Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure Solutions (VDI)

Right for your organization?
How you can determine the fit?

Reasons why you may be searching for a VDI solution.

Reason #1 - Lack of Focus
You have a specific virtualized desktop need to address that can be satisfied with a straightforward configuration, but you are presented with hundreds of variables to consider. Your requirement may be to set up 50-250 standard desktops or 20-50 highly specialized graphics user desktops -- not 1000s of users with every conceivable use case. You want to focus on what your budget allows you to deliver and support.

Reason #2 - Layers of Complexity
You have heard that virtualizing desktops for your high performance users will reduce operational costs, increase availability, and make management more efficient but the list of variables about IOPS, bandwidth, user profiles and GPU optimization is a bit overwhelming. You need help sifting through the complexity.

Reason #3 - Complexity Adds Costs
You have no desire to go down a proprietary path that boxes you in, has hidden costs, or puts you in a possible finger-pointing exercise with multiple suppliers. You would like to keep focused on implementing VDI for a defined use case using VMware software-defined components.

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Reasons why you should choose ClearCube SmartVDI™ Converged Infrastructure solutions.

Reason #1 - Pure VMware Configurations with the Largest Selection of Zero Clients
ClearCube VDI consists of Zero Clients and SmartVDI™ converged infrastructure platforms. ClearCube’s solutions stretch from the desktop to the datacenter with an emphasis on delivering focused VMware Horizon 6 configurations for each user population – from standard applications to high end professional graphics applications (Google Earth to CAD).

Reason #2 - Security
ClearCube Zero Clients at the desktop are ultra-secure because they have no OS, no memory, no storage, no moving parts, no data; therefore, no noise, no heat, little desk space, low maintenance, high reliability and miniscule energy consumption. That pain you had with distributed PCs goes away.

Reason #3 - Cost Savings
SmartVDI™ provides OPEX reductions, satisfied users, and a smooth transition from physical to virtual (or physical and virtual) as the primary end goal. Our design is based on:

  • Utilizing VMware’s proven core components
  • Optimized high performance IOPS
  • Focus on GPU and CPU hardware acceleration (NVIDIA K1, K2 and PCoIP Hardware Acceleraator adapters)
  • High availability configurations

Solution Components

SmartVDI™ Converged Infrastructure Platforms
SmartVDI hardware specs are state-of-the art, with the aim to deliver an exceptional user experience by focusing on high IOPs, high bandwidth and hardware acceleration for GPU intensive applications. For the general populace, SmartVDI also delivers high availability using VMware vSAN software.

Zero Clients
Cloud Desktop Zero Clients are PCoIP desktop devices that connect monitors, keyboards, mice, speakers and USB peripherals to SmartVDI virtual desktops. Rugged ClearCube Zero Clients have no moving parts, generate no noise, create very little heat, require a fraction of the energy of desktop PCs and have no operating systems or storage.

SmartVDI VDI host platform and VDI storage

SmartVDI™ Converged Infrastructure Platform

Full desktop quality computing experience via an IP connection


PCoIP zero clients and thin clients

Zero Client family

A Zero Client to fit any need or environment.


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SmartVDI High Availability Architecture

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