Physical desktops are no longer a feasible proposition in today’s era of digital transformation. The bigger an institution and the more computers provided, the harder the challenge of managing devices and hardware refresh cycles. Academic, mobile, and military training centers face the difficult decision of determining where to invest their time and resources to ensure that they deliver the right technology for maximum success. With the rising popularity of distance learning programs, the need for top national security, and the ability to support mobile initiatives, users demand more than ever before. There has to be a system that effectively manages costs, boosts efficiencies, and improves responsiveness to increasingly mobile users demanding anywhere, anytime, and any-device platforms.

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Case Studies


Centralized management of images across multiple classrooms eliminates downtime, desktop configuration delays and service desk incidents from the instructors.

Call Centers

ClearCube Zero Clients on agents’ desktops and Blade PCs in the datacenter remove excessive noise and heat from the call center environment and leads to a better customer support environment.

Mobile & Military Training

High availability platform provides software failover with hardware redundancy to reduce disruption worries. Common hardware platforms enable fast, complete recovery systems to be transported and rolled out rapidly.


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ClearCube’s ability to integrate technology into education and military increases the time invested in learning 21st-century skills and enhancing security versus managing technology. We move users away from PCs to Thin and Zero Client monitor and keyboard stations that deliver real business results. Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI) creates a unified workspace for users by delivering remote desktops and application services through a single platform. Desktop virtualization on mobile devices tackles legacy technology red tape involving traditional desktop management, maintenance, and security.

We ensure a consistent experience across workplaces, enhance security with centralized control, and reduce the cost associated with supporting diverse user groups. Powerful endpoint OS and management solutions manage rollouts to thousands of machines, with enough flexibility to tackle the mixed environment in a VDI setup. This consists of laptops, PCs, Thin Clients, and smart devices including Intel NUC Mini PCs, Raspberry Pis, and the Citrix stack.

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We leverage the best of centralized and virtualized desktop computing to offer end users remote access to resources whenever required. Our suite ensures that users are no longer confined to the location and capability of a single desktop. They can access the required desktops or applications from virtually any place, be it an offsite location or while on the go. We make sure that the process of transitioning to virtual desktops, whether the institution performs a hardware refresh or a Windows upgrade, is simple and hassle-free.

Our simple, scalable, and flexible solutions deliver a robust desktop experience to users and personnel at a fraction of the cost of traditional PCs. Security and manageability are enhanced through centralization of sensitive information and infrastructure to allow for easy working and peace of mind.

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