Why CDI?

Today’s fast-paced world demands technology capable of enhancing business agility and future-proofing IT integration to meet rapidly changing customer needs. Finding versatile, scalable, custom designed and engineered solutions that fit specified applications is a painstaking process, not to mention balancing them with end user requirements and TCO.

The answer is simple. Embrace the digital workspace to achieve a perfect blend of robust computing, powerful security, minimal footprint, space savings, and no noise/heat/air circulation efficiencies. For this, you have to eliminate technology that no longer provides business value: PCs.

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Our philosophy of clearing the cube goes beyond taking physical desktops apart and removing what is unnecessary to take the burden off PC management. Enterprises can reap the benefits of VDI without complicated layering, adjustments, verification, and administration. We address scenarios where users run mission-critical applications and implement graphics-intensive rendering that must not be on a system with shared processing, memory, and storage resources.

Centralized Desktop Infrastructure (CDI) supports digital transformation by delivering a model that provides a real-time 360-degree view of IT infrastructure, manages white space, and increases business agility.

Zero Clients at the desktop means no OS, data, memory, storage, or moving parts to manage. Blade PCs located away from users facilitate outstanding, standard workstation-like performance. Sentral offers a whole new level of VDI flexibility not possible with physical desktops. Forget the congested workspaces, desk-diving, duplicate software licensing, manageability nightmares, and high energy costs associated with distributed PCs.


Blade PC family

PCoIP Blade PCs

Full desktop quality computing experience via an IP connection

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Sentral Management Software

End-to-end control of your CDI environment.

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Zero Client family

A Zero Client to fit any need or environment.


Centralized Desktop Infrastructure (CDI) Solution Diagram

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