DataCube DL4: A Purpose-Built Deep Learning Machine

ClearCube DataCube DL4 is a Deep Leaning machine with four 1080Ti GPUs for 45 TFLOPS in a PC-sized footprint.

AUSTIN, Texas, October 12, 2017 — All Media For Immediate Release

ClearCube Technology announced today the DataCube DL4, a PC sized high-performance computer built for deep learning data scientists, researchers, and engineers. The DataCube DL4 is a purpose-built deep learning machine with massively parallel processing and calculating capabilities, housing four EVGA® 1080 Ti GPUs, an Intel® i7-6850K Hex-Core CPU, up to 128 GB RAM, and 2 TB of storage. For deep learning researchers, this massive GPU-accelerated computing power can turn the days and weeks spent waiting for results into just hours.

“The DataCube DL4 saves organization time on the front end too,” said Crosby Marks, Manager of Solutions and Support at ClearCube. “Our clients know that the DataCube DL4 is a validated solution that works out of the box. There’s no research time wasted studying components, assembling systems, testing, and troubleshooting a home-built device,” said Marks.

Massive computing power is typically associated with cumbersome machines, heat, and the near-deafening sound of high-RPM cooling fans in data centers. ClearCube has engineered a solution that eliminates these nuisances, so the DataCube DL4 can remain unobtrusive in any lab or office. About the size of a typical PC tower, Engineers can easily accommodate the DataCube DL4 in any setting due to its small physical footprint. The DataCube uses liquid-cooling for rapid heat removal, making the machine almost silent. A novel chassis design includes chambers that separate cabling and components to improve passive air cooling. These thermal solutions work together to improve GPU and overall component dependability and longevity.

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Download DataCube DL4 Datasheet

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