Case studies

LA County Fire Department

A brilliant example of a collaborative technology project that delivers on all fronts — increased security, performance, reliability and doing a lot more with less.

FDNY Operations Center

Customers rely on ClearCube for solutions to mission-critical desktop problems –the need for High Availability, High Security, and Improved Interoperability.

Huckabee Architecture, Inc.

Solution for one of the Nation’s Top Architecture and Engineering Firms.

DFW International Airport

ClearCube Blades support expansive flight information display system.

Solution Sheets


ClearCube’s Smart VDI is built for VMware with affordable and broadest selection of Zero Clients. It offers enhanced security & simple management.


High-Performance, secure remote access Engineering workstations and Zero Clients.


ClearCube powering State-Of-The-Art Operating rooms & Healthcare solutions.

Financial Services

ClearCube powering State-Of-The-Art solutions for Trading Floors.


Sentral® Management Software

ClearCube Sentral is a centralized desktop computing management solution consisting of desktop administration software and a connection broker that enables you to manage your entire ClearCube infrastructure.

The Benefits of PCoIP versus H.264 Protocols

A white paper comparing the benefits of the pcoip protocol vs any H.264 protocol.

The Value of Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI)

A Whitepaper discussing the value of ClearCube’s Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure.

Building “IP Fluid” Cyber Command Centers

A Whitepaper for an Activu and ClearCube Solution.

VMware MLS White Paper

VMware touts ClientCube with View for Multilevel Secure (MLS) desktops.

USB Mass Storage Lockout White Paper

ClearCube Technology Provides Security against USB Borne Viruses in DoD Systems.

The Value of Zero – Zero Client Solution Series

A brief discussion of ClearCube Zero Client Solutions.

Why ClearCube for CAD/CAM/GIS Computing Solutions.

A brief discussion of why ClearCube is a good partner for CAD / CAM / CAE / GIS / AV / 3D Engineering Workstation solutions.


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