The defense sector faces many challenges surrounding budget demands, security requirements, multiple worksites, and a mobile workforce. Most institutions have specific requirements around their budget, and massive capital investment in modern hardware no longer remains an option. The very real possibility of devices being easily compromised translates into catastrophic security gaps, which means administrators need a real-time, tactical overview over all endpoints and peripheral devices. For entities that operate at several locations, it is not practical or cost-effective to house servers on each work site. Teams must access the network on the go and at different work sites without sacrificing security. In order to become an agile leader, Defense needs sustainable solutions that prevent attackers from taking advantage of security vulnerabilities, with zero impact on performance or consolidation ratios.

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Case Studies

Flight Control NOC

Centralized management of highly available mission critical systems made easy with secure datacenter-housed Blade PCs and multi-security level specialty zero clients.

Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs)

ClientCubes with integrated zero clients are packaged to reduce the number of cable connections, power connections, number of displays and space-requirements in TOCs

Secure Command Centers

Multiple-level security ClientCubes consolidate SIPRNet, NIPRNet, JWICS networks into one zero client desktop device connected to Blade PCs for mission analysts needing real-time GIS responsiveness.


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Our team combines local knowledge with technology and security acumen to resolve the most intractable problems for Defense as well as take the industry through digital transformation. We have documented success in delivering custom-designed and engineered IT solutions across different security issues and distributed PC architecture challenges. From the design and implementation of field security infrastructure to sensitive operations, we offer cogent solutions that are measured in minimized risk and maximized operational efficiency.


ClearCube’s Thin and Zero Client devices with integrated CAC, multi-monitor support, KVM switching, and metal chassis withstand the most extreme work conditions. Sentral helps track PC Blade status, configure hot spares, and remote control user desktops to ensure that life-threatening circumstances are never compromised. Our Blade PCs eliminate the need to physically add extra-storage components. In addition to safeguarding persistent and non-persistent installations, our solutions prevent zero-days, evasive, unidentified malware, fileless threats, and browser-based attacks in unforgiving environments.

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Overcoming field deployment challenges requires ruggedized computing designs that incorporate security, space-savings, and high availability. Administrators are constantly challenged with improving their technological capabilities, and they need a lot of computing power behind them.

Our suite assists with embracing desktop virtualization, as well as fulfilling the need for converged systems, heightened security, and effective application deployment. Blade PC and VDI storage/compute components meet challenges introduced by weight, moisture, dust, movement, and non-user-friendly elements that adversely affect IT operations in the field. High density centralized and virtualized desktop computing platforms connect to Zero Clients over Ethernet. These stateless, no OS, memory, or storage endpoints support professionals with access to classified information that they must deploy quickly in the field. No data on Zero Clients means that these devices can be left behind without the anxiety of a security breach in hazardous situations. The data source generally remains in an emergency vehicle that can rapidly exit the combat zone.

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