriptionists would download documents locally so they could work offline, which was a huge data security risk. There was always the fear of the PCs getting stolen or that a user would not properly data scrub the computer before getting a new one.”

“Now the transcriptionists work on blades that are located here at the hospital through a secure VPN. That eliminates data being downloaded onto computers outside the facility. It also saves us money since we don’t have to add extra security measures like antivirus software.”

 “With traditional PCs, it would take us at least two to four hours to get the users back up. The remote management is especially helpful with our home-based transcriptionists. We used to dedicate a lot of time supporting them, but now we can do everything right here in the hospital. That’s probably saved us fifty to sixty hours of maintenance per month.”

Oak AssociatesDirector of IT Duncan Regional Hospital

“In a recent install of 56 PC Blades, it took the less than half a day to set up and image.  ClearCubeʼs common hardware platform allowed us to create one image and push it effortlessly across all blades versus our previous traditional desktop experience where we had to create five images and it took three days to set up and configure. This saved my team a significant amount of time and effort.”

“ClearCube is the first choice. ClearCube PC Blades save us time, save us space, save us from downtime. We have added about 60 more systems in the past few months and continue to be impressed with the dramatic improvements we have been able to achieve. When we want to purchase a PC, we think ClearCube first and traditional desktop PCs second. ClearCube will always be our first choice going forward.”

The ClearCube team is very responsive and the system does exactly what they said it would.”

Sagent Advisors LogoNetwork Services Team Leader, Clark Memorial Hospital

“We had box PCs everywhere, which was our biggest problem. Having box PCs in so many places made it harder to manage them all. If we had to perform maintenance on a computer at one of our remote clinics, we had to physically drive over there. For IT, it’s a tremendous advantage to have all the blades here in the hospital. I used to have to drive 20-30 minutes to get to a remote facility, but now I can just go into the next room and do what I need to do. We really appreciate the ease and efficiency of the ClearCube solution.”

“The security measures we have in place to comply with HIPAA can also be counterproductive for the medical staff. For example, we log nurses off their workstations after about five minutes of idleness. If they have a 15-second entry to make on a patient later on, the nurses have to take at least two minutes to log back on. That’s real frustrating.”

“The ClearCube solution is great for mobile devices because if a user loses their wireless connection, it’s just a matter of reconnecting to the blade. The user can get back into the program, exactly where they left off, in about five to six seconds,”

“The solution is great wherever we deploy it. In the hospital alone we’re using it in the cardiology area, the labor & delivery area, an IT classroom, the HR department, and for outpatient registration and centralized scheduling.”

“We used them first in our new Charlestown clinic. Once we saw how well the solution was working, we decided to deploy it at the rest of our remote locations.”

“Not only is it fast, it’s so much more cost-effective in regards to redundancy.”

Sagent Advisors LogoDirector of IT. Civista Medical Center

“The new system added increased functionality for many areas of the hospital, and we didn’t have enough access devices to accommodate all the users.  The ClearCube solution is a great product for healthcare. It’s thin, it’s fast, and the staff loves it.”

“The hospital is a 24/7 operation, but my IT staff is only on site for twelve hours. Any time there was an IT emergency after hours, someone would have to rush up to the hospital to fix it.”

“We’re always on the look-out for new technology, and we were intrigued by the ClearCube concept. Once the opportunity arose to install new devices in the hospital, we thought the solution would be a good fit.”

“We considered a Citrix environment, but we didn’t want to risk the downtime.”  If we brought in a Citrix solution and it went down, forty users would lose their workstations. But if something should ever happen to the ClearCube solution, only four users would be affected. Plus we could quickly reallocate those four users to another Blade.”

“I’d say the top problem the solution has helped solve is downtime.  The turnaround for switching users is great.”

“My team likes the functionality that lets them plug into the system remotely and switch a user over to a spare Blade without going to the hospital in the middle of the night. It’s also a big help with overtime costs.”

NoradDirector of MIS Operations, Lillian Vernon Corporation

"ClearCube PCs are perfect for our 600-seat call center. They are the ultimate for hardware and software maintenance."

“ClearCube's easy-to-install system-as well as its exemplary support team-made the process extremely easy, and Lillian Vernon call center representatives have responded very favorably to the ClearCube PCs. Not only does ClearCube provide all the benefits and high performance of the conventional PC-upgradeability, standardized applications, rich multimedia, and 100 percent hardware and software compatibility-but it also frees up desk space by moving everything but the monitor, keyboard, and mouse off the desktop

“Lillian Vernon knows that ClearCube has brought an improvement in function and service to its call center operations, which in turn has impacted the company's bottom line. The company has saved 25 percent in technical support costs, 50 percent in administration costs, and 75 percent in end-user operation costs since it began using the ClearCube computers. Our experience with ClearCube has been a very positive one."

Eglin AFBChief Information Officer, TeleVista

“In the contact center environment, each client has their own IT strategy, and we have to be able to support a variety of standards. We make technology decisions based on a number of different factors, including our overall business strategy and the needs of our clients.”

“Downtime really impacts us. With some customers, we invoice by the minute, and every minute of downtime means lost revenue.”

“When users need to move, their applications, data, settings, and preferences follow them to the next location. Itʼs a lot faster to move, add, or change users. We can now quickly seat any agent at any workstation.”

