The Real Difference Between Thin Clients and Zero Clients

Thin Clients and Zero Clients

The present and the future call for technology integration in every business, regardless of size and industry. Competitive entrepreneurs maintain an organized workplace which allows them to focus solely on business and not worry about clutter. These business individuals store their data and applications in a central server which has all the features of a PC, but with added security, powerful connectivity, seamless hardware and software upgrades and cutting-edge functionality. Today, thin clients and zero clients make this possible to achieve.

Moving forward, we will explore the real difference between thin clients and zero clients.

Thin Clients

Thin clients are lightweight devices designed to replace desktop PCs in a virtual desktop environment. They have components one would expect to find in their fat client counterparts including processors, memory, storage, USB ports and OS. Easy to install and manage, thin clients are cost effective computing solutions which can be used to operate protocols like Microsoft RDP, Teradici PCoIP, Citrix HDX and VMware Blast Extreme. This will facilitate connectivity to your virtual or physical remote machine and from there, you can access virtualized applications.

Zero Clients

Zero clients can be defined as ultra-thin computing models which are used in virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI. Similar to thin clients, zero clients are easy to set up and use. Additionally, they require little to no updates and configuration is not needed. However, unlike thin clients which use OS, zero clients install a firmware which helps you to connect to your remote machine. Many display and decoding developments occur in a specific hardware, thereby increasing the efficiency of zero clients. The Teradici Tera2 chipset supports many of the most recognized zero clients. These zero clients use the PCoIP protocol to facilitate the remote connection, accelerate a dedicated hardware at the endpoint and promote user experience.

Is There Any Real Difference Between Thin Clients and Zero Clients?

If you study the features and benefits which thin clients and zero clients offer, you will see that they work more or less in the same way as one another. Both are high performance endpoint devices which you can use to connect to a remote machine and manage in a centralized computing infrastructure.

Difference between Thin Client and Zero Client

Do you have Zero+ Clients?

ClearCube Technology introduces Zero+ clients, endpoint devices that are thinner than the ultra-thin zero clients. These computing models support Wifi and have the ability to run multiple remote display protocols. Zero+ clients are a valuable addition to our range of endpoint devices as they offer the flexibility of thin clients and the convenience of zero clients.Difference between Thin Client, Zero Client and Zero+ Clients

How Do I Know What Works For Me?

The best way to choose between thin clients and zero clients for your business is to consult one of our experts. Contact us by clicking on the live chat widget at the bottom right of your screen or send an email to and our team will assess your unique requirements. Based on our evaluation of your business model, we will then recommend an endpoint device that provides the best fit for your needs.

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