Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) combines traditional, dedicated computer hardware capabilities with the control, flexibility, versatility, and resource consolidation abilities of virtualization. The solution is custom designed and engineered to facilitate smooth, iterative change for organizations dealing with resource maintenance and rapid technological developments.

CVDI accelerates digital transformation by simplifying the delivery of and access to applications, streamlining compliance activities, and better safeguarding corporate resources. It is best implemented during technology refresh cycles to tackle outdated and underperforming physical desktops. The benefits of doing so are clear: you will no longer have to look into bulky systems, inadequate security parameters, and manageability concerns.

If you work with task, knowledge, and power users, you know you have diverse application needs to fulfill. Apart from having lightweight requirements, they run database and office apps alongside graphics and CPU-intensive apps. For this, they need an environment that provides them with dedicated GPUs and separate processing power. In any case, you want to make sure that their performance and compatibility profiles are always met.




We are the only vendor to provide the custom designed and engineered Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) solution. This unique portfolio expands on the principles of virtualization to address challenging use cases and enable organizations to grow and adapt in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The range delivers business agility by breaking down desktop and mobile silos, while enabling smooth access to data, applications, and experiences across networks, devices, locations, or OSes.

Our Zero Clients contain no OS, data, storage, memory, or moving parts. They deliver the best TCO and incredible PC-like experience, while offering multiple benefits over PC solutions.

The SmartVDI™ host platform is optimized to manage hundreds to thousands of virtual users with remarkable scalability. Purpose-built Blade PCs with PCoIP hardware and GPU capabilities deliver true workstation performance like no other. Having a complete solution to accommodate every use case offers peace of mind and IT infrastructure assurance.


Blade PC family

PCoIP Blade PCs

Dedicated 1:1
processing for power users

SVDI S100 Small

SmartVDITM Host Platform

Full desktop quality computing experience via an IP connection

zero client group

Thin & Zero Client family

A Zero Client to fit any need or environment.


Centralized And Virtualized
Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) Solution Diagram

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