Why ClearCube for a Successful VDI Deployment

A Look into What is VDI

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) refers to technology which hosts a hub of virtual desktops on a remote server in the datacenter. A revolutionary IT strategy, VDI has gained sufficient ground for the abundance of benefits it offers. Today, many names are associated with competitive VDI technology such as VMware®, Microsoft® and Citrix®. What makes them successful VDI providers is that their solutions simplify management, minimize IT technicalities and boost application availability.

Let’s explore some examples of VMware which establish the company as a pioneer in virtualization.

Essentially, VMware solutions delegate significant control over user access to computing resources. They also enable IT administrators to securely share content internally and externally as information is stored within the datacenter. For instance, the VMware NSX redefines VDI security in terms of configuring advanced settings for access to specific programs and data resources. One of its major features allows systems administrators to develop custom filters with its robust security architecture. This effectively sets definite policies across the workplace and integrates confidential and mission critical information into unified formats.

Why ClearCube for VDI?

What makes ClearCube the preferred partner for a proactive VDI strategy? We realize that with so many platforms to choose from, making the right decision requires thorough deliberation and a technical understanding of what constitutes a successful VDI environment. With years of expertise in developing innovative VDI technology for different use cases, ClearCube addresses all desktop virtualization aspects and provides solutions which focus on IT infrastructure capability completeness.

In the following sections, we shall cover the features of our solutions which make us stand out from other VDI service providers.


ClearCube’s SmartVDI truly defines a straightforward and powerful storage/compute VDI solution. To start with, the SmartVDI host platform enables your organization to effortlessly transition from using PC desktops to a virtualized environment with 24/7/365 desktop availability. Furthermore, you can manage advanced configurations with the same personalization options as the ones in traditional computers. This solution works well in time and mission-critical workplaces which demand around-the-clock uptime and clustered storage for accelerating capacity, reliability and performance.

Secondly, the SmartVDI range comes with a wide variety of features. They include quad and dual display zero client options, NVIDIA GRID M10/M60 adapters for implementing hardware acceleration, SSD drives, Intel® Xeon® Processors, 64-512GB RAM and dual 10GBe ports. SmartVDI also uses Horizon 7 for brokering zero client connections and VMware’s software-defined components to optimize high VDI availability and storage with smart IOPS. This delivers superior UX and supports business continuity in disaster recovery scenarios.  

Businesses can also improve scalability with SmartVDI because its open stack architecture makes it easier for administrators to consolidate the system into their current virtualization settings. This provides highly available end-to-end desktops based on user data and profile management analytics. As a result, IT can streamline the workplace by categorizing a general audience into task, knowledge and power users with unique access requirements to vastly different applications.

You could add NVIDIA GRID M10/M60 graphics cards and a PCoIP™ Hardware Accelerator Card to SmartVDI in workplaces where users simultaneously run heavy applications like visual analytics and data visualization. Hence, you can consistently drive an engaging UX without having to compromise on high availability in mission critical situations.

In a nutshell, the SmartVDI host platform consists of easy to understand, implement and support solutions which every business can adopt regardless of size, industry and budget.

Specialty Zero Clients: Data Compliance and Security with ClientCubes

One of the foremost reasons for embracing VDI is to ensure that it helps IT set a robust information security control and compliance program. ClearCube’s ClientCube endpoints integrate multiple network types into a single compact desktop device and isolate the physical network from centralized resources in the datacenter. This process of maintaining true data path separation is precisely the quality which industries like government, military and intelligence agencies demand from a tightly integrated data protection and security platform.

Using ClientCube KM NET-4, administrators can remotely process information in the datacenter. Policy-based USB enablement/disablement authorization also allows IT to vigilantly monitor the network by conducting user-activity analysis. In these scenarios, host processing systems such as virtual desktops and blade PCs transmit pixel modifications across PCoIP AES-256 bit encrypted links to zero client desktops. This ascertains that business information always remains safe within the datacenter.

As a result, users do not need to invest in new servers, firewalls or expensive on-site infrastructure for securing proprietary data. ClearCube’s state-of-the-art endpoints deliver enterprise-scale data protection and optimize the overall desktop-to-datacenter computing experience.

