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Trade-In Old PCs for Zero Clients, SmartVDI and/or Blade PCs.

Trade-In Old PCs for Zero Clients, SmartVDI and/or Blade PCs.


ClearCube Technology, Inc. Offers Businesses and Government Agencies Trade-In Program for Old Desktop Computers for Recycle and to Upgrade Desktop Infrastructure to SmartVDI or Blade PCs.

AUSTIN, TX - October 1, 2015 — All Media For Immediate Release

Receive purchase credit toward ClearCube Technology Zero Clients and SmartVDI and/or Blade PCs when you trade-in your old desktop PCs and laptops.

Over the past decade, traditional three year technology refresh cycles have been extending to five years due to economic concerns, with many companies keeping their PCs longer and falling further behind the technology feature support curve. Newer software, peripherals, and higher performance graphics capabilities have been out of reach but most companies still face technology refreshes eventually

ClearCube’s trade-in program reduces the cost of technology refresh with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. Under the new Trade-In, Recycle, and Upgrade program, the company will allow business customers to trade in older, brand-name desktop PCs and laptops for a credit towards the purchases of new desktop infrastructure components.

Driven by desktop security initiatives and cyber threats, ClearCube’s desktop computing models utilize zero clients as the common new desktop device. Depending on the workloads being upgraded, customers may choose our all-VMware stack supported SmartVDI Converged Platform for VDI w/GRID and/or ClearCube Blade PCs and remote access engineering workstations.

The benefits of the newer solutions are first and foremost security, followed closely by ease of transitioning, upgrading to new Windows OS, ease of management, extending equipment lifecycles, and reducing both support and licensing costs.

To ensure safe, secure, government-compliant turnkey services, ClearCube has partnered with New Jersey firm, AnythingIT, to offer a convenient process to recycle their trade-in products.

“Based on our successful Tera 1 trade-in program, we selected AnythingIT to manage this program for ClearCube customers based on their credentials that recognize compliance with approved government processes for recycling services and on their service reputation,” says Jim Zakzeski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ClearCube.

Some of the services included in this program are tailored to the stringent requirements for government agency equipment recycling:

  • Nationwide Onsite Packaging, Removal & Transports
  • Detailed Asset Inventory Reporting
  • DoD Compliant Data Destruction / Wiping
  • Asset Recovery/Remarketing/Redeployment/Reuse
  • Closed Loop Recycling/Raw Material Recovery & Reclamation

Simply call us at 1-866-652-3500, or email with PC Trade-In in the subject line and we will contact you within 24 business hours to explain the program to you.

“Businesses are looking for a cost-effective way to move toward highly secure virtualized desktop platforms. With the newer releases of VMware Horizon our SmartVDI with GRID solutions and Blade PC architectures are at the cutting edge of very popular and growing PC replacement revolution,” explains Zakzeski.

Read more about the program details here.

Please contact ClearCube Sales at or 512) 652-3500 for more information.

Contact: Jim Zakzeski, VP, Sales and Marketing 512-652-3360

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Jim "Zak" Zakzeski
VP, Sales & Marketing

Tera 2 Dual Display w/token card reader Zero Client

CD9924 Zero Client

Tera 2-based copper zero client with an integrated CAC reader and 6 USB ports is unique in the marketplace today and perfectly suited for HSPD-12 compliance.

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