Why ClearCube for a Successful VDI Deployment

A Look into What is VDI

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI involves hosting a hub of Virtual Desktops on a remote server in the data center. As an IT strategy, virtualization is widely adopted because of the vast benefits it offers. Today, many names are associated with competitive VDI technology such as VMware, Microsoft and Citrix.

Let’s look at some examples of VMware which make the company one of the best in virtualization.

VMware solutions assign significant control over user access to IT resources. They also allow IT to securely share content internally and externally as information is stored in the datacenter. For example, VMware NSX redefines VDI security by configuring advanced settings for access to specific programs and data resources. One of its major features allows IT to develop custom filters with its robust security design. This not only sets definite policies across the workplace. You can use this system to integrate private and mission critical information into unified formats.

Why ClearCube for VDI?

What makes ClearCube the preferred partner for a proactive VDI strategy? With so many platforms to choose from, making the right decision takes time and technical thought. As market leader in the VDI industry, ClearCube covers all use cases and offers solutions which focus on IT completeness.

Now, let’s examine our solutions that make us stand out from other vendors.


Our SmartVDI™ is a prime example of a straightforward and powerful storage/compute solution. The SmartVDI™ host platform allows you to easily shift from using PCs to a VDI setup with 24/7/365 desktop availability. You can also manage advanced configurations with the same personalization options as the ones found in standard PCs. This solution works well in time and mission-critical workplaces which demand:

. Around-the-clock uptime.

. Clustered storage for boosting capacity, reliability and performance.

Secondly, the SmartVDI™ range comes with many features. They include:

. Quad and dual display Zero Client options.

. NVIDIA GRID K1/K2 adapters for performing hardware acceleration.

. SSD drives.

. Intel® Xeon® Processors.

. 64-512GB RAM.

. Dual 10GBe ports.

SmartVDI™ not only takes advantage of Horizon 6 to broker Zero Client connections. It uses VMware’s software-defined components to optimize high VDI availability and storage with smart IOPS. You can also improve scalability with SmartVDI™. Its OpenStack layout makes it easy for IT to integrate the system into a current VDI setup. This offers highly available end-to-end desktops based on user data and profile management analytics.

Add NVIDIA GRID K1/K2 graphics cards and a PCoIP Hardware Accelerator Card to SmartVDI™ in workplaces where users run heavy applications. This drives engaging UX without compromising on high availability in mission-critical situations.

Specialty Zero Clients: Data Compliance and Security with ClientCubes

Adopting VDI helps IT set a robust information security control and compliance program. Keeping this in view, our ClientCubes carry out two important roles. Firstly, they integrate multiple network types into a single compact desktop device. Secondly, they isolate the physical network from centralized resources in the data center. This process of maintaining true data path separation is precisely the quality which high-risk sectors need from data security platforms.

With ClientCube KM, IT can remotely process information in the datacenter. Policy-based USB enablement/disablement authorization helps IT monitor the network through user-activity analysis. Virtual Desktops and Blade PCs transfer pixel changes across PCoIP AES 256 bit encrypted links to Zero Client desktops. This makes sure that data always remains safe in the data center.

Specialty Zero Clients: Deliver End-to-End Security with TEMPEST Desktop Bundles

We offer TAA compliant solutions which facilitate high-end VDI security. Our TEMPEST Level 1 and Level 2 Zero Clients meet the demands of those who manage highly classified data. Examples include US foreign embassies, Ministries of Defense and NATO locations.

The TEMPEST bundles meet:

. USA NSTISSAM-1-92 Level 1 and NATO SDIP-27 Level A standards.

. NSTISSAM-1-92 Level 2 and NATO SDIP-27 Level B standards.

Our desktop extension technology uses PCoIP™ to play an important role here. It helps CD7724T-L1 and CD7724T-L2 desktop Zero Clients deliver quality PC experience across the network for dual displays. These devices facilitate USB redirection between the desktop and our Blade PC, SmartVDI or third party VDI platform.

Also, the zero footprint installation ability of TEMPEST L1 and L2 Zero Clients makes them perfect for every VDI setup. Please follow this link to learn more about these devices.

Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI)

ClearCube is the only vendor to offer CVDI, a solution that supports VDI in many ways. Let’s go through this range to better understand how it works.

PCoIP Blade PCs

You would be pleased to know that ClearCube is the first OEM to commercialize PCoIP. Our Blade PCs isolate processing, memory and storage to facilitate power users who run mission critical systems. These machines are purpose-built with GPUs that drive real-time workstation performance at Zero Client desktops. This is done by performing technology brokering.

Take an example of the A6106H Blade PC workstation. It fulfills the high-end needs of users who often run time and mission critical tasks. You receive:

. NVIDIA® graphics.  

. Intel® C236 chipsets.

. Xeon® E3-1200 v5 or 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7 and i5 series processors.

. Dual drive bays where you can choose from SSD, HDD, or hybrid/SED.

. Dual on-board GbE Ethernet connections.

. DDR4-2133 MHz memory.

All these features help deliver great PC experience over an IP network.

Thin and Zero Clients

A VDI setup powered by Thin or Zero Clients delivers results that cannot be realized in a standard desktop environment. Choosing between the two demands research of what your company hopes to achieve. So, why go the ClearCube way when there are many other options in the market?

ClearCube offers custom crafted solutions that are guided by our clients’ long-term goals. Our user friendly and low-cost devices integrate easily into every VDI setup. For example, they facilitate simplified and centralized management and near zero downtime. You can assign IT complexity to the datacenter which oversees all hardware and software upgrades, application changes and security policies.

Please follow this link for further details on how to choose between Thin and Zero Clients.

Closing Thoughts

ClearCube offers simple, powerful and secure solutions, all at an affordable cost. They effectively put desktop virtualization plans into action even in the absence of a dedicated IT department. Feel free to get in touch with us on how you can get started with your VDI project.

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