Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Implement CDI: Sentral Management Software

Dear readers, the wait is over. We are here with part three of our CDI trilogy!

If you read part two, you would know that we talked about how Blade PCs deliver optimized performance in desktop virtualization environments and why you should choose them over vGPUs. In case you missed it, please follow this link.

In this section, we will focus on how ClearCube’s Sentral Management Software can revamp your IT strategy and allow you to implement smart business objectives.   


As a proactive professional, you know the importance of keeping up with rapid technological developments for staying competitive in today’s workplace. As a result, you require computing solutions that truly resonate with your modern IT environment. Let’s examine how ClearCube’s Sentral Management Software in the CDI suite translates this into reality.  

Simplify and Centralize with Sentral Management Software

ClearCube’s Sentral Management Suite consists of software tools which accelerate CDI and VMware VDI deployments by incorporating connection brokering and element management efficiencies.

For starters, thin and zero client users can log in to a network from any location and connect to centralized Blade PCs or virtual sessions with Sentral software. This enables them to achieve a whole new level of flexibility which would otherwise have been impossible in a distributed PC environment.

In the following section, we will look at how Sentral’s connection brokering makes this possible.

Connection Brokering

Consider a physical office where the management often shifts employees from one location to another or a situation in which users move around from station to station for assignments. Sentral Connection Broker enables zero client users to log in from any location and be directed to the designated centralized Blade PCs. Hence, users who are constantly on-the-go can always leave a zero client and reconnect to their existing sessions from another zero client device. This eliminates the need to go through extensive login processes or restart applications and businesses benefit because Sentral facilitates the entire process with non-virtualized machines like Blade PCs.


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Moreover, by configuring dynamic mappings, you can allocate Blade PCs to users based on smart algorithms which evaluate resource utilization. Administrators could also categorize users, computing resources and devices by type, region and other criteria via custom views. This allows them to configure customized alerts and develop in-depth reports on factors such as user sessions, management activities and overall IT asset usage. In this way, you can effortlessly oversee your virtual desktop deployment and assign access levels and extensions to users accordingly.

In case of natural disasters or technical failures that render the primary source immobile, Sentral software enables IT to automatically direct users to a secondary source. By allocating hot spares, IT can configure the Sentral software to shift from a failed user to an active spare. This reduces the impact of downtime and offers a high level of uptime, solid business continuity and consistent productivity opportunities. Industries like banking, finance and healthcare will particularly benefit because this Sentral software capability enables them to carry out uninterrupted time and mission critical transactions and services.  

Element Manager

The Sentral Element Manager offers three important capabilities. Firstly, its system management features allow companies to further minimize IT complexity by keeping administrators up-to-date-on the status of their virtual desktop deployments. For instance, you can track and manage thin client, zero client, SmartVDI and Blade PC device health, power, operation and temperature to ensure optimal host resource performance. This also promotes preparedness in the event of potential technical discrepancies. Furthermore, the console dashboard in Element Manager provides administrators a detailed overview of advanced health and usage information by delivering user session logs and audit reports.

Secondly, the Sentral Element Manager keeps IT informed on any lost PCoIP zero client connections. This aids in troubleshooting potential network availability and reliability problems and promotes proactive response to bottleneck management.  

Lastly, Sentral Element Manager incorporates monitoring and alerting characteristics into third party applications. This enables IT to command and control alerting events by creating customizable alerts which activate messages and e-mail notifications to third party applications. Hence, by outlining thresholds that trigger alerts, administrators can stay informed on possible suspicious activities and resolve them before they pose any real threat to business. Also, you could easily customize or disable alerting events and thresholds according to your unique requirements.


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Key takeaway: the Sentral Management Suite is all about attaining end-to-end control of your CDI environment. This solution is synonymous with simplicity, easy manageability and centralization as it provides a single platform across which companies manage and maintain IT infrastructure, users and computing resources. In turn, this builds highly accessible, reliable and secure CDI environments.  

Concluding Notes

With a powerful combination of PCoIP Blade PCs, zero clients and Sentral Management Software to automate work processes and policies, businesses could yield dynamic savings in IT infrastructure. The following is a summary of your organization could achieve this.

In part one, we looked at how you can shift from a traditional PC environment to a VDI deployment powered by zero clients. With ClearCube’s zero clients, you can simplify desktop maintenance, streamline backend management and build high IT resilience. Essentially, you have the ability to do more with less by adopting zero clients. Firstly, the absence of hard drive and other moving parts in these endpoints reduce hardware costs. Furthermore, ClearCube’s zero clients minimize clutter, deliver robust security and streamline information systems maintenance and manageability while ensuring maximum performance in the workplace.

All this matches the benefits of CDI which essentially complements virtualization initiatives by eliminating the technicalities associated with implementing the latter. This delivers an unmatched user IT experience in modern computing environments.

Moving to part two, we discussed how Blade PCs deliver high performance in workplaces where users require the fastest desktop to datacenter connections for time and mission critical workloads. The ease of Blade PC deployment, manageability and maintenance eliminate the complex layering, modifications and verifications involved in VDI environments. Overall, ClearCube Blade PCs’ easy functionality makes the need for specialized trainings redundant by delivering simple yet powerful datacenter operational efficiencies.

Lastly, the Sentral Management Software is a complete solution for competitive VDI environments because the two technologies combined drive incredible flexibility, ease of operation and management.

In a nutshell, the CDI range is ideal in circumstances where the end user workload and workflow complexity rises. It is also a good option for businesses which do not wish to adopt VDI because of the details involved in planning, designing and implementing a perfect virtualization initiative. Essentially, this collection allows IT to focus on simple and actionable IT deliverables which are crucial for achieving long-term business success.

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