SmartVDI™ Host Platforms

  • Scalable VDI Computing & Storage Nodes.
  • High Availability for Continuous Operation.
  • Affordable Virtual PCs Equal to Your Physical PCs.

SmartVDI™ Host Platforms

ClearCube’s Smart Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (SmartVDI™) host platform smoothly transitions your workers from using physical Personal Computer desktops to using highly available virtual desktops that can deliver an equal to, or better than, end user experience. SmartVDI desktops are capable of handling complex configurations with the same personalization features as physical PCs.

Whether deploying linked or full clones, persistent or non-persistent desktops, ClearCube has configuration options within the SmartVDI family to optimize VDI compute/storage based on your particular needs.

ClearCube SmartVDI efficiently deploys persistent full clones that result in virtual desktop configurations just like your knowledge workers’ physical desktop configurations. What makes a personal computer personal is that wallpaper, applications, music, photos, social media, bookmarks, folders, and OS profile settings are configured for personal work habits and productivity.

SmartVDI virtual desktops use Atlantis Ilio inline deduplication to reduce storage requirements by as much as 95% and IO optimization that eliminates latencies. The result is a personal computer experience with capacity, low price points, and high performance that keep users happy.

These same storage reduction and performance advantages can be applied to stateless clone configurations as well, but the real differentiator is that a SmartVDI simplified infrastructure and operations framework can be used to address all users – those more demanding with smaller populations that benefit from uniqueness and those with large populations that benefit from sameness.

With SmartVDI’s end-to-end control of your VDI environment, virtualized desktops can be managed with the same tools that are already familiar to you for managing physical desktops.

SmartVDI delivers a phenomenal high performance user experience that is easy to support and scale from 100s to 1000s of virtual desktops or more, with optimized high availability and storage with low cost-per-seat configurations.

Hardware Architecture

Built for optimized high availability and ultra-efficient VDI storage, SmartVDI uses Atlantis Ilio’s Session Host, Replication Host and Standby Host to seamlessly fuse other elements such as VMware Horizon View, ESXi, vCenter, and vSAN into a ready-to-run VDI solution that is scalable and highly available. SmartVDI’s hardware architecture is very straightforward, consisting of three primary components:

  • Session Hosts host the virtual desktops
  • Replication Host seamlessly captures and stores snapshot instances of the system wide activities and data
  • Standby Host provides failover for high availability of all the Session Hosts or Replication Host in the system.
  • All of this is based on the fault tolerant enterprise class software defined storage from VMware Horizon.

VDI Building Blocks

SmartVDI session hosts feature dual 8-core Intel® Xeon® processors, up to 512GB DDR3 RAM, 10GB Ethernet and redundant power supplies. A PCoIP Hardware Accelerator Card, and NVIDIA GRID K1 or K2 graphics cards can be added to SmartVDI if the user environment uses many simultaneous video intensive applications such as YouTube, data visualization, or video monitoring.

SmartVDI’s rapid provisioning supports VMware’s VAAI to give fast deployment of full clones.

SmartVDI Compute Platform

SmartVDI™ Host Platform

Full desktop quality computing experience via an IP connection

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SmartVDI High Availability Platform

SmartVDI™ High-Availability Configuration

Session Host, Replication Hosts and Standby Host comprise the typical HA configuration.


High Availability

Designed for mission-critical environments that need 24/7/365 uptime, SmartVDI’s incorporation of the Atlantis Ilio trilogy of hosts collectively perform as an indomitable high availability system with the ability to survive component failure and to conduct self-healing automatically. From an architecture standpoint, SmartVDI’s Atlantis's ILIO Persistent VDI integration implementation has a VM on each Session Host. The Replication Host is a central VM that maintains the master copy of each user's blocks. When a user connects to his or her desktop, VMware Horizon software routes them to the Atlantis ILIO Session Host VM which gets all that user's blocks it doesn't already have (from other VMs) copied down to its memory from the central Replication Host.

The benefit of this is that the permanent storage of each user's unique blocks is outside of the desktop VM's IO data path. The desktop VM on the VDI host reads and writes its blocks from the RAM of the ILIO Session Host VM at full RAM speed, and the Session Host just replicates any unique compressed blocks over to the Replication Host out-of-band, at disk speed within a few seconds.

SmartVDI uses the Atlantis Ilio Standby Host as a ready agent to allow for seamless, no-downtime failover in the event of a node failure. From the storage perspective, the VSAN storage implementation is always up and available if a node fails. From a user perspective, like any normal SAN with VMware HA, the desktops reboot on another host and users simply log back in. That is a huge plus for any business or operation that cannot afford worker downtime.


SmartVDI scales well. Once the high availability core foundation is set up with as many SmartVDI Session Hosts and the VSAN implementation storage array accessible by all Session Hosts, adding more users just means adding more SmartVDI Session Hosts.

If an existing VMware infrastructure and VSAN exists for storing user data, then SmartVDI can be added to the network without the need for additional external storage arrays.

Persistent Full Clones

SmartVDI’s technical differentiator is based on the benefits of zero latency, flash-optimized, inline deduplication that is always on as a result of the design decisions to pre-integrate Atlantis Ilio into the baseline SmartVDI.

The beauty of SmartVDI’s Atlantis ILIO Persistent VDI is that it delivers desktops that are cheaper and faster than physical PCs. It uses ILIO In-Memory VDI™ technology to deliver persistent virtual desktops that run using only server RAM as primary storage, eliminating the traditional requirement for large amounts of expensive, high-performance storage.

Virtual desktops now run from server RAM, delivering a fantastic user experience that drives virtual desktop acceptance across your organization. The solution uses a small amount of shared SAN/NAS storage – up to 95% less – to maintain a real-time optimized backup and ensure complete data protection and availability.

If you are transitioning from traditional physical PCs with Windows setups customized for each user, deploying persistent full clone desktops will preserve your existing working environment. The cost benefits of SmartVDI’s design accelerate when persistent desktops, which have uniqueness, are the desired configuration objective. By eliminating everything but the uniqueness through super-efficient deduplication, SmartVDI can support persistent full clones cost-effectively where others cannot.

Persistent Linked Clones

If you are transitioning from traditional physical PCs towards a simple to manage single image for a user base, SmartVDI’s design can deliver the performance, simplicity, and flexibility to adapt to the needs of the users.

SmartVDI HA configuration

SmartVDI™ High-Availability Configuration

Session Host, Replication Hosts and Standby Host comprise the typical HA configuration.



SmartVDI hosts complement ClearCube’s zero clients, Blade PCs, and Sentral single console management in CVDI and VDI projects to provide you with a single vendor solution with desktop-to-datacenter vision and accountability.

Leveraging ClearCube’s experience as the first manufacturer to embrace PC-over-IP™ (VMware’s native VDI protocol), ClearCube’s in-depth PC-over-IP™ protocol knowledge produces a performance- optimized VMware-centric system like no other.

ClearCube’s objective is to transition you from the physical to the virtual PC world in the least disruptive manner possible. We start with the objective of creating persistent full clones so that your users maintain the same work environment that they are comfortable with. Or we can start with linked clone configurations for users with easier workloads, and then incorporate persistent full clone configurations for the more demanding users based on their existing physical desktop experiences. We augment that workplace familiarity with centralized Blade PCs for those users who have specialized needs. All users benefit from ClearCube’s stateless secure small footprint zero clients at the desktops.

The net result of working with ClearCube is that you will do more, with less, for less.

SmartVDI and external storage

SmartVDI™ High-Availability Configuration

Session Host, Replication Hosts and Standby Host comprise the typical HA configuration.


SmartVDI™ Series Base Platform Specifications