With 7 full power integrated USB ports, CD9822 has the highest number of USB ports in the smallest zero client footprint on the market!

About the length/width of a slice of Texas toast, CD9822 small footprint (1.5”x6”x5”) allows it to be placed at retail transaction points or kiosks where space is constrained and power connections are limited. A single AC power connection powers the CD9822 zero client and its connected USB peripheral devices.Up to two 1920 x 1200 displays or one 2560 x1600 display are supported at the POS location.

CD9822 was designed with full power USB support for Point of Sale applications that often require a multitude of USB devices such as magnetic stripe readers, thermal printers, signature capture pads, barcode readers, wireless modems, cash drawer connections, hard drives, audio devices, check readers, biometric devices, as well as keyboards and mice.

Designed to satisfy the demand from virtualization engineers wanting to connect virtual machines or rack mounted Blade PCs to retail end points in department stores, automobile service centers, military PXs and commissaries, and any retail establishment that has hundreds of end points because this approach is much easier for network administrators to manage.

See for yourself the newest Point-of-Sale Zero Client the industry has to offer.
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