Whether coordinating a mission, enacting a financial trade, or dispatching emergency responders, ClientCube KM provides real time situational awareness from multiple information sources in a secure manner.

In these stressful environments, ClientCube KM allows operators to view information from different isolated networks, and securely traverse networks in real time just by moving their mouse to the desired network’s displays. Button pushing to switch networks is eliminated.

ClientCube KM’s embedded zero clients eliminate the need for multiple PCs for each analyst/operator. For US government, users can connect to SIPRNet, JWICS, NIPRNet and other networks with a single mouse/keyboard, while maintaining physical network separation to centralized computing resources in the datacenter. KM is Common Criteria EAL4+ validated.

If you are looking to reduce cyber security threats, reduce desktop peripherals, reduce costs, and increase analyst/operator response times, look to ClientCube KM. Please contact ClearCube Sales sales@clearcube.com for more information.

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