Let ClearCube demonstrate the speed and power of our secure remote access professional workstations and zero clients today and ask how they increase productivity as much as 40%.

Recent technology enhancements by ClearCube address key issues for design, engineering and scientific computer users that want full graphics capabilities at their displays from engineering workstations located in their remote datacenters.

Designers, engineers and scientists want instantaneous 3D modeling and simulations with no processing delays.ClearCube’s Engineering Workstations deliver 60 frames per second (300 megapixels per second) to 2560x1600 displays from rack mount Blade PCs/Workstations with no compromises in performance over distance.

For numerical analysis and algorithmic applications, our M-Series’ dual 8-core Xeon workstations support dual slot GPUs such as the highest performing NVIDIA Quadro K6000 and K5000 adapters along with integrated PCoIP host compression adapters.

If you are looking to reduce cyber security threats, reduce desktop peripherals, reduce costs, and increase emergency operator response times, look to ClearCube Blade PCs and zero clients. Please contact ClearCube Sales sales@clearcube.com for more information.

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