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The DataCube DL4’s four-GPU configuration delivers speed and flexibility specifically designed for deep learning data scientists and engineers. At it’s core, DataCube DL4’s upto 128 GB RAM and upto 44 GB Video RAM deliver 45 TFLOPS of 32-bit calculations. This purpose-built deep learning machine helps teams stay focused on data instead of hardware and time lost due to home-built solutions.
A considered combination of power and practicality puts high-performance computing at the side of researchers’ desks. The DataCube DL4’s compact form factor means placement options abound-even in the office or lab. Liquid cooling makes the DataCube almost silent (as fan noise is nearly eliminated). and its superior heat dissipation gives the four GTX 1080 Ti GPUs and components increased longevity and dependability.

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Faster, Cooler, Quieter

The chassis’ dual-chamber design improves cooling by separating components (GPUs and cabling) that typically obstruct air flow and raise internal temperatures. Noise reduction continues with the DataCube’s 1500 W power supply-noise levels remain low by varying fan speed in response to temperature. and fans employ an exceptionally quiet fluid dynamic bearing.

DataCube DL4 Features & Benefits

quad core 12ghz

GPU: Upto Four EVGA® GTX 1080 Ti GPUs with 11 Gbps DDR5X memory


CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-6850K CPU
(6-Core), 3.6 Ghz

Intel® X99 chipset

vmware horizon

2-way SLI Bridge (in dual GPU configuration)
focuses the power of the 2 GPUs

quad core 12ghz

Memory: Up to 128 GB DDR4 RAM

compact form

Liquid cooling for superior heat dissipation, increased component life & quiet deskside operation

SLI Bridge: United Resources

Scalable Link Interface'” (SLI'”) is an NVIDIA technology that links together multiple GPUs to produce a single output. The DataCube DL4 uses a 2-Way SLI Bridge (with 2 GPU configuration) to combine the power of two GTX 1080 Ti GPUs in one machine. Uniting these resources means engineers and researchers get results substantially faster. turning waits from weeks into days. and days into hours.

A Deep Learning Supercomputer at Your Desk

The DataCube DL4 enables you to focus 14,336 NVIDIA CUDA cores. 44 GB of GDDR5X video RAM. 11 Gbps of fast coprocessor memory transfer and a high-speed Intel Extreme CPU. fast local storage. and SuperSpeed USB 3.1 on your research. Not in the datacenter, and not in a computer closet down the hall-but quietly, unobtrusively, and right at your desk.

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