Workstation reliability, ease of management and speed of incident recovery is why some of the world’s largest E911 centers and command and control centers rely on ClearCube Blade Workstations. With the industry’s best reliability and the ability to switch to a hot spare blade workstation in less than 5 minutes the cities of Atlanta, London and Ontario ensure their E911 operations are ready and operational when they’re needed most. ClearCube Blade PC Workstations drive multiple monitors and enable mission critical applications like CAD and RMS.

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IP Fluid Command & Control

Turnkey “best in class” highly secure, scalable and robust IP-based visualization and collaboration solution for mission critical command and control center environments.

Emergency 911 Operations Centers

Highly reliable, flexible and redundant ClearCube solutions deliver 24x7x365 situational awareness based on data from multiple sources often including high definition video requirements.

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Highly Secure Areas

With end-to-end port control and Blades PCs in a secure data center, ClearCube solutions significantly reduce the risks of sensitive data theft, malicious virus infection or cyber-attacks on secure locations.


Recent technology enhancements by ClearCube address key issues for financial service customers with an unparalleled centralized datacenter and virtualized private cloud solution using Zero Clients, Blade PCs and/or virtual desktops.We call this CVDI — Centralized and Virtualized Infrastructure..

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When your data is stuck in box under your desk, you’re stuck. In mission-critical and highly dynamic environments, traditional PC networks fail to deliver the flexibility, reliability, and security command and control centers require. That’s why we paired our 20 years of hardware innovation and category creation with Activu’s visualization and collaboration solution to create IP Fluidity.


IP Fluidity is a turnkey solution for modern command and control centers that shifts the paradigm: your data follows you, whether to the next room or across the globe, all while remaining centralized in your sever room. Moreover, each move, add, or change is instant to facilitate demanding collaboration environments.


It’s time to clear the cube: remove the heat, noise, bulk, and security risk of conventional PCs without sacrificing peripheral support, quad-monitor support, and performance.

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We understand your specific needs and craft hardware to exceed your expectations. It’s not just the hardened security, robust peripherals, minimal footprint, centralized management, improved ergonomics, and reduced downtime our system solutions excel at, it’s also the need for near-perfect reliability, KVM multi-system support, and ergonomics that command and control centers require.


We design, develop and assemble the most sophisticated IT solutions in Austin, TX, USA. That means you get custom built, TAA compliant hardware and infrastructure that support your unique environment.


Want personal support from our Austin headquarters? Done. How about 3-year advanced warranty support? You got it. That’s the ClearCube way, and that’s why we’ve been the chosen partner on some of the most challenging IT demands for over a decade.

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