ClearCube® R3161D Blade PC combines the performance of Intel® Core™ i5 processors, the management features of Intel® AMT and the security of Intel Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

The new ClearCube R3161D Blade PC gives users the power of 5th Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processors and hardware-based PCoIP® connectivity, and provides IT organizations with the management features of Intel vPro™ technology and the security of Intel AMT v10.0.

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ClearCube® R3161D Blade PCs with integrated PCoIP® host cards deliver excellent datacenter-to-desktop remote performance. The R3161D Blade PC is the fourth-generation ClearCube R-Series design, providing eight powerful i5 computers in a 3U rack space.

The new ClearCube R3161D Blade PC provides a robust, secure computing solution for users requiring dedicated connections to applications and resources that virtual desktops struggle to deliver. VDI is not always an adequate desktop replacement, especially for mission-critical apps, apps developed in house, and legacy apps. R3161Ds provide the security benefits of centralized computing without the complexity of VDI alternatives that require annual subscription renewal fees, redundant hardware, specialized training and desktop virtualization infrastructure.

ClearCube R3161D Blade PCs enable administrators to take control of their computing resources instead of deploying unmanaged PCs throughout office work areas—where they are prone to data theft, service failures and unsupervised user control. ClearCube Blade PCs enable administrators to centralize blades in high-density racks in a secured datacenter. Moving blades to the datacenter eliminates PC heat and noise in the work area, enables administrators to return computers to service quicker and decreases power and cooling costs.

Users connect to R3161D Blade PCs using secure zero client end point devices at the desktop. With PCoIP zero clients, zero is the key word: there is no operating system, addressable memory or storage device at a user’s desktop. PCoIP host cards give users the freedom to work wherever they want, while enjoying the same performance they would at their desk. With PCoIP technology transmitting only pixels—not data—remote connections are secure and intellectual property is safeguarded. The R3161D integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and UEFI BIOS with secure remote boot capability meets the latest US Department of Defense requirements for Windows 10 support.

A centralized PC platform using R3161D Blade PCs is a great fit in areas where:

  • Sites want to use zero clients at the desktop for security reasons, but the ROI on VDI is not effective due to size of deployment, a lack of VDI expertise or a need for robust remote application delivery.
  • Managers want to increase their desktop security profile and prevent the loss of customer-sensitive information.
  • Employees need to collaborate easily by accessing the data on their Blade PC from various zero client locations.
  • Administrators want to end their struggle with viruses and malware on PCs under end user control.
  • Sites have a need for dedicated/isolated CPU and memory for each user.

About ClearCube Technology

ClearCube Technology, an American manufacturer, is a recognized technology leader in centralized computing and desktop virtualization markets. ClearCube develops specialized VDI desktop zero clients that connect to optimized SmartVDI compute/storage host platforms for task/knowledge users and PCoIP blade PCs for power and highly specialized users. End points include TEMPEST zero clients, copper/fiber connected and multi-level security zero clients. ClearCube has developed and deployed thousands of high performance remote workstations which power trading floors, network operations centers and command and control rooms around the globe. ClearCube’s widespread adoption at 1000s of federal and commercial locations is based on our ability to meet cost savings and security requirements for ALL use cases involving centralization and virtualization initiatives.
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