Businesses are all too familiar with the time and effort involved in placing their electronic signage near power plugs or creating new sockets close to the point of display. Add safety concerns and the cost-prohibitive nature of the entire process, and there is undoubtedly a lot to supervise. In this era of digital transformation, shifting to cloud and virtual platforms makes for a dynamic strategy that solves this problem. It enables smart work practices, enhances the customer experience, and provides a unique selling proposition – display important information prominently with no electronic plug points. Organizations receive a platform that incorporates remote digital signage software and hardware management, allowing content teams to proactively update message schedules and designs anytime from any location. Administrators can remotely manage digital signage content, run media from content creation to publishing and monitoring, and control different commercial displays from standalone to the video wall.

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Case Studies

Flight Information Displays

High-density, centralized computing solution for enterprise-wide flight information display systems. Enhances availability and eliminates on-site maintenance in hard-to-reach display banks.

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Call Center Agent Display Solutions

Centralized Blade PCs and Zero Clients enable instantaneous communication with hundreds of call center agents using easy to remotely administer information display systems.

Retail Digital Signage

High availability SmartVDI hosts keep advertising messages flowing non-stop to small footprint zero client devices driving high resolution large panel displays.


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People increasingly rely on strategically located information displays to provide them with the answers they need. Enterprise media and video delivery has become more time and mission-critical than before. Delivering corporate messaging, live information, compliance training programs, and business intelligence is crucial in routine work. Moreover, visual media is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get a message across.

ClearCube’s centralized and virtualized computing approach represents a secure, encrypted solution for media and content delivery. We integrate clustering and failover, VDI, and endpoint workflow management into our portfolio to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Zero Clients and Blade PCs connected to large display screens offer great performance and high mean time-to-failure (MTTF). With this combination, enterprises can broadcast rich media content in minutes to any number of digital screens and locations. This caters to concerns surrounding human traffic flow services, especially in busy places such as transportation terminals and waiting rooms.

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PC Blades integrating embedded host compression adapters deliver information over distance with zero processing delays to multiple displays without sacrificing performance. Connecting a single ClearCube Zero Client to 4 HD displays maximizes infrastructure capability and minimizes energy costs.

Secure video and live TV delivery in VDI environments is a tough challenge, with poor streaming rendering video unusable for practical business scenarios. Using our world-class streaming, encoding and decoding technologies, ClearCube facilitates high-quality video to virtual desktops. Our Digital Signage solutions aggregate control to the right people, allowing them to modify only what they need to and making sure that business standards are fulfilled through full, transparent management control.

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