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Here you will find our experts and others with thoughts and strategies for solving difficult Centralization and Virtualization Infrastructure problems. Just like every growing company out there, we never have as much time as we would like to stop, reflect and document the coolest things we have been working on, but we are committed to doing a better job at it in the future so enjoy the content your find here now.

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Industry Leadership

"We are proud to serve those who serve our country with proven solutions that make their jobs easier."

ClearCube President and CEO.


The Value of Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI)
A Whitepaper discussing the value of ClearCube's Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure.

Building "IP Fluid" Cyber Command Centers
A Whitepaper for an Activu and ClearCube Solution.

VMware MLS White Paper
VMware touts ClientCube with View for Multilevel Secure (MLS) desktops.

USB Mass Storage Lockout White Paper
ClearCube Technology Provides Security against USB Borne Viruses in DoD Systems

Solution Sheets, Vertical Value Propositions and Other Useful Papers

The Value of Zero - Zero Client Solution Series
A brief discussion of ClearCube Zero Client Solutions.

Why ClearCube for FIDS.
A brief discussion of why ClearCube is a good partner for Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) solutions.

Why ClearCube for CAD/CAM/GIS Computing Solutions.
A brief discussion of why ClearCube is a good partner for CAD / CAM / CAE / GIS / AV / 3D Engineering Workstation solutions.

Why ClearCube for Financial Services Computing Solutions.
A brief discussion of why ClearCube is a good partner for Financial Services / Trading Floor computing solutions.


Note: The links to these webinars will take you to our Distributor's web site. A very simple registration is required to view them.

To PC or Not to PC? Reasons to Explore Something Better...

During this webcast, we went over the four paths of decision criteria based on real world business drivers that lead to using:

  • Plain ol' distributed PCs
  • VDI with PCoIP zero clients
  • VDI with virtual GPUs and PCoIP zero clients
  • Blade PCs with PCoIP zero clients

We also related technical aspects to business rewards:

  • Do you know what bottlenecks to anticipate when adding power users to an existing VM pool?
  • Do you know which enhanced GPU technique (vSGA, vDGA, or vGPU) is best to deploy for a specific medium graphic use case?
  • Do you know how to cost-justify zero clients and blade PCs based on meeting IA security profiles?

Event Date: August 13, 2015
Hosted By: ClearCube & Carahsoft

Join the Intelligence Community - Adopt the ClientCube Family of Products Today.
Attendees of this webcast learn reasons why the Intelligence Community has adopted the ClientCube family of products including the simple solution to deliver NIPR, SIPR and JWICS on both fiber and copper networks to the desktop. How the ClientCube positions agencies for easier FISMA compliance with integrated CAC readers. See the easy, no-risk way to move workloads to the cloud while protecting internal networks. How effortlessly it can be aggregating applications from public clouds, private clouds and internal VDI projects on the desktop and a simple way of supporting up to 16 displays on 4 networks with a single keyboard and mouse. April 09, 2015 1:00 pm CST - 47 minutes includes Q&A)

Event Date: April 9, 2015
Hosted By: ClearCube & Carahsoft

ClearCube's Desktop Transformation is the Government's Most Effective Cyber Weapon.
Each branch of the federal government, Civilian and Defense, is grappling with defining the perfect common desktop device and environment to replace the lion’s share of their aging distributed desktop PCs. Eliminating security breaches, reducing OPEX costs, and improving management are all driving this definition. The conclusion, based on 1.4 million sold last year, are zero clients connected to centralized host platforms. But not all zero clients are alike. Come explore some of the differences that will make a difference to you. February 26, 2015, 1:00 pm CST - 55 minutes includes Q&A)

ClearCube's SmartVDI Deep Dive - Transform VDI Pilot Projects into Production-Ready Deployments in Days
ClearCube’s practical experience integrating and evaluating dozens of the best-of-breed components of VDI have produced a world-class VDI stack that transcends the often mischaracterized phrases “VDI-in-a-box” or “VDI Appliance.”

