ClearCube delivers 2560x1600 dual display output  at 60 frames per second to zero client devices from remote Blade PCs and M Series Engineering Workstations (M1022W, M1024W).

Zoom, spin, animate and simulate with no delays. using NVIDIA Quadro 2000, 4000, 6000, K5000 GPUs in rack mount Dual Xeon and i7 systems from ClearCube.

Huge benefits for GIS/CAD/CAM/AV designers
  1. Cost and time savings. Eliminates need to run 10GbE to the desktop. 
  2. Better user environment. Small footprint, no heat, no noise. 
  3. Unparalleled data security. CAD files never leave the datacenter. Only pixel changes are transmitted over IP. 
  4. Instant Moves/Adds/Changes. Access your specific Blade PC and data files from any zero clients on the network. 
Find out how you can improve productivity for geospatial analysts, petroleum engineers, simulation modeling designers, or anyone doing 3D design work. 
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Thank you from the ClearCube Sales Team!

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