ClearCube® Announces ClientCube KM – zero client desktop that seamlessly switch across multiple isolated networks

ClientCube KM increases command center responsiveness for military and financial institutions worried about cyber security threats.

AUSTIN, TX – August 01, 2013 — All Media For Immediate Release

ClientCube KM, a secure zero client desktop device that seamlessly switches across multiple isolated networks, will be released by ClearCube Technology on August 5, 2013. ClientCube KM increases command center responsiveness for military and financial institutions worried about cyber security threats.

Imagine the frenetic world of intelligence analysts, financial traders, and E911 emergency responders, who have information flowing to their desktops from multiple isolated classified and unclassified networks. In these stressful environments, ClientCube KM allows them to view multiple displays that are connected to different networks, and securely traverse networks in real time just by moving their mouse to the desired network’s displays.

ClientCube KM provides uninterrupted workflow by allowing the operator/analyst to seamlessly move from network to network without having to stop and push buttons to select the source. This capability greatly improves response time.

“Command centers need persistent real-time uncompromised situational awareness. ClientCube KM is the first completely secure desktop device that allows operators/analysts to work naturally using a single set of peripherals to access multiple networks,” said Jim Zakzeski, ClearCube VP, Sales and Marketing. “Whether coordinating a mission, enacting a financial trade, or dispatching emergency responders, ClientCube KM provides real time awareness from multiple information sources in a secure manner so that the user can respond to the situation as quickly as possible.”

For US government, users can connect to SIPRnet, JWICS, NIPRnet and other networks with a single mouse, keyboard and up to as many as 16 displays through as many as four embedded Zero Clients within ClientCube KM while maintaining physical network separation to centralized computing resources in the datacenter. The KM is Common Criteria EAL 4+ validated.

Within ClientCube KM, video to each display is uninterrupted from separate sources. The operator/analyst can see updates such as email, video streams, program output, etc. from multiple networks but he is prevented from commingling data because the sources are isolated in the datacenter and do not communicate with each other

Additional security is provided by zero clients within ClientCube KM that feature mass storage lockout that prevents data removal from the network by blocking access through USB, CDs, DVDs, and other download devices.

ClientCube KM optimizes every inch of desktop consumption. Zero clients for fiber and copper based networks are tightly coupled with the Secure KM switch to eliminate excess cable lengths and wasted power connections.

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