Specialty Zero Clients: Deliver End-to-End Security with TEMPEST Desktop Bundles

ClearCube takes pride in providing TAA compliant solutions which deliver high-end security in desktop virtualization initiatives. Our TEMPEST certified Level 1 and Level 2 Zero Clients are engineered to meet the requirements of industries that manage highly classified information. US foreign embassies, Ministries of Defense, NATO locations and security sensitive agencies can benefit from the improved device management and increased security that our TEMPEST bundles have to offer.

TEMPEST Level 1 and Level 2 desktop bundles meet USA NSTISSAM-1-92 Level 1 and NATO SDIP-27 Level A standards and NSTISSAM-1-92 Level 2 and NATO SDIP-27 Level B standards. Our advanced desktop extension technology uses PCoIP™ technology to allow CD7724T-L1 and CD7724T-L2 desktop Zero Clients to deliver quality PC experience across the network for dual displays. At the same time, these endpoints facilitate USB redirection between the desktop and our Blade PC, SmartVDI or third-party desktop virtualization platform.

Furthermore, the zero footprint installation capability of TEMPEST Level 1 and Level 2 Zero Clients make them a viable option for every VDI setting. For further information, please click on this link to learn more about how TEMPEST Zero Client features can boost information systems security in your VDI project plan.    

Centralized and Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (CVDI)

ClearCube’s CVDI is engineered to drive dynamic policy configuration over different end user environments. Being the only vendor to offer CVDI, ClearCube ensures its versatility in catering to every industry with varying workloads and use cases from desktop to datacenter. This solution greatly assists in VDI planning based on user types and the process simplifies several configuration features including storage sizing, CPU and RAM.

These characteristics simplify things for administrative workers who perform routine functions within small-scale applications, knowledge users managing large data sets and power users running advanced programs and graphics-intensive applications. Whatever the use case may be, CVDI guarantees stellar desktop experiences at every touch point.

Let’s analyze the solutions in our CVDI range to better determine how they can revamp your IT virtualization initiative.

PCoIP Blade PCs

PCoIP Blade PCs in the CVDI range isolate processing, memory and storage to accommodate power users who run mission critical applications and complex processes. Being the first OEM to commercialize PCoIP, ClearCube ensures that these endpoints provide the perfect fit for specialized applications with the fastest possible datacenter to desktop connection. Additionally, our Blade PCs are purpose-built with GPUs for driving real-time workstation performance at Zero Client desktops by implementing technology brokering.

Consider an example of the A6106SLW Blade PC workstation which is designed with powerful features to accommodate the high-end needs of professionals specializing in time and mission critical assignments. The list includes NVIDIA® graphics,  Intel® C236 Skylake chipsets, Xeon® E3-1200 v5 or 6th generation Intel® Core™ i7 and i5 series processors, dual drive bays, dual on-board GbE Ethernet connections and DDR4-2133 MHz memory. All these contribute to improved management and increased lifespan, reliability, control and security in VDI environments.

Thin and Zero Clients

Ultimately, a VDI deployment powered by Thin or Zero Clients delivers tangible business results which a traditional PC environment would not be capable of doing. Choosing between the best VDI Thin Clients vs. Zero Clients requires an in-depth research of what your business hopes to achieve by adopting a specific endpoint solution. The question is: why go the ClearCube way when there are many other options to consider?

At ClearCube, we custom craft solutions that are guided by the long-term goals of our clients. Our wide range of user friendly and cost effective thin and zero client solutions are designed to integrate easily into any VDI deployment. For instance, they effortlessly facilitate simplified and centralized IT management in every work environment. Your organization can delegate computational complexity to the datacenter which oversees all hardware and software upgrades, application modifications and security policies. Moreover, you can achieve near zero downtime with our VDI solutions that come with optimized configurations for your business setting.

For further information on how to make a decision between thin or zero clients for virtual desktop computing, please follow this link. Based on our understanding of your unique business model, our team will recommend a specific endpoint device that resonates with your virtualization project plan.

Closing Thoughts

ClearCube is a total solution-oriented name with a focus on delivering completeness to organizations. We pride ourselves on providing thin clients, zero clients and storage/compute solutions that can be developed without multifaceted layering, administration, authentication and modification technicalities. These promote self-sufficiency among enterprises which can materialize and initialize virtualization initiatives even in the absence of a dedicated IT department.

In case of any queries, clarifications or assistance on how to get started with your VDI project plan, feel free to contact a specialist from the ClearCube team anytime. We promise around-the-clock online availability for helping clients leverage our expertise and insight into their virtualization initiatives.

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