SmartVDI HA (High Availability) utilizes the very best VMware Horizon delivers from Horizon View, vSphere, and Virtual SAN combined with the ideal Intel XEON processor-based 1U platforms, PCoIP hardware accelerators, NVIDIA GRID, and Atlantis Ilio Storage Optimization. All are fully integrated, configured, benchmarked, and delivered ready to install for your production pilot.

August 12, 2014, 12:00 pm CST - 40 minutes includes Q&A)

ClearCube's Zero Client Value Proposition - The Value of Zero.
As part of Carahsoft's End User Computing Virtual Conference with VMware, ClearCube provides their own comprehensive big picture value proposition for Zero Clients. About a 13:00 minute story from the Company considered by most to be an industry pioneer and an ongoing leader of innovation in PCoIP Zero Client solutions..
June 5, 12:00 pm CST - 19 minutes (includes 1 minute Carahsoft introduction and 5 minute Q&A)

Innovative Public Safety e911/EOC Applications for Centralized Desktop Infrastructure.
Get an inside look into three recent public safety projects, as well as learnhow ClearCube and their partners are delivering strong value by creating solutions that address the needs of contemporary e911 Emergency Operations Centers.
February 18, 1:00 pm CST

Reasons for the increase in Blade PC and PCoIP workstation deployments.
Performance, security, configuraiton options, cost and supportability are just a few reasons in the growing interested in Blade PCs, ClearCube's Jim Zakzeski brings the rest of the story to his audience.
November 14, 1:00 pm CST

Don't Let Your Agency's Data be "Snowden'd.
It all started with an unsecured USB port and a thumb drive.
July 25, 2013 1:00 pm CST

Delivering a Multiple Independent Levels of Security Environment to the Desktop with ClearCube's Latest MILS Platform - ClientCube 2
May 30, 2013 1:00 pm CST

Power Users, Zero Clients, and One-to-One Solutions from ClearCube
March 14, 2013 1:00 pm CST

Secure and Centralized Virtual Desktops with Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients
December 4, 2012

ClearCube's New Smart Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (SmartVDI)
User-Experience-Centric Design

August 21, 2012

Planning Virtual Workspace Solutions for Command Centers
May 17, 2012

ClearCube's Unique Applications of PCoIP for Federal Customers
February 29, 2012

Best Practices: Supporting the Mission with VMware View 5, Zero Clients, and Blade PCs
October 13, 2011

Demystify End Point Security when Deploying VDI and Cloud Resources
August 4, 2011

Best Practices for Supporting the Mission with Virtual Desktops and Blade PCs
May 4, 2011

Note: The links to these webinars will take you to our Distributor's web site. A very simple registration is required to view them.


ClearCube's Zero Client Solutions

ClearCube® continues to lead with industry with more zero client options than any other supplier in the industry. See the whole catalog for yourself in less than 3 minutes.

ClearCube's Multiple Level Security Zero Client Solution

ClearCube® 3 minute video for ClientCube, our unique Multiple Level Security zero client solution. ClientCube is perfect for high security multiple domain access to the desktop. Deployed for NIPR and SIPR networks throughout the Department of Defense and International Ministries of Defense. In less than 3 minutes you will know if this is the solution you've been looking for.

To PC or Not To PC? Reasons to Explore Something Better...

ClearCube® 45 minute webcast cautions IT decisionmakers to carefully consider the options before implementing a PC technology refresh. There are many good reasons to explore the options to increase your user satisfaction, productivity and enable IT administrators to engage in the more innovative part of deploying technology to make your business more competitive. We demonstrate the logical paths of decision criteria based on real world business drivers that lead to using:

  • Traditional Distributed Desktop PCs
  • VDI with PCoIP zero clients
  • VDI with virtual GPUs and PCoIP zero clients
  • Blade PCs with PCoIP zero clients
We also related technical aspects to business rewards. This webcast originally took place on August 13, 2015

Intelligence Community Solutions – Adopting the ClientCube Family of Products Today.

