Moving the Zero Client to the Data Center

The ClearCube Client Chassis is a 1U (rack unit) chassis providing 10 zero client connections in the data center. The chassis enables organizations to use zero clients in a switch matrix topology, actively managing where zero client input is distributed. Using KVM extenders you can now send zero client output (video, audio, and USB) to a variety of locations at distances of up to 80 km, such as to a video wall matrix or to a user’s desk. Desktop deployment is as simple as connecting monitors, keyboard, and mouse to a small receiver module for a truly superior video experience, with one display at up to 2650 × 1600 resolution or two displays at up to 1920 × 1200 resolution.

Client Chassis Benefits


Put 10 Zero Clients in a
1U rack space in the
secure data center

improve data

Harden security by
removing PCoIP endpoints
from the desktop and
locate the entire PCoIP
network inside a
secure data center

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Provide exceptional video
and graphics over fiber
optic cabling to users,
video walls, and more


Provide true EMP
shielding by replacing
copper cabling with fiber
optic cabling at the

vmware horizon

Integrate Virtual
Machines and PCoIP in
deployments using KVM
Extension technology


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Integrating KVM Extension and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

TVirtual Machines (VMs) lack the physical inputs required by KVM extension systems, complicating and—in many cases—prohibiting the inclusion of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in deployments using KVM extension. ClearCube Client Chassis technology enables organizations with significant investments in KVM extension systems to integrate any VDI platform into their deployments.

Similarly, Client Chassis enables organizations with KVM extension systems to include the performance, security, and flexibility of Teradici® PCoIP® connections to physical workstations, Blade PCs, VMs, and other computing resources. Devices using PCoIP protocol can now use KVM extension technology to send audio, video, and USB data to a KVM matrix, where it can be copied, duplicated, sent to desktops, to a video wall, and more.

Enhanced Security

Client Chassis add data security benefits to those that ClearCube highsecuritysolutions typically provide. Fiber optic cabling from the datacenter to the desktop provides true EMP (electromagnetic pulse) shielding to eliminate many security risks inherent to copper cabling. Since the Client Chassis moves all zero clients from the desk to the secure datacenter, this eliminates the traditional requirement of opening PCoIPrelatedports across the entire network. No PCoIP devices at the desktopmeans Admins can block unnecessary ports, and the PCoIP network staysinside the secure data center. When organizations have no endpointsavailable for theft, misuse, or hacking, they have true endpoint security.

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