A True Digital Workspace Is Within Your Reach

What is a Digital Workspace?

A digital workspace is a framework responsible for managing applications, data delivery, and desktops. The framework is a combination of various technologies working together to deliver simplified IT management and customized experience to end-users. Together, they enhance overall workforce productivity along with increased data security and integrity.

In this era, an enterprise would not want to limit itself when it comes to providing data storage, data integrity, and workforce satisfaction. A digital workspace transitions organizations from hardware-based infrastructure to cloud-based infrastructure, hence opening up a whole new world.

IT infrastructure created through a fusion of emerging technologies brings into play additional productivity metrics. These technologies function in harmony and are accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device, making remote work a viable option.

Easier IT Management

IT departments need to stay in control of every computational procedure that is implemented within an enterprise. For example, administrators can use various tools to identify security threats effectively and control access to intellectual property. 

It is possible to create a true digital workspace using different endpoint devices e.g. VDI Thin Clients and Zero Clients. These compact devices do not depend on internal storage or processors. They are connected to a central server which makes them easily manageable and inherently secure.

All the data is being stored on the servers so the backup is always available. If a system stops working the user can be reassigned another one instantly with the required data as the information is being stored on the go. The work environment is secured due to centralized data management and even if the systems are attacked the data remains safe. The access to information is also controlled by the IT department making it difficult for an unauthentic user to get hands-on any valuable data.

Taking Advantage of Thin Clients and Zero Clients

Endpoint devices are extremely popular in creating digital workspaces that deliver powerful performance. In a working environment which demands maximum processing power, significant graphics support, dynamic browsers, and CPU-supported devices are not enough.

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) deployment involving GPU-supported endpoint devices is the ideal solution as administrators can easily switch the required storage and processing power. Apart from this, they can auto-assign a system to a user within seconds in case an issue arises. This also decreases the chances of data loss which is usually the case in a conventional desktop environment.


ClearCube is the industry leader in developing and introducing innovative endpoint devices like Thin Clients and Zero Clients for virtualization. We have developed revolutionary endpoint machines by partnering with brands such as Teradici, Citrix, and VMware to deliver various models, including Thin Clients with fiber and copper-optic connectivity.

These devices provide total control over the IT environment and performance transparency. Administrators can easily add, delete, modify, or upgrade any configuration en masse instead of focusing on each machine individually. Having limited moving parts, they are less prone to failure and deliver unrivaled data security benefits for research, engineering, healthcare, finance, government, and military industries.

Digital Workspaces – Looking Ahead

Digital workspaces focus on graphics-intensive environments especially in media, hospital, and financial institutions. There is a need for using the latest technologies to attain better results which, in turn, demands a certain amount of processing power. This processing power cannot be achieved through CPU-accelerated desktops and as a result, administrators need GPU-assisted desktops in VDI project plans to manage such circumstances. Digital workspaces feature support for GPU-accelerated desktops, hence allowing enterprises to increase business prospects while saving costs, securing access to sensitive data, and delivering dynamic UX.

End users often demand an experience similar to a conventional desktop environment. This is possible by pairing up smart devices with blade servers. 

Blade PC technology works with Thin Clients to deliver a traditional desktop PC environment, minus the costs, complexities, and security vulnerabilities that are otherwise associated with standard PC deployments. A thin client device is connected to a rack-mounted blade in a secure data center which delivers real cost-saving benefits by slashing the TCO for desktops. Data storage and processing are implemented in a protected environment with write-protected hard disks.

Today, companies are revamping their IT infrastructure largely because of enhanced performance benefits that come with technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning (DL), and Machine Learning (ML). AI and ML implementations require machines with extensive processing power. An Enterprise also wants their IT resources to be able to deal with any challenging and uncertain business conditions.

A digital workspace caters to all this by providing increased flexibility and freedom of collaboration between multiple devices, hence creating new avenues for innovation. This interconnected environment of various devices, cloud infrastructure, and central data management boosts overall operational efficiency and introduces more profitability opportunities.


The modern workspace is moving towards a digital transformation involving Windows 10. This is a great chance for enterprises to enjoy improved workforce efficiency, simplified IT management, and data security through powerful, low-cost VDI software and solutions like ClearCube’s EndPoint Manager. How does moving to a true digital workspace with flexible remote access to all IT endpoints and resources sound to you?

What about ensuring data security and data integrity by placing information on secure servers with protection against viruses and malicious attacks? If these appeal to you, look no further. Contact us to get started on how your business can reap the benefits of innovative IT technology. 

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