Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Implement CDI: Sentral Management Software

Dear readers, the wait is over. We are here with part three of our CDI trilogy!

In part two, we discussed how Blade PCs optimize VDI performance and why you should choose them over vGPUs. Please click on this link for a quick recap.

Today, we shall focus on Sentral Management Software as an IT strategy that allows you to reach smart business goals.                                      


We all know how important it is to stay competitive by keeping up with tech developments. So, companies need solutions that matches their IT needs at all times. Let’s look at how our Sentral software in the CDI suite translates this into reality.

Simplify and Centralize

Sentral Management software boosts CDI and VMware VDI by integrating connection brokering and element management features. It enables Thin and Zero Client users to login to a network from anywhere and connect to Blade PCs/virtual sessions. This allows them to achieve a whole new level of flexibility which would have been difficult with desktop PCs.

Let’s look at how Sentral Connection Brokering makes this possible.

Connection Brokering

Imagine an office where users are often shifted from one place to another. Or, think of a situation where users move around from station to station to perform their duties. The Connection Broker allows Zero Client users to login from anywhere and be directed to their centralized Blade PCs. Users on-the-go can always leave a Zero Client and reconnect to their existing sessions from another device. So, there is no need to go through lengthy login stages or restart applications. Companies benefit because Sentral eases the entire process with non-virtualized machines like Blade PCs.


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Also, by configuring dynamic mappings, you can assign Blade PCs to users based on smart algorithms that assess resource usage. IT can also group users, resources and devices by type, region and other criteria through custom views. This allows them to set customized alerts and develop in-depth reports on different factors. For example, user sessions, management activities and overall IT asset usage. In this way, you can easily keep track of your VDI setup and assign user access levels and extensions.

Sometimes, natural disasters or tech failures may render the primary source immobile. In such cases, Sentral enables IT to automatically direct users to a secondary source. By allocating hot spares, IT can configure Sentral to shift from a failed user to an active spare. This reduces downtime impact and delivers high availability, solid business continuity and productivity prospects. Industries like banking, finance and healthcare benefit more than others. The reason is Sentral allows them to perform uninterrupted time and mission critical transactions and services.

Element Manager

The Element Manager offers three major benefits. Firstly, it reduces IT red-tape by keeping companies updated on the status of their VDI setups. For example, you can deliver great host resource performance at all times. How so: by simply tracking and managing Thin and Zero Client, SmartVDI and Blade PC device health, power and temperature. This also promotes preparedness in case of technical gaps.

The console dashboard in Element Manager offers a summary of health and usage information. This is done by delivering user session logs and audit reports.

Secondly, Element Manager keeps IT informed on any lost PCoIP Zero Client connections. This not only helps in troubleshooting network availability and reliability issues. You can also promotes proactive response to bottleneck management in the workplace.

Lastly, Sentral Element Manager fuses monitoring and alerting features into third party applications. IT can then control alerting events by creating customizable alerts that activate messages and e-mail notifications to third party applications. This also allows them to respond proactively to any suspicious activities. You can even customize or disable alerting events and thresholds based on your unique needs.


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Key takeaway: the Sentral Management Suite is all about gaining end-to-end control of your CDI setting. On its own, this platform proactively manages and maintains IT systems, IT resources and users. In turn, this builds highly accessible, reliable and secure CDI setups.

Final Thoughts

Combining PCoIP Blade PCs, Zero Clients and Sentral Management Software to oversee work processes and policies leads to great IT savings. The following is a summary of how you can achieve this.

In part one, we discussed about shifting from a standard PC setup to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI powered by Zero Clients. With our Zero Clients, you can ease desktop maintenance, smooth backend management and build high IT resilience. All in all, you can do more with less through Zero Clients. Firstly, the lack of hard drive and other moving parts in these devices reduce hardware costs. These clients also reduce clutter and deliver robust security. All this is done while ensuring maximum user performance.

These match the CDI benefits which complement VDI planning by doing away with the technicalities of putting the latter into practice. This delivers great UX in modern IT setups.

Let’s move on to part two. We discussed how Blade PCs deliver high performance where users need the fastest desktop to datacenter connection. The ease of PC Blade setup, manageability and maintenance eliminate the layering, modifications and verifications in VDI. Blade PCs’ easy functionality makes specialized trainings redundant by delivering powerful datacenter operational ability.

Lastly, the Sentral Management Software is a complete solution for competitive VDI setups. This is because it delivers great flexibility, ease of operation and management.

In short, CDI is ideal where the end user workload and workflow complexity rises. It is also a good option for those who have second thoughts of VDI due to the details involved. All in all, CDI helps IT focus on simple IT deliverables that matter for long-term success.

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