Robust Desktop Experience Over IP

ClearCube Blade PCs deliver true workstation performance in a datacenter optimized platform. Our A6108E workstations are designed for robust performance and efficiency by combining Intel 9th Gen Core™ i5/i7/i9 processors, the latest NVIDIA single-wide P400, P1000,P2200 or P4000 GPU and remote display protocol acceleration to deliver a remarkable high-end PC experience over an IP network.

Working with ClearCube fiber and copper zero clients, A6108E Blade PCs support up to two 4K displays, and USB redirection over the network using the PCoIP protocol. Although all the CPU/GPU processing is datacenter host-rendered, power users will receive the same robust performance benefits of desktop PCs or workstations but without the noise, heat, cable clutter, and security risks with the benefit of the computer being close to the data.

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A6108E Blade PC Workstation Benefits


Powered by Intel® 9th
Generation (Coffee Lake)
Core™ i9/i7/i5


Dual 4k monitor support
for high-performance


Highest rack mount density puts 10 Blade PCs in a
6U rack space


TPM 2.0 and UEFI 2.7 BIOS to meet the latest DoD requirements for Windows 10 support


Embedded system to meet long-term support requirements

Improved Management, Serviceability, and Accessibility

A6108E Blade PCs offer enhanced productivity, ease of installation, and superior serviceability. How?

  • Front panel display connector & USB ports mean administrators can easily connect displays and peripherals for diagnostics, maintenance, or mass storage devices for imaging.
  • Dual front-accessible bays allow administrators to hot-swap, remove or access hard drives without disrupting users.
  • Intel’s Active Management Technology (AMT) 9.2 enables administrators to remotely manage workstation power functions (power up, power down, and reset), access and change BIOS settings remotely, and perform serial-over-LAN (SOL) and storage redirection.
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Unparalleled Data and Intellectual Property Security

Protecting data and eliminating the chances of unauthorized access are two important considerations in enterprises these days. The A6108E Blade PCs serve as a local workstation for a dynamic PC performance to end-users across the network, ensuring your data and intellectual property are always secure in the datacenter. Users connect to their A6108E blade PC using PCoIP protocol and a secure zero client at the desktop. No data travels across the IP connection — only pixel change updates are sent to the displays.

With zero clients, zero means no operating system, addressable memory, or storage device at a user’s desktop. The PCoIP host card gives users the freedom to work wherever they want while enjoying the same performance they would at their desks. As a result, only authorized users can access certain data based on log-in and permission attributes—remote connections are secure and intellectual property is safeguarded.

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