Physical desktops are no longer a feasible option in today’s era of digital transformation. The bigger an institution and the more computers provided, the harder the challenge of managing devices and hardware refresh cycles. Academic, mobile, and military training centers face the difficult decision of determining where to invest their time and resources to ensure that they deliver the right technology for maximum success. With the rising popularity of distance learning programs, the need for top national security, and the ability to support mobile initiatives, users demand more than ever before. This is where ClearCube comes in. Our systems effectively manage costs, boost efficiency, and improve responsiveness to increasingly mobile users demanding anywhere, anytime, and any-device platforms.

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Case Studies

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Patient & Exam Rooms

Easy to manage exam room “point of care” zero client solutions that save space, ensure patient data security, improve staff productivity, reduce errors and risk.

Critical Care
& Lab Solutions

A full PC experience including high resolution graphics that requires little space, eliminates on-site maintenance, hardens security, and significantly improves the satisfaction levels of patients and medical staff connected.

HIPAA Security

The ClearCube solution, through its use of centralized desktop infrastructure and zero clients, solves space and security challenges by providing a HIPAA-standard, reliable IT solution.


Why Clearcube?

ClearCube moves users away from outdated PCs and toward modern Thin and Zero Client monitor and keyboard stations that allow your organization to harden security, enhance performance, and simplify IT management. Our Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) creates a unified workspace for users by delivering remote desktops and application services through a single platform. This means effortless management and smooth user experience without the hassle of vulnerable, bulky physical desktops.

We ensure a consistent experience across workplaces, increase security with centralized control, and reduce the cost associated with supporting diverse user groups. Powerful endpoint OS and management solutions manage rollouts to thousands of machines, with enough flexibility to tackle the mixed environment in a VDI setup. This may consist of laptops, PCs, Thin Clients, and smart devices including Intel NUC Mini PCs, Raspberry Pis, and the Citrix stack.

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With the best centralized and virtualized desktop computing to offer, our solutions suite ensures users are no longer confined to the location or lack of capability of a single desktop. Required desktops or applications can now be accessed from virtually any place, be it an offsite location or while on the go. We make sure the process of transitioning to virtual desktops, whether the institution performs a hardware refresh or a Windows upgrade, is simple and hassle-free.


Our simple, scalable, and flexible solutions deliver a robust desktop experience to users and personnel at a fraction of the cost of traditional PCs. Security and manageability are enhanced through centralization of sensitive information and infrastructure to allow for easy working and peace of mind.