ClearCube® Sponsors Trade-In to Recycle and Upgrade Program for all OEM Tera 1 Zero Clients and Host Card Adapters.

Customers of All OEM PCoIP TERA 1 Products have about one million zero clients with End-of-Life TERA1 chips that are ready for recycling so ClearCube Technology creates an easy Trade-In and Recycle to Upgrade Program.


AUSTIN, TX – June 9, 2015 — All Media For Immediate Release

An estimated installed base of about one million zero clients with End-of-Life OL Tera1 chips are ready for recycling.

To provide recycle trade-in value and make it easier for asset accounting, ClearCube has partnered with New Jersey firm, AnythingIT, to offer a convenient process for owners of Tera 1-based products to recycle their EOL products. In return the customer may upgrade to Tera 2-based products and receive market value credits for their recycled products.

ClearCube created this program which will run from June 1, 2015 through September 30, 2015 after receiving the Teradici announcement that the TERA1100 Portal Processor and the TERA1202 Host Processor will no longer support future releases of VMware Horizon, with the last supported version being 6.0.1.

“We selected AnythingIT to manage this program for ClearCube customers based on their credentials that recognize compliance with approved government processes for recycling services and on their service reputation,” says Jim Zakzeski, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ClearCube.

This simple 5-step service is explained on the ClearCube website:

  1. Purchase new PCoIP Zero Clients from June 1 – September 30, 2015
  2. Email Proof of Purchase and completed Zero Client Trade-up form to
  3. AnythingIT will contact you within 72 hours to confirm receipt and start your trade-in valuation process.
  4. AnythingIT provides the estimated valuation; you approve it, and ship your products.
  5. Once the trade-in products are received and verified, your credit will be sent.

ClearCube provides the most flexibility to customers looking to upgrade to Tera 2 zero clients, host card adapters, hardware accelerators and remote access PCoIP blade PCs / Engineering Workstations and VMWare-based virtual desktops with advanced GPU enhancements.

“Just like our Trade-In to Recycle and Upgrade program, we’ve made upgrading to Tera2 products an easy value proposition. Tera2 improvements feature a 5x performance boost, stronger AES 256-bit encryption, USB 2.0 support, 2560 x 1600 display resolutions at higher mega-pixels-per-second (150-300 Mpps) performance and more. With the newer releases of VMware Horizon the Tera 1 products lose the capacity to exercise many of the new capabilities that make upgrading a smart move, ” explains Zakzeski.

Customers have four options:

Upgrade OptionsSupport ImplicationsCapability Impact
Stay with Horizon 5.3 or belowSolution supportedNo benefit from the new features from VMware
Upgrade to Horizon 6.01Supported by Teradici only*No benefit from the new features from VMware
Upgrade to above Horizon 6.01Not be supported by either VMware or TeradiciNo benefit from the new features from VMware
Upgrade to Horizon 6.1 with Tera 2 productsSupport by VMWare and TeradiciBenefit from all Horizon and Tera 2 feature capabilities

*Teradici provides general support for Tera1 zero clients on VMware Horizon up to and including version 6.0.1 – But this will reach End-of-Support and End-of-Life on December 2015 for all Tera 1 firmware.

Statement of EOL/EOS from Teradici:
Tera1-based products have enjoyed an eight (8)-year-long service life in Remote Workstation or VMware Horizon deployments. The Tera1 processor and firmware has reached the end of its Product Life Cycle due to insufficient capacity to take on new features. This also prevents Tera1 PCoIP Zero Clients from achieving VMware Ready certification for VMware Horizon 6 or higher.

For more information on ClearCube Trade-In to Recycle and Upgrade program go to

To request a ClearCube Tera 2 Zero Client evaluation unit, like our copper CD9924 which features 6 USB ports and an integrated CAC reader, please make your request at

Please contact ClearCube Sales at or 512) 652-3500 for more information.

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