Cloud Desktop OS 2.40.4136 (November 2018)

Release Notes:

New Features

  • Citrix: Integrate new Citrix Workspace App 1810 ( [excluding Workspace Hub]
  • Integrate Omnikey smartcard drivers for ARM [Raspberry Pi]
  • Add TeamViewer Host 13.1 to OS images [Multi-Arch]
  • New Workspace Hub unified OS image class “WSH” [Raspberry Pi]


  • Update k414 kernel and Pi firmware 45c6ee3cd7 (4.14.78-v7) [Raspberry Pi]
  • Add stunning wallpapers “Mountains 2”, “Abstract 2” and “Space”
  • Citrix: Update Workspace Hub 1809.0.0.146 for Dual-Monitor Casting [Raspberry Pi]
  • Imprivata: Persistent caching of server and failover information
  • Citrix: Friendly name selector for Workspace Hub in first time wizard [Raspberry Pi]
  • VMware Horizon: Add parameters for new features
  • VMware Horizon: Use the corresponding ThinPrint version
  • Update 4.18 kernel to newer repo [k418, PC (x86/x64)]
  • Update 4.19 kernel to release version [k419, PC (x86/x64)]
  • Disable WiFi power management to increase performance [Raspberry Pi]
  • Update Inuvika OVD EDC 2.6.1 with Spanish keyboard fix [Raspberry Pi]
  • Disable rate of WiFi and Bluetooth scan to increase performance
  • Friendly name feature for hostname
  • Show machine product name in OSD info
  • Show CPU frequency and SoC model name name in OSD info [Raspberry Pi]
  • Better distribution of announce calls over a random time of 10 seconds in websocket-based announce
  • Release Notes display in Configuration
  • Package download/cache improvements
  • Smarter reconnect decreases central management server load
  • Add new SafeSign PKCS#11 driver [PC (x86/x64)]
  • Update Philips SpeechMike drivers to 12.6.17 [PC (x86/x64), Multi-Arch]
  • CUBA CD-ROM/Live Boot: Wait for block device with removable flag
  • Added xdg-wrapper workaround for Chromium complaining that it was not the default browser
  • Updated Omnikey smartcard drivers to 4.3.3-3-a973c36ed296 [PC (x86/x64)]
  • While FreeRDP is running, don’t reload desktop (avoid flickering)
  • SCEP: User is now able to select network interface/ssid
  • SCEP: Added custom command for PIN and custom parameters for getcert request
  • Redesigned Configuration login page
  • Minor visual upgrades
  • Usbmount will not even locally mount if USB support is disabled

Fixed Issues

  • Fix screen flickering when creating a connection
  • Don’t start avahi-autoipd if NetworkManager is not used
  • Avoid starting gnome-keyring-daemon when not needed
  • Fix an issue of creating too many connection requests on mass announce
  • Fix ‘global/machine certificates not being displayed in local dialog’
  • Fix inability to display custom wallpaper when copied manually to system
  • Fix exponential backoff in websocket on MKey failure
  • Fix various audio issues that would have required to disable timer-based scheduling [Raspberry Pi]

Known Issues

  • [Workspace App 1808] Mouse curser may jump on SDA screen. Use WSA 1810 based image instead [Raspberry Pi]
  • [Workspace App 1808] Time zone issue “off by one”. Use WSA 1810 based image instead [Raspberry Pi]
  • [Workspace App 1810] Last frame may hang after Casting session ends. [Raspberry Pi]


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