Teradici Host Cards

PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards Are Not Going Anywhere

You may have come across posts circulating online about Teradici retiring their PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards.

It is important to note that only the Teradici-branded SKUs of these products are no longer available. Being the first OEM of PCoIP Host Cards, ClearCube’s range matches the original specification of what you have come to expect from Teradici’s line of the same. Rest assured; you receive exactly the same high quality firmware and features that ensure consistent functionality and compatibility with your equipment. Please contact us for access to complete technical support and maintenance on this.

ClearCube PCoIP Host Cards

We offer Dual and Quad PCoIP Card Kits that support environments where users run graphics-intensive applications and manage complex projects involving engineering, architecture, visual effects, advanced designs etc. Moreover, our Blade PCs integrate these Host Cards to deliver optimized resolution and performance on as far as four monitors. The features in these solutions consist of mounting, cooling and cable connections that allow you to make the best use of space and reduce deployment time and effort. All this takes place in an environment where your sensitive information and corporate IP always remain protected, thereby ensuring end-to-end security.  

Superior UX in VDI Environments

Task workers, knowledge users and power users can all benefit from centralized management, high availability and power efficiencies with our datacenter friendly solutions. Get in touch with our team to learn more about how ClearCube’s endpoint solutions and Host Cards harness the power of PCoIP technology to facilitate high-end remote computing capabilities.

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