The First All-In-One Multiple Security Level PCoIP Solution

Following in the tradition of purpose-built solutions for Federal and DoD customers, ClearCube’s ClientCube NET-8 is the first endpoint that consolidates up to eight networks (tactical, secret, confidential, un-classified) into one device at the desktop, while maintaining physical network separation to centralized computing resources in the datacenter. VMware Horizon View and PCoIP Blade PC workstations can now be isolated and secured in the datacenter without compromising the user experience or network security at the desktop. This sleek, all-in-one unit integrates ClearCube’s secure, stateless zero client devices withBelkin’s NIAP-approved secure KVM (keyboard-video-mouse) switch to create a multi-network workstation like no other.

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Integrated Secure KVM with CAC Reader

The integrated Secure KVM features true data path isolation for the superior security and data protection that businesses and government agencies need today. One of the most utilized preventive measures for thwarting attacks, KVM switching devices can securely connect peripheral devices, including audio equipment and large high-resolution displays, and to switch quickly among multiple computers and networks with a single keyboard, monitor, mouse, and Common Access Card (CAC) or smart card reader. It is fully compatible with legacy and new government systems and is listed and approved to the latest KVM testing standard (NIAP Protection Profile PSS Ver. 3.0, which exceeds EAL4 and PP PSS Ver. 2.1 1). The KVM switch is specially designed to prevent peripherals from leaking information and to remain tamper-free upon delivery. ClientCube NET-8 helps agencies save time, money, and resources by future-proofing their workstation security investments.

ClientCube NET-8 Benefits

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-A fully integrated solution optimized for multiple-security domain environments.

– Enables CAC and Smart Card switching between 8 zero clients on 8 different networks.

vmware horizon

– Delivers a full-quality computing experience to VMware Horizon®
desktops and PCoIP® Blade PC workstations.

– ClientCube provides line-of-sight isolation from the datacenter to the


– Operate ClientCube NET-8 up to
50-feet away with a wired desktop
remote control.

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– KVM switch is Common
Criteria Validated and complies with latest NIAP Protection Profile PSS Ver. 3.01.

Desktop Remote Control, Minimized Footprint, and One Power Cable

Desktop real estate is at a premium, and ClientCube NET-8 optimizes every inch of consumption. The secure DCU (Desktop Controller Unit) enables operators to easily switch devices, even if the ClientCube NET-8 is located up to 50-feet away. Low profile zero clients (fiber, copper or both) are tightly coupled with the Secure KVM switch to eliminate excess cable lengths, wasted power connections, and workspace clutter. While the ClientCube NET-8 houses eight zero clients and one eight-port KVM in one compact unit, the cabling is—simple. One power outlet is all that’s required for the ClientCube NET-8’s single external power cable.

Configuration Flexibility

ClientCube NET-8 is factory integrated at ClearCube’s secured facility. Options include from 6, 7 or 8 ClearCube zero client devices (including ClearCube’s full range of zero client products featuring fiber, copper, CAC, and other innovations) that are KVM switched including audio, to 1 or 2 high resolution displays, allowing multiple classified and unclassified routes to terminate at a single set of peripherals at the warfighter operator’s desk. For the security officers, ClientCube NET-8 provides line of sight isolation from the datacenter to the desktop.

Market Leading Innovations

The Secure KVM included with ClientCube NET-8 features unidirectional data flow to prevent upstream USB intrusion; high-retention USB connectors to eliminate unexpected cable disconnections; illuminated and color-coded port indicators; and common access card (CAC) port locking that maintains user login to selected host networks.

ClientCube NET-8 supports multiple classifications on one desktop device for cross-domain initiative

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