ClearCube® 45 minute webinar sharing stories for creative desktop solutions for hybrid cloud, multiple network isolation and access, and secure high-performance desktop aggregation for the DoD and Intelligence Community. We share 8 unique use cases for the deployment of ClientCube 2 (KVM) and ClientCube KM.

Desktop Transformation - ClearCube's Most Effective Cyber Weapon for Government and Defense Agencies.

ClearCube® 60 minute webinar detailing the overwhelming pain cause by a weakened desktop security position and how great the relief with one simple practical decision to embrace zero client solutions.

SmartVDI™ Way Better than a Reference Architecture.

ClearCube® Short 3 minute video highlighting why a preconfigured, prepackaged solution is better than reference architectures offered by other VDI solutions..

ClientCube SmartVDI Deep Dive.

ClearCube® SmartVDI Technical Deep Dive featuring details on high-availability design incorporating the best of breed components from VMware Horizon, VSAN and Atlantis Ilio for a cost effective production ready virtual desktop solution.

View video on YouTube

ClientCube KM in Action.

ClearCube® Short 2 minute video showing the ClientCube KM in action. Four secure zero clients and a secure KM switch ups the game for Command and Control, Fusion Centers, Financial Trading Floors with a new level of situational awareness and responsiveness.

View video on YouTube

Reasons for Growth of BladePCs and PCoIP Workstations - Short 4 minutes

ClearCube® Short 4 minute fast-paced video hitting the highlights on why there is surprising growth in deployments of Blade PCs and PCoIP Workstations by Federal agencies and security conscious enterprises.

View video on YouTube

Deep Dive on Reasons for Growth of PC Blades and PCoIP Workstations by Government and Enterprises.

ClearCube®'s VP Sales, Marketing and Business Development, Jim Zakzeski, explains why the good reasons BladePCs and PCoIP Workstations are experiencing growing adoption by security aware government agencies and enterprises.

View video on YouTube

ClearCube Zero Client Market Position

ClearCube® has been a zero client innovator for more than 17 years. The inventor of the first PCoIP Zero Client, the first quad zero client, the first TEMPEST zero client and many more outlines its unique approach to its products and its commitment to fulfilling unique customers' unique requirements in this 11 minute video.

View video on YouTube

ClearCube Port Authority ™- Mass Storage Lockout Software

ClearCube® PortAuthority™ enables administrators to apply a variety of policies for mass storage lockout (MSL) on remote computing devices (clients). PortAuthority enables administrators to create, edit, delete, enable, and disable policies on the go.

Innovative & Efficient Cloud Computing

Interview with Randy Printz, President & CEO, ClearCube Technology

ClearCube Technology is featured on FOX News & MSNBC to discuss innovative & efficient cloud computing and mission-critical data & hardware security.

View video on YouTube

Other Resources - FAQs

ClearCube Frequently Answered Questions About Teradici TERA1100 and TERA1202 End of Support Announcement

One page created to answer the questions we've been asked multiple times about the Teradici announcement and its impact on TERA 1 customers..

A supporting one page PDF file for downloading. Download

ClearCube Technology Warranty and Maintenance Frequently Answered Questions

Brief 2-page document highlighting the most frequently asked and answered questions.

Other Resources - Compliance Statements

ClearCube Technology Section 508 compliance

ClearCube Technology is committed to providing high-quality products and services that are both useful and accessible to all potential users, including individuals with disabilities. As such, we proudly support the goals of the U.S. government in implementing the new Federal regulations directed at broadening the availability of electronically delivered information. It is important that agencies evaluate and test any assistive technology they plan to use in a server-based computing environment to ensure compliance with Section 508.

ClearCube Accessibility policy

Download ClearCube VPAT M Series VPAT

Download ClearCube VPAT ClientCube VPAT

Download ClearCube VPAT Zero Clients VPAT

Download ClearCube VPAT Thin Clients VPAT

ClearCube Terms and Conditions Ts & Cs pdf file

ClearCube Website Privacy Policy Privacy

Environmental Public Disclosure Statement VPAT

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