Secure, Non-Removable AMD GX-215JJ Dual-Core Embedded SoC

CD7012/14 ZERO+ Clients are small hardware zero clients that enable users to work on powerful computers that are remotely located in secure datacenters. The CD7012/14 ZERO+ Client delivers hardware and firmware implementations that enhance zero client data security, while delivering ultra-high definition graphics in any VDI environment.

Security features include an integrated PKI-approved CAC reader that supports 5V, 3V, and 1.8V smart cards for enhanced user-to-network and user-to-application authentication. The 100/1000 BASE-X SFP fiber-optic network module (with LC optical interface) provides increased data security and integrity. Firmware and data security is hardened by embedded, non-removable eMMC flash memory soldered directly to the ZERO+ Client printed circuit board. ClearCube Desktop Zero Clients are fully TAA-compliant.

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CD7012/14 ZERO+ Client Benefits

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Improve data and hardware security by removing local disks to minimize opportunities for theft and misuse

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Integrated CAC reader and fiber network connectivity for secure authentication and data transmission

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Cloud Desktop firmware supports CITRIX® Xen Desktop, VMware® View with Blast Extreme and PCoIP®, and others

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Browser-based Cloud Desktop Management with real-time monitoring, asset management, and job scheduling


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High-Quality Multimedia and PC-Like User Experience

The CD7012/14 gives IT Administrators in DOD, government and military VDI environments flexibility with a choice of remote display protocols. ClearCube Cloud Desktop Firmware lets administrators choose from many options, including CITRIX Xen Desktop, VMware View with Blast Extreme and PCoIP, and many more.

CD7012/14 ZERO+ Clients meet the demands of task and knowledge workers in VDI environments. The AMD® GX-215JJ (1.5–2.0 GHz) dual-core SoC (System on Chip) provides high-performance multimedia and 4K graphics using the Radeon R2E graphics core with 2 compute units. The CD7012/14 ZERO+ supports up to two 1920 × 1080 full-motion video displays or two 4K office workers.

I/O ports include four USB 3.1 ports and two USB 2.0 ports (six total), one GbE LC fiber-optic LAN port, 3.5 mm audio input and output jacks, and two dual-mode DisplayPort 1.2 (DisplayPort++) connectors. DisplayPort++ connectors accept passive adapters to deliver HDMI and DVI signals.An integrated Kensington® Security Slot provides added security. Expansion options include an internal WLAN module (Wi-Fi 2.4G and 5G, Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.1) and an optional optical drive/DVD writer add-on.

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Cloud Desktop Firmware

ClearCube Cloud Desktop Firmware is a minimal-footprint option for ClearCube CD7012/14 ZERO+ clients. The Cloud Desktop platform minimizes the pains and risks of switching to VDI environments, making it fast and easy for organizations and companies of all sizes to immediately benefit from VDI client computing.

Cloud Desktop Firmware comes with support for PCoIP, VMware Horizon with Blast Extreme, and CITRIX HDX remote connectivity protocols. This firmware enables Administrators to centrally-manage secure and virus-proof CD7012/14 ZERO+ clients that can connect to hosted desktops, cloud-hosted desktops, or centrally-hosted applications out of the box.


ClearCube Cloud Desktop Management is a browser-based administration tool that helps IT manage, configure, monitor and update CD7012/14 ZERO+ clients from one place. Features such as network booting to remove all local storage, real-time monitoring & tactical overview, job scheduling and asset management, and peripheral inventory take the burden out of managing devices on your network.

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