CDI remote engineering workstation solutions using PCoIP change the CAD/CAM and geospatial engineering workstation paradigm by enabling all workstations – and data – to remain in the data center, while CAD designers and geospatial analysts work remotely using sophisticated graphics applications.

Recent ClearCube product enhancements embodied in the CDI architecture make the solutions even more compelling for CAD/CAM and geospatial customers.

To delve deeper into CDI’s benefits for you, please contact a ClearCube sales representative today.

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Case Studies

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GIS / Geopatial Solutions

ESRI, ArcGIS, FalconView, Google Earth run in the datacenter delivering robust 3D graphics to Zero Clients with 30” displays in the work areas.

CAD / CAM Solutions

Host rendered CPU/GPU processing now supports NVIDIA Quadro K2000, K4000, K5000, K6000 for 3D modeling.

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Protect Intellectual Property

With ClearCube Blade PCs running CAD applications, CAD files/data never leave the datacenter so classified intellectual property is protected.


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Your business works with big files, and big files create big lags when you move something, add something, or make a change. In the fast, iterative, and collaborative environment successful engineering and design firms maintain, long upload/download time is unacceptable. 

Here at ClearCube, we craft custom centralized IT systems that solve last-mile cabling issues and eliminate standard upload/download lag, all purpose-built for engineers and designers working with Autodesk, Adobe, and CAD/CAM applications.

The answer is clear—let us know your toughest IT headaches and we’ll craft a custom solution.

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We understand your specific needs and craft hardware to exceed your expectations. It’s not just the hardened security, robust peripherals, minimal footprint, centralized management, improved ergonomics, and reduced downtime our system solutions excel at, it’s also the need for high-definition output, program-compatibility, and seamless UX that engineering and design professionals require.

We design, develop and assemble the most sophisticated IT solutions in Austin, TX, USA. That means you get custom built, TAA compliant hardware and infrastructure that support your unique environment.

Want personal support from our Austin headquarters? Done. How about 3-year advanced warranty support? You got it. That’s the ClearCube way, and that’s why we’ve been the chosen partner on some of the most challenging IT demands for over a decade.

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