Healthcare IT departments are under great pressure to consistently deliver top-quality care and ensure compliance with strict government and HIPAA requirements, all while keeping costs in check. Today’s mandates designed to strengthen administrative efficiency and accountability in care are key drivers in shifting the industry from a paper environment to one that is relentless, fast-paced, and completely digitized. Clinical specialists are increasingly relying on seamless mobile access to electronic devices, fast and reliable connections, smooth systems management, and well-protected confidential information. As a result, maintaining physical desktops in mission-critical, high service level environments where timing is key makes for an unrealistic computing setup. Consider its initial acquisition price, the need to address new HIPAA regulations that further brings up the cost and complexity of this system, and how resource-constrained IT departments work. There is a lot to deal with.

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Case Studies

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Patient & Exam Rooms

Easy to manage exam room “point of care” zero client solutions that save space, ensure patient data security, improve staff productivity, reduce errors and risk.

Critical Care
& Lab Solutions

A full PC experience including high resolution graphics that requires little space, eliminates on-site maintenance, hardens security, and significantly improves the satisfaction levels of patients and medical staff connected.

HIPAA Security

The ClearCube solution, through its use of centralized desktop infrastructure and zero clients, solves space and security challenges by providing a HIPAA-standard, reliable IT solution.


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ClearCube successfully designs and implements centralized computing and virtual desktop solutions within healthcare through our deep industry knowledge. We create modern digital workspaces that enable security, ensure compliance, and allow organizations to capitalize on a cost advantage.

Our CVDI portfolio maintains compliance by instituting HIPAA-compliant centralized and virtualized workspaces. Featuring custom designed and engineered solutions, it reduces CapEx by eliminating expensive hardware refresh cycles and capital-intensive VDI deployments while managing a more consistent operating cost. Cloud desktops offer predictable and reliable access to specialized applications across traditional PCs, tablets, laptops, and Thin or Zero Clients. High-density Blade PCs provide outstanding datacenter-to-desktop, 1:1 remote performance, enabling healthcare enterprises to maintain application access and security regardless of worker location.

We offer options for faster and better patient care with our flexible and secure, ‘follow me’ workspaces solutions with Imprivata® OneSign® integration.

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Our Advantage

In this age of digital transformation, protecting desktop environments from data breaches, reducing log-in times, and facilitating near-instantaneous access to workspaces to save precious patient care time is crucial. Clinicians require flexible, reliable, and mobile solutions to be in sync with the work they do. This is exactly why we custom drafted and designed our unique, Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) suite.

What differentiates our turnkey CVDI range from other ‘me-too’ products in the market is completeness at every layer of the solution equation. Healthcare institutions receive end-to-end security, simplified desktop image, centralized EHR/EMR and other applications with on-demand delivery.

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