Our newest CD7822 Zero Client is about the size of a
market-fresh sandwich, with zero memory, zero operating system, zero storage (and zero calories).
From locked down NO! USB access at the desktop to USB-Gone-Wild! (7 USB ports), ClearCube zero clients provide for the widest range of choices on the market.

Check out our complete solutions with bundled pricing to save you money that include turnkey SmartVDI compute/storage platforms for your entire range of users - hungry power users and not so hungry floating profile types.  We've got a meal deal for everyone!

If you are considering VDI, leverage our expertise in helping you virtualize desktops successfully.Call today.
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For more information, visit ClearCube PCoIP Zero Client Family, contact sales@clearcube.com, or call 866-652-3500.

Thank you from the ClearCube Sales Team!
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