Banking and financial institutions are often the target of cyber-attacks aimed at undermining their economic stability and reputation. A single successful data breach could lead to dire consequences, and when such incidents occur, the damage can be substantial and irreversible. As such, professionals must implement strict measures around IT infrastructure security, while maintaining maximum uptime and delivering the highest customer service levels. Making the switch from decentralized information systems to an integrated management platform that provides a secure central data repository is the answer to all these concerns. The benefits of doing so are vast – data is secured with tightly controlled processes, and storage on a central server protects intellectual property from all forms of vulnerabilities.

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Case Studies

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Trading Floor Solutions

State-of-the-art trader desktop solutions powered by Ivy Bridge i7/i5 centralized high density Blade PCs. Trades are split-second fast and so are Blade PCs.

Remote Banking Locations

Manage an entire network of remote locations from one console with all hardware assets secured in a centralized datacenter.
Features include easier Blade PC hot swapping, asset control, and improved security.

Business Continuity

High availability platform provides software failover with hardware redundancy to reduce disruption worries. Common hardware platforms enable fast, complete recovery systems to be transported and rolled out rapidly.


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ClearCube addresses many IT challenges faced by financial services companies in the face of limited budgets, including the demand for security and efficiency. By identifying critical requirements and opportunities for improvement, ClearCube introduces personalized solutions for technology change that deliver safe, better managed, and less expensive work environments.


The ClearCube CVDI portfolio goes beyond offering the security, flexibility, and cost-efficiency that come with Thin and Zero Client endpoints. It offers clean, clutter-free, digital workspaces with room for upgrades that can improve productivity, such as peripheral and quad-monitor support. Transition is smooth, and traders receive full-fledged, 1-to-1 performance without experiencing anxiety-inducing desk dives or incurring unnecessary rip and replace expenses, as is typical of a PC architecture.


The answer is clear – financial enterprises receive performance gains at a fraction of the cost of traditional, distributed physical desktops.

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OUr Advantage

We understand that centralized and virtualized IT cannot be treated as a one-size-fits-all approach. This is why we identify your specific needs to deliver sophisticated, custom-designed and engineered solutions that support your unique environment.


Our technologies capitalize on future innovation by modernizing and mobilizing IT in finance. The benefits? Streamline compliance and reduce IT red tape to simplify routine operations. Accelerate services at every touchpoint with a secure digital foundation. Empower your advisors to perform at their best and deliver great customer service.

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