ClearCube® delivers first PCoIP zero clients with dual DisplayPorts

ClearCube Technology announced that it has introduced the first PCoIP zero clients with two DisplayPort connections and with three additional distinct features.


AUSTIN, TX – Decmber 14, 2015 — All Media For Immediate Release

ClearCube Technology announced that it has introduced the first PCoIP zero clients with two DisplayPort connections and with three additional distinct features.

ClearCube’s CD1024 and CD2024 zero clients, featuring two DisplayPort connections, capitalize on the present and future evolution of desktop displays in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments. As the industry migrates away from DVI port connections on display monitors, CD1024 and CD2024 provide connector compatibility paths that allow connectivity to new display port supported displays for the foreseeable future.

Each also has:

  1. An integrated Smart Card Reader for high security desktop authentication on the Secret Internet Protocol Routed Network (SIPRNet) and other classified networks that use CAC authentication.
  2. Six USB 2.0 ports
  3. Full power (1 amp) support for faster cell phone re-charging or support of higher powered USB peripheral devices

For sites where data security is paramount, CD1024 sets itself apart from all competitors. Compared with DVI ports, display ports have lower voltage swings that emit less electromagnetic radiation; therefore, they are considered less susceptible to malicious intent “snooping activity” at secure facility locations and SCIFs.

The new zero clients, CD1024 and CD2024, feature fiber network connections and copper network connections, respectively. Fiber optic connectivity adds to the high security profile through CD1024’s fiber SFPs that support 100 base and 1000 base connections to host resources – either VMware virtual machines or Blade PCs. Further security is provided by AES-128/AES-256 Suite B Cipher encryption found in the PCoIP protocol.

CD1024 and CD2024 integrate the latest SIPRNet Smart Card Reader that has become the PKI Office mandated standard. ClearCube’s Zero Clients support 5v, 3v, and 1.8v smart cards including the new SIPR hardware token, eliminating the need for separate USB readers for specific smart cards.

Both zero clients are manufactured with solid steel packaging to better support the repeated insertion of CAC cards into the zero clients. Because the new readers are integrated in ClearCube Desktop Zero Client devices, workspace clutter is reduced and user productivity is enhanced.

Compatible with VMware Horizon and the PCoIP protocol, ClearCube’s zero clients with SIPRNet smart card readers allow PCoIP pre-session authentication that verifies identity through the PCoIP encrypted protocol.

“Integrating a single smart card reader capable of reading and authenticating smart cards that have a variety of voltages has been requested by many of our federal customers to simplify their security operations,” said Jim Zakzeski, VP Business Development and Marketing, ClearCube.

ClearCube Zero Clients are assembled and tested in the U.S. and are fully TAA-compliant.

CD1024 and CD2024 will be available in production February 2016.Please contact ClearCube Sales at or 512) 652-3500 for more information.

>Download the CD1024 Zero Client Product Datasheet

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