10 ways in which VDI will change your business in 2019

In order to reduce hardware dependency and improve flexibility, businesses are starting to turn towards Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Thanks to VDI, businesses can provide their employees instant access to remotely hosted virtualized desktops. Since it is run on one centralized server, authorized users can access VDI from any device. However, the decision to introduce VDI in your business is not at all a straightforward one. The technology’s administration and monitoring are two of the important aspects to consider, so work with an experienced vendor for the best implementation results.

Next, let’s look at top 10 ways in which VDI is likely to impact your business in 2019.

Centralized management

Desktops are arguably the least secure IT assets and are more likely to cause data security and recovery vulnerabilities. However, VDI’s concept is to centralize desktop operating systems, data and applications in the data center. Not only does its centralized management efficiencies provide great convenience, you can also cut business costs. It allows organizations to foresee a higher ROI as IT staff can be scaled down and there is no downtime for employees as a result of software or system updates.

Simplified user management

Since hardware restrictions are lifted with VDI, users are no longer tied to local computers and can conveniently access virtual desktops from any device such as tablets, smartphones or laptops – using a single sign in. More conveniently, they can even use endpoints such as Thin Clients to access their desktops. Since users have immediate access to all the apps, tools and data, user management becomes much easier and smarter with VDI.

Increased mobility and flexibility

Mobility is a requirement of almost every organization today and enterprises are acknowledging worker demand for flexibility and work on-the-go. This is also a big reason that has led businesses to accept and implement VDI technology. In 2019, more mobility and flexibility is expected to be observed in workplaces without introducing business risks such as security, productivity and performance.

A previous challenge that businesses faced was to deliver optimal end-user performance because of resource fragmentation from data center silos. With VDI, you can easily manage your central applications and consolidate data center silos. This would allow you to grant optimal flexibility and mobility to employees without sacrificing productivity.

Enhanced output with remote work

It is time to accept that employees at every organization demand a certain level of flexibility in their working hours especially at offsite locations.Thanks to VDI technology, businesses can provide employees the ability to work remotely. Used properly, this can be an excellent feature for businesses as work never gets neglected whether an employee is travelling or is working remotely. As Forbes states, a number of remote users have been increasing in several industries and this trend is expected to be on the rise in 2019 as well.  

Greater level of Security

If you have employees working from home, there may be a series of security threats that you face, from their personal and comparatively unsecure Wi-Fi connection to their malware-magnet kids. What if they are working from home and accessing data using a VDI thin client? For one, there is no incentive for family members to use the device for accessing work-based activities. Secondly, there is no chance of getting exposed to a malware risk since VDI environments are isolated from other activities.

Getting rid of hardware issues

In case of a local desktop setup, with physical desktops in place, it is pretty common to lose data when hardware crashes or the storage or processor encounter issues. The only option is to replace the corrupted hardware component or the whole desktop itself. On the other side, it is very easy to provision virtual desktops in a VDI environment. Desktops are hosted on a virtual machine (VM), and in case of any issue, your desktop can be migrated to another virtual machine (VM).

Efficient power utilization

Businesses can optimize  power usage with the help of VDI. In case of a local desktops setup, loads of electricity is consumed as each component of the desktop such as CPU, LCD etc. requires power separately. However, with VDI, you can create several virtual desktops on a single server and only that consumes power. The optimal solution is to run virtual desktops hosted on the cloud and totally minimize the power consumption at the office site.  

Smarter resource allocation

The concept of resource allocation is associated with virtualization, and therefore, with Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI). Businesses of any type can optimize resource utilization and thus, the costs attached to it. Virtual desktops can utilize the server resources of other desktops, given that they are in an idle state. Smarter resource allocation in VDI ensures flexibility to your virtual desktops and that no desktop shows poor performance.

vGPU Enhancement

VMware supports vGPU with increased adoption of accelerated graphics (AG) and a lower price per machine. Now, with more control than ever on CPU, RAM and GPU, it allows the delivery of more virtual workloads with increased density. As a result, you have more control on how GPU resources are integrated into virtual desktops. Thanks to the ultimate power behind modern GPU cards, you can create GPU control policies to enable powerful features such as pass-through capabilities, graphics acceleration for VDI and more.

Cost savings

Lastly, the factor that every business takes into account while setting up or upgrading IT infrastructure is budget. Costs associated with desktops are high and recurring as almost every hardware becomes obsolete after a specific time period. Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) encourages less dependency on hardware by creating several virtual desktops on the same server. This not only decreases physical space occupied by the desktops but also saves you several costs related to desktop replacement and upgradation.

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