ClearCube delivers high performance and robust security in a new TERA2 computing solution using PCoIP technology unhindered by distance. With dual-monitors and full-performance video, CD97xx- and CD77xx-series zero clients connect to VMware virtual desktops on SmartVDI systems, 3rd-party virtual machines, and remote ClearCube Blade PCs. The CD772x-series adds digital fiber connections. CD9724 and CD7724 integrate a PKI-approved CAC/SIPRnet token reader that supports 5v, 3v, and 1.8v smart cards.
PCoIP Device and Firmware Compatibility Guide, Rev M Manual 1.02 MB
PCoIP System User's Guide, Rev C Manual 2.63 MB
PCoIP Device and Firmware Compatibility Guide, Rev K Manual 0.88 MB
Zero Client Mounting Bracket Quick Start Guide Manual 0.54 MB
CD9700-series, CD7700-series Zero Client Quick Start Guide Manual 487 KB
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