Command and control center facilities have personnel directing operations and managing forces in fields of action. Staff members collect, analyze, display, and disseminate information to drive operational success. For this reason alone, they need a convenient, centralized platform that supports desk monitoring while delivering relevant usage and productivity metrics. This is where virtual desktop computing is the answer.

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IP Fluid Command & Control

Turnkey “best in class” highly secure, scalable and robust IP-based visualization and collaboration solution for mission critical command and control center environments.

Emergency 911 Operations Centers

Highly reliable, flexible and redundant ClearCube solutions deliver 24x7x365 situational awareness based on data from multiple sources often including high definition video requirements.

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Highly Secure Areas

With end-to-end port control and Blades PCs in a secure data center, ClearCube solutions significantly reduce the risks of sensitive data theft, malicious virus infection or cyber-attacks on secure locations.


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Imagine a situation where data is stuck in a box under a desk. This is characteristic of conventional PC networks that fail to offer the flexibility, reliability, and security features demanded by command and control centers.

Our turnkey IP Fluidity solution introduces these benefits to the command center work environment. Data connections can easily be routed to and from information sources, and the platform breaks chains of physical connections and releases content from fixed data sources. Workers can roam to other locations within the command center space, to other floors, buildings, and to the field, knowing that data and visualization will always follow. Zero Clients with no OSes, memory, storage, and local data enable users to connect securely from any desktop location. Centers are no longer physically limited by specific cable runs to data and visual sources, but continue to gain full access to them. Server and desktop virtualization cater to testing, training, and operational uses with authentic processing and display of dynamic simulation data.

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Accessing information on distributed physical desktops is not flexible. This leaves users with no choice but to locate themselves physically near PCs to access data. Placing data on physical desktops is not safe either, and sensitive data at the endpoints of the network can easily be compromised. Utilizing non-IP-based audio-visual equipment for visual data is not routable, and cable-run connections with distance limitations further hamper this.

Our range allows employees to use Zero Clients anywhere to access protected data that is delivered across the network from Blade PCs, providing smart roaming efficiencies. An example is the ability to suspend an application session, physically move from one Zero Client location to another, and immediately resume the previous application session at the new Zero Client location. Stateless Zero Clients with policy-based USB lockout prevents staff from using USB drives or storage devices to download critical information or upload viruses/malware.

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