Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) combines the power of traditional dedicated computing hardware with the control, flexibility, and resource consolidation of virtual desktop infrastructure. CVDI solves problems that many organizations face when maintaining computing resources for their users and when trying to cope with rapid changes in technology:


You have distributed PCs that take up too much space, create heat and noise, are tough to manage, and don’t meet new data security mandates


You have explored the possibility of virtualizing desktops but you can’t use VDI because you are running mission critical applications that should not be on a system where processing, memory and storage resources are shared with others; you have legacy apps written to take advantage of dedicated PC hardware; you have graphics apps that require dedicated GPUs; you have CPU-intensive apps that need significant dedicated processing power; or all the above!

cvdi problems


ClearCube’s Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure Solutions cater to a host of different user needs and organization scenarios.


Only Vendor to provide CVDI

ClearCube CVDI consists of Zero Clients, Blade PCs and SmartVDI™ host platforms. ClearCube is the only vendor that offers a complete centralized, virtualized solution for every use case, from task workers.

Removes PC Pain

Regardless of the worker type, ClearCube Zero Clients at the desktop means no OS, no memory, no storage, no moving parts, no data; therefore, no noise, no heat, little desk space, low maintenance, high reliability and miniscule energy consumption.

Highly Scalable & Super Fast

For the task and knowledge workers, ClearCube SmartVDI™ host platforms are fine-tuned to handle from 100s to 1000s of virtual users in an easy-to-scale manner. ClearCube Blade PCs are purpose-built with PCoIP hardware and Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to deliver real-time workstation performance.

Peace of Mind

Having a solution for all use cases provides you with peace of mind knowing you can adjust to accommodate every situation.


Blade PC family

PCoIP Blade PCs

Dedicated 1:1
processing for power users

SVDI S100 Small

SmartVDITM Host Platform

Full desktop quality computing experience via an IP connection

zero client group

Thin & Zero Client family

A Zero Client to fit any need or environment.


Centralized And Virtualized
Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) Solution Diagram

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