ClearCube’s PortAuthority blocks USB access to tighten security

ClearCube Technology recently introduced a new endpoint device management application that delivers more USB device control to customers.

AUSTIN, TX – March 9, 2012 — Responding to US government initiatives to crackdown on data theft and information leaks, ClearCube Technology released PortAuthority, a policy-based software program that selectively disables access to USB, CDs, and other mass storage devices on end points such as zero clients, thin clients, laptops, and personal computers.

“News stories about Wikileaks security breaches, customer identify thefts, and intellectual property thefts are vivid reminders that end point devices need extra layers of security,” said Jim Zakzeski, VP, Business Development and Marketing, ClearCube Technology.

PortAuthority prevents security breaches by allowing IT network administrators and security officers to disable and enable USB, CD, and mass storage access at the end points selectively through policy-based rules applied on a number of different variables.

Peripheral device lockout can be set to occur based on particular user identities, based on specific devices, at particular times of day, when a particular application is running, based on the size of the storage device being plugged in, or based on particular IP address ranges. This flexibility provides latitude to treat executives, managers, fulltime workers, and temporary workers differently.

PortAuthority discovers end point devices over LANs and WANs through packet broadcasts and device-based polling. PortAuthority maintains logs and notifies administrators of security breach attempts that violate the policy rules.

The added benefit of denying access to unauthorized storage devices through PortAuthority is that not only is unauthorized data removal prevented, but so is the introduction of malicious software such as worms and viruses. PortAuthority puts the administrator in control of what data can move to and from the network through security devices.

“One security breach incident is all it takes in a company or agency to point out the value of PortAuthority. Our aim is to ease the burden of the IT security officers so they can have a little more peace of mind,” said Zakzeski. For more information, click here.

Per user, a PortAuthority license is $25.

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