Why ClearCube VDI for the Financial Industry?

An Introduction to What is VDI

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) refers to technology which enables access to a desktop OS inside a virtual machine (VM) on a central server. Designed as a complete solution for IT practices, VDI provides all the resources required for hosting and managing a standard desktop system in a datacenter.

Organizations are increasingly embracing VDI technology especially in environments where IT administrators manage a large number of desktops that complicate the overall administration process. Implementing desktop virtualization simplifies and promotes centralized desktop management because it allows IT to effectively monitor programs which users install and access from a single datacenter.

Why Is ClearCube VDI the Right Fit for the Financial Industry?

While every company needs desktop virtualization services to streamline computing infrastructure and attain long term business success, finance is one crucial sector which can significantly benefit from these solutions. This is because VDI technology addresses common pain points like data exposure and theft which are most likely to occur in decentralized financial environments.

The reason is that computing resources and data are stored in multiple systems, away from a dedicated administrative center. Such a distributed organizational structure makes it difficult for IT to monitor any sources that may gain unauthorized access to sensitive information and records. This further adds to the risk for finance professionals, considering that their line of work involves liquid assets.

Hence, computing for finance specialists should facilitate maximum ease of manageability and adopting desktop virtualization is the best way to go about it. This will create a centralized management system which builds IT resilience and reduces database security vulnerabilities.

The question is: why leverage ClearCube VDI in your financial institution when there are several other options to consider?

It’s simple. No use case is too big or too small for us. We are recognized for addressing all customer needs through our customized hardware and infrastructure solutions.

In the following section, we will look at the best reasons for your financial enterprise to go the ClearCube VDI way.


Effective and secure financial data management delivers strategic value to every organization. The nature of operations in finance especially calls for enterprise IT security and compliance policies. Considering the standard of regulation and special requirements in this industry, IT must simplify computing systems and simultaneously innovate best practices for maintaining data security.

Security is especially of paramount importance to financial specialists who work as advisors and traders or perform in high-stress institutions like banks. This is because the information they manage are not only vital for record-keeping purposes. Such data is also the essence of delivering great products and services and developing successful quantitative and qualitative analytics strategies.  

In these scenarios, the quality of data management solutions greatly determines how well financial organizations are able to strengthen customer data security within their IT infrastructure.

Hence, the challenge of managing financial data with traditional PCs is that storing information in the hard drive permits unauthorized system access from internal and external sources. These sources may pose threats to information security and privacy by using mass storage devices for writing files to CDs or copying documents to USBs.  

With ClearCube CVDI solutions, finance executives can store all information on the corporate datacenter instead of an endpoint device and they have greater control of how they choose to secure their desktops. This is an additional benefit for remote finance specialists particularly in situations where their devices are lost, misplaced or stolen. Valuable information will remain safe as data cannot be taken off the machines and users will only need to replace the devices.

ClearCube CVDI also features versatile zero client solutions which financial institutions can use to secure every IT system against confidential data breach attempts. This often happens through the network from unknown sources or untrusted software systems. Advanced configuration options in our zero clients include policy-based management of endpoint devices which prevent malicious codes, viruses and bugs from reaching the corporate network.

These features allow IT to audit more accurately and develop improved reports based on user sessions by type and management activities.

Business Continuity

Financial institutions are almost always engaged in endless activity. This necessitates the need for safe work environments where they can experience on-demand availability of critical applications and enjoy uninterrupted access to programs. Using standard PCs in the financial industry exposes a greater risk of system failure and restoring service with obsolete backup technologies is often a time-consuming process. Finance executives cannot even risk minor disruptions because the nature of their work indicates that they are consistently on the go.

In this scenario, the slightest delay can severely disrupt productivity and profits. Hence, organizations must plan ahead for both IT disaster recovery and business continuity.

A proactive approach to effective business continuity planning for financial services is to conduct risk assessment and analyze the key effects of potential system malfunction or failure. ClearCube’s Sentral Console promotes holistic centralized resource management by letting IT administrators oversee all remote and local system resources, hence facilitating better performance monitoring capabilities. This is especially characteristic of a successful VDI environment where users can troubleshoot and resolve potential issues effortlessly. The situation would otherwise have been challenging in terms of IT control if systems administrators managed distributed PCs on a network.

Furthermore, organizations within the financial sector are often interdependent on one another for completing tasks which promote customer satisfaction. ClearCube’s Sentral Console features like active monitoring, blade switching and sparing allow finance executives to maintain business operations and significantly minimize downtime. Even in the event of unprecedented disasters, IT can still remotely control hosts and staff can use any device to login from any location for initiating VDI sessions. This enables them to access critical information and centralized computing resources which maximize overall productivity and hence, profitability.

Also, consider using VMware Infrastructure to revamp your business continuity tools and techniques. For instance, being hardware independent, VMware VMs can get the physical server to function as their recovery target. You can create a simplified test plan for disaster recovery with VMware Infrastructure and this virtualization suite improves staff response to mission-critical functions following any disaster. For this reason, businesses do not need to invest unnecessarily on specialized software and extra hardware. These VMware solutions simplify and refine disaster recovery and business continuity programs at an overall lower cost.

Superior User Environment

How and where financial institutions store massive volumes of customer data is crucial for easing scalability and demonstrating consistent performance levels. ClearCube thin and zero clients leverage important data sets and user configuration characteristics by storing them on separate hardware. This simplifies information management and actively facilitates user data growth in the fast-paced financial sector.

Furthermore, the space-efficient features of ClearCube zero clients free up space and minimize cord clutter. These accommodate spotless work environments with centralized assembly, fewer cables and noise free systems producing extremely low heat. Having no moving parts and minimal hardware components for supporting peripheral connections, our zero clients allow finance specialists to improve concentration in high-performance work environments. These endpoints reduce clutter and distractions which would otherwise interrupt workflow processes.

ClearCube’s zero clients are also customized to facilitate business critical solutions and unique missions which organizations come across on a daily basis. Our zero clients rank among the highest for ease of use, user control and support. These endpoint devices are equipped with high resolution dual, triple and quad-display configurations to accommodate feature rich workloads from remote virtual workstations and desktops.

For example, ClearCube’s ClientCube KM is a complete multiple security level PCoIP solution engineered for powerful performance on trading floors where solid situational awareness is required. It offers multiple domain support and allows systems administrators to monitor every update in real-time. This enables IT to generate smart insights and promote effective decision making capabilities.

Moreover, Quad display features of Copper PCoIP zero clients like the CD9742/44 series and Fiber PCoIP endpoints such as the CD 1042/44 range drive optimal quality imaging performance in financial environments.

Hence, ClearCube’s zero clients enable trading floor specialists to effortlessly identify the tiniest details in videos and images which largely determines success in their industry.

Closing Remarks

ClearCube is and will always be at the forefront of creating innovative centralized and virtualized desktop infrastructure solutions for financial services. Putting customers at the core of our work is what we do best and our endpoint technologies have been specifically designed with the interests of the busy finance executive at heart.

Get in touch with a ClearCube specialist today for additional details on how our products and solutions can accelerate and sustain a high-performance culture at your financial institution.

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