The Importance of Tailoring the Perfect Thin Client Solution for Your VDI Setup


Choosing the perfect Thin Client Solution for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI is one of the most important decisions you can make. Today, Thin Clients are largely used to support VDI as they bring central manageability, greater scalability, and cost saving benefits.

A Thin Client is a lightweight device that connects to a central server where most of the data processing takes place. VDI involves organizing user environments by running desktop operating systems on dedicated servers inside data centers. So, how do Thin Clients play a role in successful VDI setups? More importantly, how can you choose the best one to match your needs?


Firstly, narrow down your Thin Client options to those that deliver high quality multimedia and PC-like UX. Think about the type of remote display protocol support which you will get from a specific solution. Different Thin Clients offer varying levels of support and vendor-based devices are only compatible with the protocols those vendors offer. Look for details that highlight the standout features and abilities of different models. This will allow you to easily select one that offers maximum remote display protocol support. Also, review firmware details, the OS version of each client and any extra features that come with each device.


Some companies are yet to move on from past technology like PCs. This is because they are making sense of the possibilities and benefits of VDI thin client computing, such as enhanced security. Now, Thin Clients offer the same level of convenience which users have come to expect from PCs. Even better, they come with an extra layer of security and a wide range of management tools.   

Keeping this in view, we know how important industrial-grade information security is. Here’s the question. How can you secure sensitive client data with VDI? Start by making unit-based Thin Client customizations and security configurations. Doing so prevents unauthorized access to specific programs and applications that may be business-critical. A Thin Client setup also reduces the risk of interruptions or virus attacks that may cause data loss. The reason? This is where a centralized server stores data and applications, making it easy to retrieve lost or missing information. Keep a check on other features that prevent activities against the best interest of your business from being carried out. For example, unapproved installation, downloading or file sharing.

So, Thin Client Solutions are worth investing in for securing sensitive data, data recovery and business continuity purposes.    

Energy Consumption

You would be surprised to know the high energy bills which standard PCs are responsible for. A PC consumes between 100-150 watts while a Thin Client draws on an average of 10-20 watts. Add up all the PCs you currently have against the number of thin clients you plan to invest in. The amount of energy which you use to support fat clients is enough to supply many homes per year. Switching to Thin Client Computing allows you to decrease energy consumption by 80-90%. This is a smart strategy as you can then reinvest those cost savings elsewhere.

A Thin Client also lasts longer than PCs because it has limited moving parts. PCs normally have a lifespan of 4 years while Thin Clients are good for 6-8 years. As a result, they not only consume less power over the course of their lifecycle. You can also use one of these devices for the same time period that any two PCs will be used. This greatly reduces carbon footprint and promotes green computing practices.


Using Thin Client virtualization solutions streamlines and centralizes management. You can greatly decrease downtime in a VDI setup through Thin Client management software. These clients also keep in view bandwidth consumption needs of different applications. This makes them a network friendly solution to manage potential bottlenecks that result in slowdowns. Two common examples are latency and packet loss. So, what you get are VDI devices that reduce downtime and boost end UX and productivity.

End User Experience

It all comes down to how thin client solutions offer great VDI UX in everyday IT. If we look at what truly matters to companies, it is the ability to work faster and smarter than ever before. Luckily, Thin Clients offer just that and a lot more. To begin with, they allow users to run programs and applications on powerful servers. Hence, these devices come with fast processing speeds and graphics-intensive features that help users settle easily into VDI setups.

Also, you can virtually pre-configure and program all systems for operation in the least possible time. This is a great benefit- all the more so for branch/remote users who can instantly access virtual desktops and applications. Those performing their duties in different time zones will also agree on exactly how important this is.

Business Goals

All Thin Clients are purpose-built for maximum performance in VDI setups. Even then, choosing a specific Thin Client makes sense only if you know what you want it to help you achieve. This matters all the more so in the long run.

Now, the benefits which each Thin Client vendor offers differ from one another. Let’s take the example of a business that wants to its revamp IT systems and practices. It will go for a solution that eases management and embeds security at the highest possible level into its IT platforms. This is possible with the built-in virus-immune firmware system which Thin Clients offer. It reduces the risk of threats from sources like local browsers, locally accessible file systems, open APIs and network security vulnerabilities.  

Another common aim of using Thin Clients is to enhance IT system efficiency and end UX. Look for Thin Clients which offer support for:

. VMware Horizon, Microsoft RDP and CITRIX HDX protocols.

. A wide range of terminal services and virtual desktops.

These features optimize performance and ease routine IT systems and process management. So, no matter what VDI Thin Client you choose, make sure that your choice matches your end-to-end business needs.

Closing Remarks

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