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  • Zero Clients for Point of Sale Applications

ClearCube® releases Zero Clients for Point of Sale Applications


ClearCube Technology released the first Zero Client device, CD 9822, designed for Point of Sale applications with 7 full power USB 2.0 ports integrated within.

AUSTIN, TX - February 12, 2014 — All Media For Immediate Release

ClearCube Technology released the first Zero Client device, CD 9822, designed for Point of Sale applications with 7 full power USB 2.0 ports integrated within.

About the length/width of a slice of Texas toast, CD9822 small footprint (1.5”x6”x5”) allows it to be placed at retail transaction points or kiosks where space is constrained and power connections are limited. A single AC power connection powers the CD9822 zero client and its connected USB peripheral devices. Up to two 1920 x 1200 displays or one 2560 x1600 display are supported at the POS location.

“ClearCube innovates to meet the customer’s needs,” said Kevin Brown, Vice President, DH Technologies. “Our customer, a US military deployment, needed to support full power USB devices and CD9822 was the perfect match for this Point Of Sale virtualization implementation.”

CD9822 was designed with full power USB support for Point of Sale applications that often require a multitude of USB devices such as magnetic stripe readers, thermal printers, signature capture pads, barcode readers, wireless modems, cash drawer connections, hard drives, audio devices, check readers, biometric devices, as well as keyboards and mice.

A companion software application, Port Authority, is also available for the CD9822 that enables/disables USB access on a rules basis by selective device, time of day, user identification, and a number of other flexible configuration parameters.

“With 7 full power integrated USB ports, CD9822 has the highest number of USB ports in the smallest zero client footprint on the market,” said Jim Zakzeski, ClearCube VP Sales and Marketing. “We designed the product to satisfy the demand from virtualization engineers that want to connect virtual machines or rack mounted Blade PCs to retail end points in department stores, automobile service centers, military PXs and commissaries, and any retail establishment that has hundreds of end points because this approach is much easier for network administrators to manage.”

CD9822 connects over PCoIP protocol via copper Ethernet infrastructure to VMware Horizon View virtual desktops or ClearCube Blade PCs in the customer’s datacenter. Zero clients are stateless with no operating system, no memory, and no hard drive, so they are deployed instead of PCs at the consumer locations because they can be better managed and are not susceptible to malware and virus uploads at the point of sale.

Unlike PCs, ClearCube zero clients have no local storage so they are considered much more secure. There are no moving parts that can fail, no removable parts that encourage user tampering, and they are not prone to theft since they do not operate without connection to a datacenter host resource.

CD9822 is fully TAA compliant. A fiber optic version called CD7822, released in 2013 for specialized high security military deployments, is also available.

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CD9822 Zero Client

Contact: Jim Zakzeski, VP, Sales and Marketing 512-652-3360

Zero Client Designed for POS Applications

CD9822 for POS Applications

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Jim "Zak" Zakzeski
VP, Sales & Marketing

Tera 2 Dual Display w/token card reader Zero Client

CD9822 Zero Client

Perfect for heavy peripheral requirements with 7 USB ports in a very small package.

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