Tactical Operations Centers (TOC) can range from large permanent ops centers to smaller field deployments in combat zones. In life and death situations against enemy combatants, the computer equipment used in a TOC must be capable of much more than that typically found in an office environment. Because some TOCs are mobile, deployment in setting up and tearing down a site must be done quickly. Tear down might be under life-threatening conditions so the chance of leaving sensitive data on the battlefield must be eliminated. Information downloaded into the TOC may be from satellite feeds, video surveillance, mapping information or other graphically demanding applications. The systems must be powerful enough to produce real-time results without delay. ClearCube satisfies these demanding requirements with Blade PCs and ClientCube Zero Clients.

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Case Studies

Flight Control NOC

Centralized management of highly available mission critical systems made easy with secure datacenter-housed Blade PCs and multi-security level specialty zero clients.

Tactical Operations Centers (TOCs)

ClientCubes with integrated zero clients are packaged to reduce the number of cable connections, power connections, number of displays and space-requirements in TOCs

Secure Command Centers

Multiple-level security ClientCubes consolidate SIPRNet, NIPRNet, JWICS networks into one zero client desktop device connected to Blade PCs for mission analysts needing real-time GIS responsiveness.


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You need environment-agnostic durability and have no tolerance for downtime. You need the highest level of security and robust performance. We design military-grade by default—that’s why we’ve been a chosen partner of the DoD for over a decade.


During our long partnership with the military, we’ve solved some of the toughest IT problems by designing zero and thin client systems with integrated CAC, metal chases, KVM switching, and multi-monitor support.


Plus, our TAA-compliant solutions are available on GSA, ITES, NETCENTS, SEWP and other contracting vehicles.

The answer is clear—let us know your toughest IT headaches and we’ll craft a custom solution.

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our advantage

We understand your specific needs and craft hardware to exceed your expectations. It’s not just the hardened security, robust peripherals, minimal footprint, centralized management, improved ergonomics, and reduced downtime our system solutions excel at, it’s also the need for multiple layers of security, TAA compliance, and KVM multi-system support that the Department of Defense requires.

We design, develop and assemble the most sophisticated IT solutions in Austin, TX, USA. That means you get custom built, TAA compliant hardware and infrastructure that support your unique environment.


Want personal support from our Austin headquarters? Done. How about 3-year advanced warranty support? You got it. That’s the ClearCube way, and that’s why we’ve been the chosen partner on some of the most challenging IT demands for over a decade.

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