End-to-end security, maximized uptime and better manageability are only some of the reasons the world’s largest Government Agencies like the DHS and DoE rely on ClearCube’s custom-crafted solutions. With centralized computing and desktop virtualization, ClearCube has the ability to design future-proof, low cost, scalable, military-grade solutions for your organization’s unique needs.

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Case Studies

Emergency 911 Operations Centers

Highly reliable, flexible and redundant ClearCube solutions deliver 24x7x365 situational awareness based on data from multiple sources often including some with high definition video requirements.

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Law Enforcement & First Responders

Centralized computing solutions deliver on the expanding needs of federal, state and local emergency operations to consolidate resources and utilize EOCs for multi-agency coordinated response hubs.

Government Agencies

Reduced operational and support costs are good business for government agencies.ClearCube solutions eliminate on-site maintenance, hardens security, supports remote users, and improves satisfaction of all types of end users.


Why Clearcube?

ClearCube offers cloud computing solutions to deliver the bandwidth, performance, and business continuity your government agency needs. Our specialized solutions resolve IT challenges within a matter of minutes, compared to what would be a lengthy turnaround in distributed PC environments.

Our portfolio is built on the premise of reducing IT response time and accelerating ROI with automated maintenance and deployment capabilities. We facilitate the necessary compute, storage, and networking capacity with technologies that support easy set up for the next iteration of Windows and other application upgrades. There are no full-scale hardware refresh cycles involved. Blade PCs guarantee the highest level of workstation reliability, seamless manageability, and quick cyber incident recovery for crucial government agency centers such as E911, law enforcement and first responders. For Blade PCs running CAD/RMS applications, sensitive information never exits the data center, and mission-critical systems can run 24/7.

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ClearCube is committed to designing and delivering the latest technology solutions that represent a positive move towards the future while aligning with enterprise efforts to consolidate as well as centralize IT resources. Our solutions can be applied across a comprehensive range of desktop delivery modes, including Thin Clients, Zero Clients, PC Blades, laptops, desktops, persistent and non-persistent virtual desktops, and the cloud.


We have received ISO 9001:2015 certification for design, development, and manufacturing remote solutions that effectively meet the security, compatibility, and sustainability mandates in Government Agencies. Our expertise in building technology gives organizations complete visibility into performance issues they would not be able to see otherwise, and sets us apart from ‘me-too’ offerings.