“ClearCubeʼs PC Blade solution is very flexible and enables us to support our clients and their diverse technology needs. Telvista has been successful at giving our customers a better experience through innovation like this.”

“I highly recommend the use of the ClearCube solution, not just for the customer contact industry, but for any company that has more than 200 users in a given location.”

MOntgomery countyInfrastructure Manager of The Americas, Intec Telecom

"Our LAN setup consisted of individual desktop systems, and our service bureau processing department operated with a roomful of desktop PCs. Our problems included inadequate work space for the service bureau, excessive heat generated by the PCs, and a lack of scalability; adding more PCs would have required taking away valuable workspace from other areas."

"This solution frees up workspace for service bureau operations. It also allows our IT personnel to maintain the system from a centralized location, thereby providing better security and asset management. Intec's unique implementation of the ClearCube blade computer allows our users to multitask. With the ability to connect to multiple blades from a single workstation, one worker can now work on 10 or more tasks."

"ClearCube has gone out of their way to make sure that we have the tools necessary to be productive using their technology. I only wish all my vendors had the same attitude towards customer satisfaction that ClearCube does."

Atmos EnergyNetwork Administrator, Atmos Energy

“We wanted a full PC solution, but not the support hassles of a regular PC. Because every single PC is now in one secure location, we don't have to carry a bunch of heavy boxes around, unpack them, and set them up all over the Support Center, particularly when we're deploying new PCs. Now it's just a matter of plugging one cable into the Zero Client and moving down the row."

"By moving the heart of the PC equipment away from the agents' cubicles and behind the locked doors of the computer room, there's no heat or noise to worry about on the Center floor."

"Usually when the employee teams change, we have to move our users to new locations within the Center. While in the past, the entire IT team spent days on the floor supporting these moves, today a user simply requires switching out a single cable in the computer room. This is not only easier for the support team, but it's easier for the user too. Now they can move within a matter of minutes, sit down, and start using a computer with images that look exactly like what they were using before."

“The same ease of use applies should a PC Blade fail. We always have spare PC Blades up and running, so instead of finding an empty cubicle to work in, the user can stay at their own desk and it's just a matter of minutes until we get them going again."

Oak AssociatesAssociate Vice President Terminal Technology,
DFW International Airport

“The screens are grouped in banks of 10, 12 or 14 throughout the airport. Before ClearCube, each screen was powered by a Dell OptiPlex that was mounted directly behind it. Getting to the PCs was difficult because they were located in very high, inaccessible places. We had to take special precautions to comply with OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] regulations since the technicians were working with things so high off the ground. With the computers located in such public areas, we had to either work on them after hours or cordon off the area.”

“Since the blades are out of the public eye, we can now perform maintenance any time, night or day, within relative privacy,”

“When we had a PC behind each screen, we didn’t have a very good set of tools to manage them all. For example, a couple of years ago when the Love Bug Virus was running rampant, I had to go to each and every display across the entire campus to do virus updates. With ClearCube, all the blades are conveniently located in a few areas, and I can remotely access them without leaving my office.”

“The ClearCube solution definitely enhances uptime. When it comes time to replace a faulty unit, we don’t have to climb up to the screen, take down a heavy PC and put up a new one. A technician can just go into a telecom closet, take out the broken blade from the rack and slip in a hot spare blade,”

“ClearCube comes with an entire management solution built right in it. We’re always adding more screens to the display system, so I anticipate we will be adding more blades as well.”

Sagent Advisors LogoPresident, GNUMatrix - Client (Consumer Research Centre)

“For companies who are considering using the ClearCube solution, I have one piece of advice: use it.”

“Users accidentally damaged the computers at their stations all the time. There were also many instances of users saving their data directly to the PCs instead of the server. If the PCs failed, their personal information was lost – email, data, everything.”

“We were constantly shuffling around equipment because of the PCs’ unreliability. If a user’s PC failed, then we had to replace it with a spare. The wires and peripherals alone took an hour to transfer, and we barely had enough working stations available.”

“All the PCs at our client’s site were purchased at different times as needed, meaning varying levels of reliability and the inevitable user ‘PC envy.” Now the hardware is hidden away, the PC Blades are much faster, and no user feels like they’re getting the short end of the stick.”

“There weren’t many hurdles to deploying the PC Blades. With systems like Citrix you have to purchase an expensive, beefy server to support your users, but the barriers to implementing the PC Blades into the existing infrastructure were very small. They were easy to install, and we were quickly able to deploy them company-wide,”

“The Blades are much more reliable, and if for some reason something does fail, we can quickly reallocate the user to a spare Blade without ever visiting the call center. We also rarely have to go to the site for maintenance issues or hardware upgrades since all the hardware is safely stored in the data center. Most importantly, we don’t have to move all that equipment around.”

“No one can access the hardware now because it’s locked up in their secure data center. I can also monitor what the users are doing, what processes are running, even who’s playing solitaire. The call center is also much quieter without the box PCs. With so many people in a single area, you don’t want a lot of noise and heat.”

“In the past three months I have seen a lot of savings. My technicians love using the technology, and the users like how quiet the call center is now. I definitely plan on using the ClearCube solution for future clients.”