Why ClearCube for Multiple Independent Secure Networks


Since its inception in 1997, ClearCube has been at the forefront of many state-of-the-art centralized computing and VDI solutions. From industry-specific mission-critical assignments to everyday computing task specifications, we pride ourselves on our expertise in meeting all IT system and infrastructure requirements with our competitive, cost-efficient, and secure solutions. As of today, ClearCube offers a multitude of thin client, zero client and blade PC solutions for ambitious centralization and virtualization undertakings.

Taking this context into account, we cannot emphasize enough the value of trusted computing and multi-level security solutions. Ideally, users must deploy an all-inclusive strategy to optimize the security of their computer systems and networks. Often, this poses a challenge to businesses, considering that there are several different vendors, products, solutions to choose from. Hence, what makes ClearCube different and why should you select our endpoint clients for accessing multiple independent secure networks?

How Can ClearCube Help?

To begin with, we understand the importance of implementing quick change, monitoring information accurately and solving problems proactively with security as the backbone in every initiative. For this purpose, we have developed a range of advanced ClientCube multi-level security solutions that essentially fulfill two major functions. They accommodate every possible use case and meet progressively rigorous security mandates for computing devices deployed in high-performance work environments.

ClientCube Functions

Users can leverage as much as eight tactical, confidential, secret and unclassified networks in a single compact desktop device. Our All-In-One ClientCube solutions integrate multiple networks into one desktop endpoint and isolate the physical network from the data center hosted centralized IT systems. This gives businesses the leverage to access several computers and networks using only one KVM. How does this work? Let’s have a look at one of our solutions in the following section.



ClientCube NET-8: An Example

Consider the ClientCube NET-8 that incorporates eight Zero Client endpoints with a NIAP-approved KVM switch, facilitating user access to up to eight network domains. This device can connect to networks such as SIPRnet, JWICS, and NIPRnet while sharing one keyboard, mouse, smart card reader, and dual displays with up to eight Zero Client devices. It simultaneously maintains physical network separation to centralized IT resources in a secure data center. Configuration options include copper network support, fiber network support, or a blend of both. The KVM demonstrates true data path isolation for dynamic security and data protection for intellectual property in sensitive industries. KVM switching devices can connect peripheral devices and rapidly switch to different computers as well as networks while utilizing a single keyboard, mouse, monitor, and smart card reader. Apart from being compatible with new and legacy government systems, ClientCube NET-8 is listed and approved for NIAP Protection Profile PSS Ver. 3.0, the latest KVM testing standard. Military command centers, government, and intelligence agencies can leverage the ClientCube NET-8 to consolidate access to multiple classified and unclassified networks in one solution. 

By adopting such a solution optimized for creating multiple security domains, organizations can configure diverse security attributes for both user and administrative applications within a tightly integrated IT infrastructure. In this way, IT can enhance the security of both data and physical assets.

Secondly, every ClientCube endpoint incorporates secure NIAP-certified KVM or KM switches which ascertain data isolation between secure and non-secure networks. This is a crucial feature particularly for high risk industries such as government and military sectors or businesses which often circulate sensitive data. In such scenarios, an independent KVM port prevents data transfer between computers connected via the KVM, thus reducing the risk of potential security breach attempts. Moreover, the Common Access Card (CAC) technology in our ClientCube solutions offers prompt authentication with tight security features for both physical and logical access to a wide variety of facilities and applications. ClearCube’s ClientCube solutions accelerate security even more with the Desktop Remote Control feature. Considering that top security is paramount to data virtualization initiatives, every organization needs a solution where the network can be easily managed in real-time from a single location and one that maintains its IT environment with the most up-to-date security fixes. Our ClientCubes incorporate the Belkin Secure Desktop Controller Unit (DCU) which gives users the freedom to manage ClientCubes at a distance of 50 feet, facilitating immediate access to numerous networks and compute resources in a compact device. Belkin Secure DCU also allows users to program channel names into the DCU display for further enhancing the ClientCube endpoint’s security and usability.

IT Sustainability Best Practices With ClearCube ClientCubes 

Businesses must replace security systems in their respective IT infrastructure over time so that they can implement newer and better technology that promotes sustainable computing practices. With ClearCube solutions, organizations have the opportunity to achieve long-term technological infrastructure security. In this scenario, the fundamental purpose of using smart endpoint devices for VDI revolves around finding the perfect balance between accelerating performance and reducing clutter to maximize business productivity. For instance, companies need to allocate high-performance machines and systems to users who frequently engage in completing demanding tasks such as graphics-intensive workloads. An ideal endpoint solution drives performance efficiencies in these industries, especially for those which cannot afford downtime or compromise on quality as this would gravitate towards a technological base operated by substandard security devices. However, ClearCube’s ClientCubes which facilitate end-to-end security can avert such potential risks by integrating a single power cable for up to eight client devices, eliminating any workstation clutter that could otherwise hinder performance. Additionally, ClearCube’s endpoints’ durable design makes it easier to fulfill the secure facility requirements of a high performance IT environment.

The Versatility of ClearCube PCoIP Zero Clients

Our PCoIP client endpoints provide unparalleled configuration flexibility and VDI versatility with components such as fiber/copper network connectors, dual/quad display support, under desk mounting bracket, integrated smart card reader and five USB ports per zero client solution. These multifaceted solutions offer flexibility to highly mobile staff including task workers and power users in managing demanding IT tasks, thus increasing productivity. Organizations also benefit from protected end-user data and the convenience of centrally manageable endpoint compliance and security. This is because ClearCube solutions incorporate several layers of security controls into the configuration management process of information systems.

Concluding Remarks

Organizations can bring it all together with the versatile ClientCube Desktop Control Unit which enables users to alternate between several security level zero clients and networks.  This is one of the best practices for ensuring VDI network connectivity and security, considering that its features yield the simplicity of a completely centralized management system.



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