ClearCube has successfully deployed thousands of desktops to the financial services sector. We have helped financial professionals implement strict measures around IT infrastructure security, while maintaining maximum uptime and delivering the highest customer service levels. Recent ClearCube product enhancements embodied in our CVDI architecture make the solutions even more compelling for financial services customers.

To delve deeper into CVDI’s benefits for you, please contact a ClearCube sales representative today.

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Case Studies

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Trading Floor Solutions

State-of-the-art trader desktop solutions powered by Ivy Bridge i7/i5 centralized high density Blade PCs. Trades are split-second fast and so are Blade PCs.

Remote Banking Locations

Manage an entire network of remote locations from one console with all hardware assets secured in a centralized datacenter.
Features include easier Blade PC hot swapping, asset control, and improved security.

Business Continuity

High availability platform provides software failover with hardware redundancy to reduce disruption worries. Common hardware platforms enable fast, complete recovery systems to be transported and rolled out rapidly.


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When time is money, uptime is critical. ClearCube’s Centralized Desktop Infrastructure is designed to maximize uptime by proving the 1-to-1 performance your traders expect without costly desk dives and rip and replace solutions.


It’s time to clear the cube: remove the heat, noise, bulk, and security risk of conventional PCs without sacrificing peripheral support, quad-monitor support, and performance.


The answer is clear—let us know your toughest IT headaches and we’ll craft a custom solution.

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OUr Advantage

ClearCube understands that not all IT infrastructure is one-size-fits-all. This is why we identify your specific needs to deliver sophisticated, custom designed and engineered solutions that support your unique environment while exceeding your expectations. It’s not just the hardened security, robust peripherals, minimal footprint, centralized management, improved ergonomics, and reduced downtime our system solutions excel at, it’s also the multi-monitor output, business continuity, and seamless UX that financial professionals require.


We design, develop, and assemble the most sophisticated IT solutions here in Austin, TX, USA. That means you get custom built, high-quality, TAA compliant hardware, and infrastructure that best support your unique environment.


Want personal support from our Austin headquarters? Done. How about 3-year advanced warranty support? You got it. That’s the ClearCube way, and that’s why we’ve been the chosen partner on some of the most challenging IT demands for over a decade.

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