First TEMPEST Level 1 Zero Client introduced

In collaboration with CIS Secure Computing, ClearCube responds to market with first TEMPEST Level 1 Zero Client.

AUSTIN, TX -May 16, 2012 — US foreign embassies, NATO locations, Ministries of Defense, and other security sensitive government agencies with TEMPEST requirements may now participate in IT virtualization initiatives using TEMPEST Zero Clients developed by CIS Secure Computing based on Clearcube Technology. The CIS TEMPEST Zero Clients are CTP II certified to meet the following TEMPEST standards:

  • NSTISSAM 1-92 Level I and Level II
  • NATO SDIP-27 Level A (formerly AMSG 720B)
  • NATO SDIP-27 Level B (formerly AMSG 788A)

All TEMPEST solutions and services available from CIS Secure Computing are CTP II certified by CIS Labs, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CIS Secure Computing, Inc. CIS Labs is an NSA Certified TEMPEST Manufacturer and Test facility.

CIS TEMPEST Zero Clients deliver the highest level of security through the use of stateless zero client technology at the user’s desktop. Zero clients have no local operating systems, memory, or storage, and they connect via encrypted protocol over a network to virtualized servers or dedicated ClearCube Blade PCs containing PCoIP GPU host compression adapters. Zero clients have connections for desktop peripherals such as TEMPEST certified monitors, mice, and keyboards, but all data remains on virtualized servers or Blade PCs in the datacenter.

“Customers requiring TEMPEST IT equipment can now benefit from the operational cost-savings, increased security, higher availability, and better device management that desktop virtualization offers,” said Jim Zakzeski, VP, Business Development and Marketing, Clearcube Technology.

CIS Secure Computing embeds ClearCube Technology’s zero client into a standalone version that uses one or two external displays and into an all-in-one version that includes a 24 inch display, keyboard and mouse. An integrated smart card reader, accessible through a secure cover, is included.

CIS Secure Computing, Inc. designs and builds products to meet Government security and environmental specifications including TEMPEST NSTISSAM 1-92 Level I, AMSG 720B, TEMPEST 2/95, ZONE, DO-160, MIL-188, TSG and other EMI, repackaging, or form factor requirements. CIS has a range of standard products and specializes in build-to-order solutions to meet the exact needs of our customers.

The CIS TEMPEST Zero Clients are now available. A datasheet with more information may be found here.

For more information about the products, please contact:

CIS Secure Computing, Dulles, VA, or 703) 996-0500.

For more information about this announcement, please contact Clearcube Technology at

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