The engineering vertical deals with multi-disciplinary services, including civil engineering, structural engineering, building services engineering, and sustainable design. The kind of work professionals do in this industry means that any unscheduled downtime not only affects productivity, but can prove to be very costly. In a typical physical desktop setup, each engineer would use an individual workstation with a staggering specification to enable CAD software to run smoothly. With active design data stored locally, there is a real danger of potential failure causing immediate business disruption. Moreover, as engineers are largely limited to the same desks, there is no provision for remote/mobile working to boost flexibility and productivity.


Case Studies

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GIS / Geopatial Solutions

ESRI, ArcGIS, FalconView, Google Earth run in the datacenter delivering robust 3D graphics to Zero Clients with 30” displays in the work areas.

CAD / CAM Solutions

Host rendered CPU/GPU processing now supports NVIDIA Quadro K2000, K4000, K5000, K6000 for 3D modeling.

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Protect Intellectual Property

With ClearCube Blade PCs running CAD applications, CAD files/data never leave the datacenter so classified intellectual property is protected.


Why Clearcube?

The Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) range centralizes data and reduces the risks, dependence, and vulnerabilities associated with a PC model. SmartVDI™ platform shifts users from using PCs to highly available virtualized environments providing 24/7/365 availability, and manages advanced configurations with familiar PC personalization options.

Quad and dual display Zero Clients, NVIDIA GRID adapters, and 64-512GB RAM enable around-the-clock uptime and clustered storage for enhancing capacity, reliability, and performance. We enable enterprises to add NVIDIA GRID K1/K2 graphics cards and a PCoIP Hardware Accelerator Card to SmartVDI™ to accommodate CAD/CAM work sessions where timing is key. HPC engineering workstations provide dynamic performance computing for high-end CAD, GIS, and 3D power users. PC Blades separate memory, storage, and processing to cater to power users running mission-critical systems. These workstations are designed with GPUs that deliver real-time performance at Zero Client desktops through technology brokering.

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ClearCube’s centralized computing and virtual desktop approach promises to revolutionize and optimize efficiency in education with a ‘something for everyone’ attitude. Our portfolio goes beyond representing the most powerful technologies that provide improved Internet access control features with dynamic password and multi-factor authentication. They enable smooth switching and an optimized end user experience in 2D/3D environments, as well as allow administrators to work with expanded GPU or vGPU solutions.


We also design and implement a hyperconverged structure by blending the three key elements of the server, storage, and network. Engineering benefits from maximum reliability as well as uninterrupted access to data and network even in the most taxing circumstances.